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Art of Shadow

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831452 What a pleasant surprise to wake up to, indeed I did read, like, and favorite your stories.

If anything I should be thanking you, I came across Different Strokes some time ago promising to read it which I did just recently and was inspired by it, especially as someone who has unexpectedly entered a happily gay relationship within the past few weeks.

Given the fact that it isn't just clop and has actual... Feelsy stuff was further encouragement to read your other works, written just as skillfully was a happy bonus, particularly 'There's Something About White Mane' and 'Her'.

And now I feel like I went on a random tangent... basically what I intend to get across is I love your writings and am glad to provide and source I may have 'accidentally' provided through giving the stories the credit they deserve.

I wish you continued inspiration and thank you for both taking the time to write the stories themselves and the time to comment. Keep doing what you are doing, regardless of what anyone says.

P.S. Sorry if I went on a bit longer then intended ha, feel I should say what I feel while I have the chance.

You sir!

I feel like I should personally shake your hand. I think (and I could be wrong?) you've read and fav'd every story I've written?

That is so awesome! Thank you! Honestly. I know there's like a bajillion writers who'd come on here and say this, but, its super inspiring as a... whatever kind of 'writer' I am to see a guy like you appreciate the stupid horse words I write.

Thank you.

Don't be a stranger, btw? If there's something you like/hate/want to see about my writing don't hesitate. I don't always get back to people (I work a weird schedule) but, I'll try dammit!

Comment posted by Narlepoax III deleted Apr 19th, 2015
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