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This story is a sequel to Memory Pending

The story of Moon Mender continues after his dream of an ending ceases. He continues his struggle to belong in a world so far divorced from the only other experience he can remember, but as an outsider of truly alien mindset, will he ever be able to find a place in Equestria? More importantly, will the life he left behind give up on its death grip so easily? The most important thing to remember is that things are rarely as they seem and sometimes, some things are better off forgotten.

This story is a direct sequel to Memory Pending. Without having read that, this story might be a little strange to most, which is frightening considering how strange it is already. It can be read as a standalone story of course, but you won't get the most out of it.

Further, I’m fully aware that not everypony enjoys more mature themes, so any scenes containing things of an M rated nature shall only be released in a separate story when the time comes. This story deals with more mature themes on a whole, as a warning. This version will do its best to censor the really sensual or graphic content out, of course.

Last but not least, this story has reached this final format through combined efforts of not just myself, but many a helpful pony along the way! Here’s an abbreviated list of those involved and the rolls they played:
Kiroberos – Author (Obviously)
Julia – Editor (Corrections, Grammar, and Flow)
Azu – Beta Reader (Corrections, Flow) (Until Chapter 35)
ExplosiveBrohoof – Beta Reader (Grammar) (Until Chapter 22)
Muffinking – Beta Reader (Corrections, Grammar) (Until Chapter 22)
All of my readers for being amazing, supportive, and best of all, enjoying the world we read and write about.

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YES, So looking forward to this!


I've been waiting for this for, what, a year? However long since Memory Pending ended.

Thanks for keeping up the fight. :raritywink:

Wow, it's finally posted. And here we go. Looking forward to another wild ride Kiroberos, and I have high expectations after the previous story!

all of my :yay:
*to read*

It's finally here!! :yay:
My face when the first thing I saw after waking up was this :pinkiesick: -> :rainbowderp: -> :pinkiehappy:
Thank you Kiro! You deserve a moustache! :moustache:

Nice touch, beginning with the same two sentences as Memory Pending.

A boring day at work and I come home to this. AW YEAH:pinkiehappy:


Excellent beginning!

HELLZ YESSSS:flutterrage: IT"S finaly OUT :pinkiegasp:

Nothing witty to say. It's just awesome to be able to start reading this after the long wait.:twilightblush:

Oh Moon Mender...

I guess the more things change, the more things stay the same.

I'll admit, I'm one of the guys that liked the "sad ending" to the original Memory Pending more, but this sequel is looking like it will shape up to be some good fun!


It has come! Dance the dance of joy my bronies and pegasisters!
It has begun!

HOLY S@#T. Im like huggin my cat for the longest time


I see Moon Mender's still over reacting like crazy. By the way, WHO DARES DISLIKE THIS!!!:flutterrage:


That's the good stuff.

Carry On


Also you need better cover art.

WHAT!?! A Continuation of the Fanfic that got me STARTED on Fimfiction?!?!? :pinkiegasp:

Mender! you don't go randomly into ponies houses! you knock first.

Sees cover, alright sweet, can't wait to rea-

(feels rumbling and shaking)

(looks behind)


And so it continues....DUN-DUN-DUUUNNNNNN!!!!

After the long wait...we can finally start reading it! :pinkiehappy:

The wait is over! Yes! Love your work dude! Can't wait for all the chapters to be posted.

It's here baby!

Kiroberos' announcement should be like this...



and the audience's reaction?


Warning: the following chapters are mostly likely going to be fill with diabetes-inducing moments and blows to the feels so hard that make the half of the world cry. These are most likely the writer's ultimate plan and will not have any remorse if we come to him on our needs asking for forgiveness.

My heart and feels are ready.

Yeah! Mender is up and running again.
One startled unicorn doom incoming.

Mender... he is a complete, total...a word has yet to be invented to describe how totally whatever it is he is, but he is one, and a complete, total one at that.

Hah! That was the most epic wakeup i've seen, great way to start things rolling. :rainbowlaugh:
I was kinda worried you abandoned this project, thanks for an early Christmas reading gift. BOOOOKS! :twilightblush::twilightblush::twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

Your thumbnails for your stories are improving, it is much better than using the online pony creator. Although, there is still room for improvement: It looks like it was created off a call of duty black ops emblem creator. I can't wait to read it, keep up the good work! :heart:

Also, why does Rainbow Dash have the muzzle of a stallion? She's a mare, mares have curved not enlongated muzzles.:rainbowlaugh:

galreancueaoidjfiasdjfiwreoj;jjjea; *foams at mouth*


It's only the first chapter and we've already got the official "Moon Mender wake-up sequence" AND a huge overreaction to a completely innocent situation!? Words cannot describe the amount of awesome. They just can't.

OMG yes <3 You've definitely lived up what I expected so far. I couldn't stop chuckling the entire time. It's been a long wait for this, but I think it's been very much worth it. I was curious what you were going to do with his magic, seeing as how he's an earth pony and all, I think that you executed it excellently.

In conclusion, this was an amazing chapter, and here's to the rest of the story being equally amazing :D

Favorited and thumbs up! :heart:
Now let's start reading!:pinkiehappy:

Wake up and find this. :raritystarry: Best way to wake up.

Kiroberis. I am the sister of mutilfanficaday. Hello. And YES IT IS FINALLY OUT I AM ALMOST DONE WITH MEMORY PENDINGN THEN I WILL (pardon the langue) READ THE SHIT OUT OF THIS:yay:

Slave Colony on the moon?

Mender jumping to conclusions? Things never change :trollestia:

I began reading Memory Pending (before I had an account) in time to be there for the last few updates, that story made me tear up badly near the end. That was the closest I came to crying in almost 2 years...
When a sequel was announced, to put it lightly, I flipped out.:pinkiecrazy:
And so I give this story my first ever thumbs up. Fav-ing doesn't mean as much as i primarily use it to follow stories, leaving the thumbs for the best of them all.
Thanks for making this, and just in time for Christmas as well!:pinkiehappy:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, WELCOME to the Official Memory Pending Sequel Party and Subsequent Snack Time!. Catering tonight is brought to you by Sugarcube Corner. Sugarcube Corner! Where the sweets are sweet and the staff is even sweeter!
Now, in true Twilight fashion, we'll start this party with a checklist of recurring themes and the newest contenders!
Oldies but Goodies
capcourse.com/img/CheckedBox.gif Mender has awoken from a coma
capcourse.com/img/CheckedBox.gif Mender has logically jumped to ludicrous conclusions based on a few words from an eavesdropped conversation
capcourse.com/img/CheckedBox.gif Mender has repeatedly hurt himself further than what he's already done
capcourse.com/img/CheckedBox.gif Mender has caused a commotion, and in trying to fix said problem, has made it even worse
capcourse.com/img/CheckedBox.gif Sweetie Belle is adorable, further proving her title as 'Best CMC'
capcourse.com/img/CheckedBox.gif Suspenseful cliffhanger
capcourse.com/img/CheckedBox.gif Mender has shown some of his full magical prowess due to his other self finally biting the dust
And that's all the time we have for today, folks.
Will Mender be able to fix the damage he has wrought? Whose side is Pinkie on? Will the Princesses send Mender to the moon, which would be a terribly ironic sentence? IS THIS GOING TO TURN INTO SUPER MARIO GALAXY!?
Tune in next week to find out, same Moon time, same Moon channel.
(I might do these every week, depending on how well this one is taken and Kiroberos' reaction. This is all in good fun; my intention is to praise, not to belittle. Until next time, Happy Chrismahanukwanzica, Fröhliche Weinachten, and have a good ponies tomorrow!)
Also, Mender looks a lot like Colgate. That's cool.

I am really glad to see this come out. I really enjoy Memory Pending and I am pleased to see that its sequel has not disappointed me.

Oh and I found a minor mistake that I thought to bring to your attention:

Sweetie Belle nodded happily. "Yeah. They're so amazing! I mean, Princess Celestia raises the sun each day! Her magic is so strong,' she agreed, sounding a tad jealous as she looked up at her tiny horn.

You should have a quotation mark after strong instead of an apostrophe.


And classic Mender. Who else would jump to conclusions like that?

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