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Well my camaraderie is going somewhere, · 9:26am Nov 25th, 2013

Season 4 has begun an oh my god it is absolutely awesome. On the side I might add, for the few of you little peeps that are still here, I might completely give up the whole AFCFE thing, so by all means you able writers... craft away. But I will be returning later with a prologue for a project I have been mulling around with on my many porcelain throne sits, so look forward to that. And by all bloody means, tell me if I'm absolutely just writing shite so I can fix it before it gets popular (if

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134394 of course the four walls is amazing, it really caught my attention when browsing the site for some inspiration for my new story, also for four walls WHAT A TWIST:rainbowderp: but anytime:twilightsmile:

Hey, thanks for the watch! :twilightsmile:

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