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Stairway to Equestria is now two years old! (6 days ago) · 1:04am Jan 27th, 2014

I have no idea how I missed it . . . busy work period is taking its toll, I guess.

21'st January marked two full years since the publishing of the first two chapters of this story. It's been a wild ride in which I learned so much about how to tell a story, met so may great people and spent hundreds of hours in front of .docx files, trying to translate ideas into words in a manner that you, the reader, would appreciate and enjoy as much as possible.

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Announcing prize contest + Stairway to Equestria update + misc · 11:07pm Jun 4th, 2013

Hello everyone,

I'm taking this opportunity to announce a contest for all of my readers !

It will start as of now and it will have two categories: art and critiques. Here are the rules:

- Contest open until the story is finished. (about until a month of so after the epilogue is posted)
- Create some fan art for Stairway to Equestria (drawing, sketches, comic) and submit it by commenting on the story ! Best submission will receive an amazing prize !

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The story was written during uni years, over a long period of time. After I finished it and published it (albeit in a very limited print run), I also wrapped up my uni degree, and got a job in an industry I always wanted to be in. Since then, my career has allowed me limited time for such time-consuming hobbies (Writing STE was pretty much a part time job, including the proofreading by my editors etc). I enjoyed pretty much every moment of it, but sadly I'm not a very talented writer so I don't have that many original ideas that could materialise into something even half-decent; thus, the ending of Stairway to Equestria was also the ending of my writing career.

I do hope you enjoyed/are enjoying it tho!


I don't know if you'll even see this, but you said this is the first, and the last, story you'll ever write. Why is that?

Still get emails about DMs and page comments. Glad you enjoyed it. It's been so long... even I forgot large parts of the story. I still have a hardcopy of it on my shelf however, to remind me of the amazing experience that writing Stairway to Equestria was. To this day I am happy that I managed to bring a bit of joy in people's life, however briefly.


Its been nearly 6 years since I read this story, I only read it the one time but that beautiful cover art and the title name are unforgettable.
Much of the fine details of the story have been forgotten over time, and many more have been read over the years, but I can still point to that time of my life and know that this story had a visable impact on me. Because while parts of the tale have faded, I still remember to this day the feeling I had after reading this.
It lasted a full week, Its impossible to forget it.
I'm not sure if you are still on this website AlexUK, but I just wanted to say thanks for writing stairway to equestrria.

As always, Keep calm and Flutter on

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