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Stairway to Equestria is now two years old! (6 days ago) · 1:04am Jan 27th, 2014

I have no idea how I missed it . . . busy work period is taking its toll, I guess.

21'st January marked two full years since the publishing of the first two chapters of this story. It's been a wild ride in which I learned so much about how to tell a story, met so may great people and spent hundreds of hours in front of .docx files, trying to translate ideas into words in a manner that you, the reader, would appreciate and enjoy as much as possible.

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Announcing prize contest + Stairway to Equestria update + misc · 11:07pm Jun 4th, 2013

Hello everyone,

I'm taking this opportunity to announce a contest for all of my readers !

It will start as of now and it will have two categories: art and critiques. Here are the rules:

- Contest open until the story is finished. (about until a month of so after the epilogue is posted)
- Create some fan art for Stairway to Equestria (drawing, sketches, comic) and submit it by commenting on the story ! Best submission will receive an amazing prize !

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As always, Keep calm and Flutter on

Fairly sure I am not, quite a lot of better authors out there! Appreciate the sentiment though, cheers

You are one of the best authors that I have found on this site, if not, THE best author on this site

2345607 No worries, I'm glad that you enjoyed it !

STE was one of the first fimfics I read as well as the story that got me into the MLP fandom so thank you for writing such a great story.

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