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Shadow Kat

I'm just a dude who likes things about stuff. And ponies. Don't forget the ponies...

Stories you could maybe read, please? (by me)

  • TThorns of the Vine
    Something stirs upon the borders of the Everfree Forest, something that does not belong. Led into the Everfree with a bunny as their guide, what will Fluttershy and the other elements of harmony discover? What lies beneath the thorns of a vine
    Shadow Kat · 5.2k words · 320 views
  • EThe Cold of Night
    In the dead of night we let slip our darkest thoughts and deepest regrets. It has been a thousand years since a mare was banished within the moon. Now, with the passing of an age, has anything changed? Or will some things always remain the same?
    Shadow Kat · 1.7k words  ·  17  0 · 459 views

Other things I do


The problem with reading other people's work (the musings of a newbie) · 6:27am Jan 15th, 2014

To put it bluntly, it's better than mine.

Now that may sound like a sweeping and a broad statement, but I feel that it's one that many writers (as well as many musicians, artists and any other creative type) can identify with.

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784804 Thank you very much my good Sir! :twilightsheepish:

Allow me to cordially welcome you to Fimfiction!:twilightsmile:

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