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Ok maybe you're right, but has anyone seen Discord and Star Swirl in the same room together?


Generation 5 Bingo · 10:55pm Last Tuesday

I'm feeling good about "Hat"

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Thanks for the follow! :yay:

No, I'm watching YOU Vladihoof Plotin!(thanks for the watch XP)

Thank you very much for the follow! I hope I continue to be entertaining.

Do not be alarmed, Comrade. Anon is controlled opposition. He is there to sap the HiE and Transformation of their counterrevolutionary fervor. For when the lumpenbronies witness the degeneracy of base self insertion, they will know in their hearts that 2 legs bad, 4 legs good. Of course, sometimes we have to disappear the worst offenders (five score divided by four vexed us for far too long), and Displaced grows stronger from the boogie MCU, but there is nothing to fear. All is well.

Putin can you save Equestria from the Anon menace?

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