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We have seen the bright shinies. We have fallen, but have not forgotten our fall. We've given to the earth as it has given back. We've heard the golden voice and soothed the beast. We remember the wasteland, the fourth age, the onyx eclipse, the orphan of time, the last pony, the end of ponies...

We remember Harmony. And we shall never, ever, forget.


A group for those who still wait, faithfully and eagerly, for the continuation of The End of Ponies by shortskirtsandexplosions

For a EoP related content including fanart, a wiki, and the story in a variety of formats, check out:

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OH nice, hahaha this was actually the first fanfic I ever read, will be nice to finally lay it to rest.


They talk about it from 1:05:14 onward :scootangel: Thanks for the heads up.

soo been a while since any one said any thing on here as far as I can tell and most every one should know all this stuff already but ....

so yea if you read it you see EOP spoiler cast as a thing he might do not exactly for sure but hey there is some small hope still and at this point I will take what I can get

Hi, i just ended reading the end of ponies and was shocked with how it hasnt been updated in so kuch time, so i started looking and found this group, so my question is, Ist there any comment from the author related to this story? Is he over going to continue this?:duck:

For those of you don't know, it was one year ago today that EoP was re-edited into the 2013 edition. In celebration, I made this:

Enjoy :derpytongue2:

Something about plastic bags around children's heads is ingrained in my mind to be a bad thing. Still, very cool, and quite inventive like her haha :scootangel:

“Once more I hate to dampen your excitement,” Zecora murmured. “But Immolatia is a permanent predicament. Miss Harmony, what makes you so absolutely sure that what all medical science has missed, you can somehow cure?”

“Answer me this, oh monochromatic queen of sexy rhymes...” Harmony strolled across the hut, squinting at the two mares before her. “In Equestria's history of medicinal recipes, in the Zebrahara's tradition of herbal enchantments, and even in all of Dredgemane's sad legacy of willful neglect...” She paused and smiled drunkenly. “...Did anypony ever think of trying something stupid?” - Ch47

I couldn't help but think of Harmony here when watching this.

This is the most amazing fanart I've seen If you haven't seen it already

This was a thing that came out today:

Short series of EoP scenes in SFM, by Pacific Penguin.

I had thought about it, but I forget my reasoning for not doing it at the time. I think I'll add it in now, since there's certainly alot of relevant material in there.

Aha! Now I remember. Scraps contains content that technically isn't canon, even if it was intended to be at one point. I made a new category for it called "EoP Redacted" (vs "EoP Canon").

Not sure if "Short Scraps & Explosions" should be added. It has a lot of EoP-related stuff, including the drafts of Petra. Something to consider.

Skirts is good at convincing me that there's nobody else out there who cares about EoP, and yet I still see so many who are still waiting like I am. So I figured a group might be nice for getting an actual headcount :scootangel:

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