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Turning "The End of Ponies" into an audiobook since 2013.

End of Ponies - Audiobook

Act One: The Wasteland
- Chapter One: From the Ashes
- Chapter Two: The Last Pony
- Chapter Three: Of Hope and Harmony
- Chapter Four: Creatures of the Overworld
- Chapter Five: Reunions
- Chapter Six: The Refoaling
- Chapter Seven: Immutable
- Chapter Eight: Live to Die

Act Two: Hooves on the Ground
- Chapter Nine: The Art of Subtlety
- Chapter Ten: Where You Lay Your Head
- Chapter Eleven: A Wonder to be Alive
- Chapter Twelve: Give to the Earth
- Chapter Thirteen: Faith's Beacon
- Chapter Fourteen: To Touch the Ground
- Chapter Fifteen: A Place That Isn't Empty
- Chapter Sixteen: A Gift in the Darkness
- Chapter Seventeen: And the Earth Gives Back
- Chapter Eighteen: A Heart Unburied

Act Three: Circle of Kindness
- Chapter Nineteen: Everlast
- Chapter Twenty: Everclear
- Chapter Twenty-One: Everbriar
- Chapter Twenty-Two: Evershy
- Chapter Twenty-Three: Eversoft
- Chapter Twenty-Four: Everkind
- Chapter Twenty-Five: Everdazzle
- Chapter Twenty-Six: Everdizzy
- Chapter Twenty-Seven: Everdaring
- Chapter Twenty-Eight: Evertime
- Chapter Twenty-Nine: Evercircle
- Chapter Thirty: Everlove

Act Four: Dredgemane
- Chapter Thirty-One: Heart of Pinkness
- Chapter Thirty-Two: The Pinkest Storm
- Chapter Thirty-Three: For the Moon is Hollow and I Have Touched the Pie
- Chapter Thirty-Four: Pinkamena Pie's Defunct
- Chapter Thirty-Five: The Sisters Pink
- Chapter Thirty-Six: Beyond Pink and Evil
- Chapter Thirty-Seven: Pinklo Pieloto
- Chapter Thirty-Eight: One Flew Over the Pinkie Pie
- Chapter Thirty-Nine: Slaughterpink Five
- Chapter Forty: Pinkie at the Gates of Dawn
- Chapter Forty-One: Experimental Pinkamena City of Tomorrow
- Chapter Forty-Two: The Eternal Piecurrence
- Chapter Forty-Three: How Pink Was My Valley
- Chapter Forty-Four: Cold in Pinkez
- Chapter Forty-Five: Eternal Pinkamena on the Spotless Pie
- Chapter Forty-Six: The Pinkamenally Destructive Pie/Dumptruck Chronicles
- Chapter Forty-Seven: Pielight, Revised
- Chapter Forty-Eight: P for Pinkdetta
- Chapter Forty-Nine: Apinkalypse Now
- Chapter Fifty: These Pink Eyes
- Chapter Fity-One: Final Pinkasy
- Chapter Fifty-Two: It's a Pink, Pink, Pink, Pink World

Key: Complete - In Progress - Incomplete


Three Years, Two days · 2:01am Mar 5th, 2016

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Oof, wouldn't that be something lol

Not that I'd be opposed to it. Still sitting on a fully recorded, yet fully unedited chapter 40 that I still want to put out someday at the very least. Life just hit me like a sack of bricks in 2016-18, and I'm still picking up the pieces. EoP being officially cancelled combined with busy schedule means the rest is unlikely, but if ever that changes I will definitely let you know. Thanks for thinking of little old me ^_^

EDIT: Frick... I just spent the last hour editing it... Guess it's happening maybe.

Author Interviewer

psst hey


If you ever finish the EOP audiobook, drop me a hey >.>

2304408 Welp! Totally caught up now. I dunno if you're still intending on posting any more chapters, but if not, thank you so, so much for making the past two months of driving back and forth to uni so much more pleasurable than it otherwise would've been. In particular, your reading of the Fluttershy arc was truly special, and brought me close to tears at several points towards the end... like, I know some of that is down to the quality of shortskirts' writing, but you did such a good job in drawing out the emotion :raritystarry:

Heh, thanks, I appreciate it ^_^

Not sure where you're at yet, but I definitely start "going too fast" during Act Two, but then I feel like I get a better pace and rhythm there on out. The story itself may not be finished, but I'm still planning to at least get caught up as much as I can in the audiobook. And for what it's worth, even if the story isn't finished, it's been totally worth it =)

Anyways, enjoy, and thanks again! :D

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