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Three Years, Two days · 2:01am Mar 5th, 2016

Three years and two days ago, I released the first chapter of The End of Ponies audiobook.

Technically I had started work a month prior (scrapped about 5 takes around half-way through), but that day three years and two days ago I made a decision. I knew myself, knew my history, and of the failure rate of ideas I would pick up on, only to be dropped unfinished at a later date. I knew that this project would be bigger than any of those, and more importantly, that it would not just be myself I would be letting down if I left it unfinished. So I made a commitment then on that day: whatever comes, and however slow the progress, I would finish this at least up to the current point that EoP was at that time (52 chapters).

I did give myself two outs however. The first was that if ever my health or relationships were in danger in a way that giving up (or at least holding off of for a time) the audiobook would help, that that would be my priority. It has meant skipping a few evening recording sessions to spend time with my wife, but overall it hasn't been a problem. The second was that if it turned out that the story would never be finished, with a high level of certainty/confirmation, then I would reevaluate what to do. Otherwise, so long as there were even just a handful of people willing to continue to listen to my pony ramblings, I would continue.

As far as the "never be finished" clause came in, I think the last and only time I considered it was maybe a little over a year ago, before I got married. The story was nearing the two year mark since the last update (longer if you discount the edit), I was busy with preparing for the things people do when they're getting ready to be married, and all in all wondering if it was worth it. The answer I came up with then, and still hold to now is: yes.

It's not the biggest story out there, and audiobooking isn't the most grand of talents, but it has drawn in so many of you awesome folk who have encouraged me to keep going on, and it is for you that I will. Like I've said before, I'll take breaks from time to time (like this one, and the one last year), but I will keep moving on until I've completed it.

So all this to say: I'm not dead, and I'll be starting up again soon. Thank you for sticking with me through all of my hours-upon-hours of crazed pony voices. Only 12 chapters left! =)
- Prismic

Huge thanks to my editor Chris for all of his work and encouragement on this. He's been a huge help (understatement) in taking on the editing duties that slow me down further and drive me crazy, and has stayed committed through it all. It also goes without saying: thank you Skirts, for this story in the first place. I'm glad you're working on the things you love, and even if EoP never finishes, I'm ok with it. It's been a great ride, and I/we love it for what it is ;)

I'm in the midst of house shopping, and as a side effect of consolidating funds, I left the endofponies.com domain expire. Wasn't used a whole lot anyways, so no big loss, but just wanted you all to know that that was the reason, not me stopping hehe...

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You're doing incredible work, mate.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Thanks Skeet ^_^ Now to actually do some work hehe...

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