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[Audiobook] The End of Ponies - Chapter 36 · 5:56am Aug 31st, 2015


Last chapter, Harmony discussed in length with Spike the nature and purpose of their experiment, and whether or not attempting to go back to Pinkie is a good idea. After some time alone, Harmony decides to give it one last shot.

Going back, she finds herself not in Ponyville, but in the middle of seemingly nowhere at Pinkie's family's rockfarm. There, we meet her sisters: Inkie, the eldest, and who works as a nurse; and Blinkie, the youngest, and who apparently doesn't talk much. We also encounter their strict father Quarrington, and their sickly mother who is suffering from infernite poisoning. All the while, no one seems to answer Harmony as to where in Equestria they all are. Finally, as they head into town, Harmony gets her answer: "Dredgemane: Gultophine's Refuge".

And thus begins chapter thirty-six!
- Prismic

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