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When Twilight plays with magic beyond her control, she finds herself and Rainbow stuck in a strange, horrible world. When they find out what happened, will they be able to get home? Will they even want to?

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Definitely gonna have to reread this...

I've been meaning to get into this story for a while. I might do it really soon now that it's with all the other fics I'm followed

It's here! Faved and probably going to be re-read

Sweet Luna, look at the word count. :rainbowderp:

Looks like someone has given me a challenge. :rainbowdetermined2:

Oh wow, this looks good. Can't wait to read it, but I'm writing my own fanfic, The Lost Wonderbolts. Will go up Friday at 3:30 EST (after school)

btw who drew the cover photo? can they design one for my fanfic? It's Fireflash (my avatar), Soarin, and Spitfire.

nvm. Its going up on the site now.


I know he had commissions closed awhile ago, but they might have opened again by now. Go ahead and ask, it couldn't hurt.

It is great to see this story up here. :twilightsmile:

It's finally moved over to Fimfiction, huh? Looking forward to new chapters!

Finally, Oh dear god, I'm craving for a new chapter. I can't wait what you'll come up with!

This is amazing. I read this story so, so long ago, and I've kept up with it since then. This was the first 'major' fanfic I ever read, and I'm very happy to see that its author is still alive and interested in finishing it.

Of all the grimdarks out there, I find this to be my favorite. And Luna actually being Nightmare, there aren't too many stories out there that play her like that, I mean who wouldn't be ticked off for being banished for so long..

Thank you for not making this as gory as all the others, this deserves more thumbs up than it has i think.

FIRST! hehe. typical rarity.:derpytongue2:


Totally knew the captain was dash

So to recap...Pinkie no longer smiles/laughs, Fluttershy is cruel, Rarity is killing everypony with "generosity", Applejack lied, this dimension's Rainbow Dash gave up on her friends and joined the Shadowbolts, so where's this dimension's Twilight? The original dimension's Twilight lost her magic, but surely one of the elements has survived.....

Oh yeah IM FIRST

:fluttershyouch: please tell me that's celestia

:unsuresweetie:574769 you sure are enthusiastic about being first

oh btw to the author of this story it is very thrilling

:ajbemused: how anticlimactic honestly she deserved to die for what she did to spitfire

:trixieshiftright: trixie you devious b*sqee*h

:applejackconfused: i am so confused right now

575838:facehoof: time and time again it's been stated in the story SHE IS DEAD

:pinkiegasp: so much subterfuge it can be seen by the blind

:pinkiegasp: they can win! ... wait a minute did you just use twi and RD as a deus ex machina

please make more chapters soon

oh on a side note :flutterrage:HOW DARE YOU KILL CELESTIA:flutterrage:

One of my favorite stories. I keep anticipating an update from EqD, but so far, to no avail. Please don't give up, I'm really excited to see where it goes! :pinkiesad2: can't wait for new chapters! :rainbowkiss:

Hmm. Didn't see this anywhere but Google docs 'till recently. Ah well, I love it and this gives me a chance to comment.

There shouldn't be any danger. ... Everyone who ever attempted this spell was never seen again, and Twilight thinks there was NO CHANCE OF DANGER?! Did it even occur that maybe there could've been something wrong with the spell? Wow! What an idiot!

Then again, she wouldn't doubt anything written down, like the very first episode. Go figure.

HA!!!! Called who it was going to be in the last chapter......W00HOO!!! :yay:

heh, up till now applejack's little resistance only leaves me with 1 question with a increasingly obvious answer: What resistance?

right now, the way aj's refusing to leave just shows me how unlikely there even is a resistance group. course i could be wrong but so far theres been next to no solid info on it.

ah, so i was right with my comment on the previous chapter, no resistance group.

THANK YOU!!!! NEW CHAPTER! FINALLY! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::yay::derpytongue2:

Mr.Slide was laughter at the core, huh? Interesting.

Now they only need Fluttershy and they'll have the complete set!

So, I take it the General is Snips?
Didn't see that coming, really.

Makes me wonder where Snails is, though. :rainbowhuh:

Oh god, an update!

Thanks! So many thanks!

I didn't know the story was also on FimFiction.
Nice to see it here. TNTNE is a really good fic and I'm always excited to see an update.

So is the captain of the guard shining? If so, that will be awkward. :twilightoops:

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