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Would you mind messaging me with the links as well? I've seen Education of Zecora mentioned several times as an inspirational work and I'm a huge fan of world building. If so, then hooray! If not, then sad faces abound...

I'm flattered, really, that you would be interested in that story.

Long story short I ran into massive, massive creative angst with it. Looking back at it, it had stolid dialogue, masturbatory world building... But I think I was more philosophical and introspective back then as well.

Once I finish Memory Collective I'll probably return to writing EoZ, at which time I'll neaten and upload the existing chapters. In the mean time I'll message you links to the chapters on Google Docs I wrote so long ago.

Hallo! Was a bit difficult to track you down, but I gather you're the author of The Education of Zecora, which I similarly gather you abandoned due to lack of continuing inspiration. It seems to have been purged from EQD, sadly, but I was wondering if you'd be kind enough to upload what text you did write up on FiMFiction? If anything, I'd just enjoy reading it again.

Godspeed! I wish you well in your scholarly endeavors.

No need to trouble yourself so. I'm going on a temporary haitus as tomorrow is the first day of classes again.

I'm sure by now my writing has improved since then, and I learn something new everyday day.

I might write for Fimfiction sometime in the future. Anyways, good luck Demetrius. And also, thanks for everything up till now. :twilightsmile:

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