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I did say I would make something of this.

Welcome all to the Fimfiction Editorial!

So, you're probably wondering what this is. Well, here's the gist of it: has a lot if really awesome and smart people that take time to actually write blogs that contain something more than: "I've updated X and Y!!1!"

I'm talking about the blogs that make you think. The ones that share ideas you might agree or disagree with, but give you a moment to ponder and contemplate the content. We've seen them; you'll be following someone and then they'll post their thoughts on say, a new episode, but do so in a way that expresses more than simple discontent.

You get to see the thought process of the blog author's mind; how she interprets what it was about, and makes educated comparisons with previous episodes.

This is not limited to a few people, and the themes and content sometimes is ignored because of lack of followers more than anything.

So this is what the Fimfiction Editorial is for. To put together a little newspaper of sorts with interesting blogs and varying content. You can recommend blogs here, even your own, but to make it to the actual editorial, it'll be up to us to see. Will this eventually get bigger? I hope so, but what I hope is that if you, reader, found a really interesting blog and want to share it, you do so.

If you want to see how it's going to look, take a glance at the Pilot Edition.


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Oh. Well that sucks.


Sounds Like Wanderer D, who ran this, has been having a lot of RL troubles.

Did the project just die at some point?

I apologize if I sound impatient, but will the February editorial be posted soon?

Are only mods allowed to make the post for monthly posts or may I make one as there is no March yet?

This seems quite promising.


As a website of authors, Fimfiction's got a perfect storm of intellect, over-analysis, and downright wit and charm--exemplified not only in our stories, but in our blog posts as well! Thus, we want to collect cool blog posts about colorful ponies and the writing thereof, so that as many people as possible can share and enjoy.

blog posts about colorful ponies and the writing thereof

about ponies and the writing thereof

Never the less, your question is answer enough. I shall submit my blog post.

Wanderer D

344367 Where did you get that impression?

I've been reviewing video games, but I've had take a break from it to start up my YouTube channel. I'd be willing to get back into it for this.

Can we post serious blogs about topics like good writing? The impression I am getting is that the posts can only be about discussions of specific characters.

Wanderer D

344209 no, but you can submit your group via PM for the Monthly Group Reports.

You just have to pm me a message containing a short blurb about why your group is interesting, what if any events you run, and links.

Comment posted by Toffee Bean deleted Jan 10th, 2014

344090 Thank you. Again, sorry for ballsing up your thing. My apologies.

Wanderer D

344085 click on forums, and post on the thread for January suggestions

How do I do that? Sorry, I'm having a retard moment. It happens. I'm sorry for wasting your time...

This looks interesting, let's see how it goes :twilightsmile:

Wanderer D

344074 nope. Just post it there.

344072 What? Oh bugger me silly! Sorry for that! My bad! I'm not in trouble with the admins now, am I? Please spare me! (gets on knees and grovels like he's never groveled before)

Wanderer D

344070 344069 Recommendations go in the appropriate thread in the forum

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