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Short bio? Male, British, 24 years old, Psychology graduate. ATF isn't cancelled, but don't wait around for an update, it'll take a long time (even longer than it already has been, most likely).

As Twilight Falls - Upcoming Chapter Information

Chapter XXXI - Cheating Death
Predicted publishing date - Unknown
Current estimate of completion - 15%

Important info:
Sustained crush injury to eye socket, warranting invasive surgery. Recovery may take a long time.

Other info:
Nothing outstanding to report.

Mikemarksman's personal comments:
Story timeline will return to present day this chapter. It's time to set things in motion for the future.

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A Terrifying Figure Emerges from the Darkness · 1:26pm Dec 28th, 2017

Hi all. This might be a long post, apologies in advance.

It's been almost a year since my last update, and just over a year since I had my head smashed in like a watermelon.

Thankfully, for those of you who may still be concerned, the damage was mostly superficial; my skull did its job and I sustained no apparent long term damage. The only real tell that it ever happened is my scar, but it can't be seen beneath my hair anyway.

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Well I hope you are recovering well from that surgery. It has been a while but I have no idea how long it would take to really recover from that.

Ah, you must be referring to the video you deleted. Don't worry, here's a spare :trollestia::

And really? I'm pathetic for riling you up whilst you're acting like an asshat (which wasn't even hard to be fair, you seem pretty mad as is) despite you going on a serial downvoting crusade? Seems you give a damn enough to be salty as hell over a Youtube video. :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm... Got another one of those videos here somewhere, please hold on a sec...

There we are! Sums it up just about perfectly!

Now then, whilst I've had a lot of fun drinking your tears - despite the salt content being about on par with that of the Dead Sea - I think I'm going to block you now. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the laughs, though. It's been a while since I've had the satisfaction of knowing that some asshole somewhere on planet Earth is mad enough to sit and systematically dislike everything I've posted.

Have a good one, fella. :heart:

I find it really pathetic you try to act tough over a computer screen and you think I'm going to give a damn.

Very welcome <3 Hope to read more of your work soon!

What's happening?

  • Viewing 85 - 89 of 89
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