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What Could Have Been · 7:08am Jul 10th, 2014



Do you ever dream?

But of course. 'tis a rather silly question to be asking of me, is it not?

Well, you never know. Some do and some don't.

You have a question related to the first, do you not?

Eh, just curiosity, mostly. What kinds of things do you dream of?

Being lorekeeper for the Vigil has exposed me to a wealth of knowledge. Such things have opened me to the infinite possibilities presented to one during each and every lifetime. I dream of what is, and what could have been, of threads of fate that shall never be realized -- the wheel from which they were spun has ceased to turn. I dream of what life may have been like had we embarked on some grand adventure, the likes of which had never been done before. Just you and I, traveling to places unvisited for centuries, as we raced against time to stop a traitor and monsters, and to save Lady Luna and her kingdom.

That's... wow. More entertaining than my dreams, at least.

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