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An Apple Alone, Completed · 10:22am Jun 14th, 2019

And so it ends. This wasn't exactly a story of epic proportions in terms of writing. Large swaths of the 7+ year period were simply spent not writing it. Either pursing other hobbies or just not having the drive to complete it. It subtly nagged at me every so often, but the largest gap in particular featured time where I all-but-forgot about it. After a couple months into February with the final season of MLP: FiM drawing the wonderful series itself to an end, I resolved to actually finish this

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Indeed! Real life had struck again, sadly. But let it be known that I am back now, for real this time. 18,000+ words into the rough draft of the next chapter. You will see it within the next month or two.

It always happens like this..
An author says he's coming back..
but never does.

Sweet bejesus man I miss your fic (An Apple Alone). :raritydespair::raritycry:

Your icon sort of reminds me of my OC. It seems so much like it, it's like a colt version of her.:rainbowderp:

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