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Sparkler has a happy life with her adoptive mother and sister. However, a secret weighs heavy on her. Seeking some advice and relief, she comes knocking at Cheerilee's door.

What does the filly want to confess?

Many thanks to Taggerung for the amazing picture! The original can be found here: http://ballman64.deviantart.com/#/d4k8s3q

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Loved it. A charming story. Maybe someponies would have figured out the Shimmer/Dinky thing way back at the beginning but I did not see it coming. :)

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I could give you a manlytears.jpg, but-


Ah, fuck it. Manly tears were shed.


Excellent, but I've already told you that.

I cried, manly, warrior tears. As always Auty, well done.

I have already told you that this story is awesome.

But I need to repeat myself: this story is great!

It's fine, he did it as a joke to me. He gets to do it because he did an amazing editing job on the fic. :twilightsmile:

Celestia, I cried so freakin' hard I actually needed to get a box of tissues.:raritycry:

Nawwwww Thatw as adorable! :raritywink:

I think this is the first time I've ever came this close to crying over a fanfic. An amazing story, I comend you. :pinkiesad2:

so touching must not......:fluttercry:

I havent shed this many manly tears since my little dashie.
I commend you sir!

Wanna know how I got these scars? My mother was a drunk... and a fiend. :pinkiecrazy:
You know what, screw it. I'll give you this instead:

Such a wonderful story. You did an awesome job

I didnt cry.:flutterrage::fluttershbad::fluttershyouch::fluttershysad:
whats wrong with me!

I didn't cry, but it's with good reason: I'm hardened after reading "My Little Dashie". Why am I mentioning that here? Because this is just about at the same level. While that may sound harsh for some people, it's because they haven't read My Little Dashie, and can't understand how wonderful a story it is. Saying that, that should say something about the quality of this story. This is beyond emotional and I had a good time reading it.
A good fanfic, in my opinion, is a story that is able to convey emotions to the reader, without having to flat out spell it for them. This story, however, is a truckload of emotions and i simply loved it.:pinkiesad2:

Wow...I don't know if I should cheer or weep. Good job.


They had a brief appearance in the show!

They were picnicking during the "The Mysterious Mare Do-Well" episode.

Just a minor point... Remove 'Derpy', substitute 'Ditzy'.
PSPS: When Dinky grows up... name change?
PSPSPS: When Twilight retires, Celestia will need another unicorn friend. I nominate Dinky.

Aw me god; MANY TEARS WERE SHED :raritycry:


Whoops, thanks for pointing out the one "Derpy" I used by mistake. The name change issue was addressed, however.

Fantastic work as always, Autumn. A very touching story with a great ending.

Disclaimer: I was a prereader. I still think it's awesome despite any apparent prejudices. :scootangel:

Aye, this story by all sorts of familiar to my eyes!

Joke aside, I still think this is great and well-worth the read. Touching, unsettling and soothing at the same time, a rounded and all-around enjoyable tale. Glad to see it finally posted! :D

Well done, my friend.

Beautiful story. Just beautiful. <3

This is a very moving story. I never would have imagined a background like this for these characters, and you've written it very well. I was certainly moved to tears by reading it.

That...I'm not sure how to describe it.
Beautiful? I'm not sure...

Well, I can see now why this has 5.0 after 50 ratings. SO GOOD.

Not really cry-inducing, though. Just really interesting and rather heartwarming, if I do say so myself. The fact that Ditzy/Derpy was willing to do that for the fillies...

And that Fillies and Gentlecolts, is why I love this fandom. There is a pic on Ponibooru about Ditzy/Derpy with the caption, the animators gave her a lazy eye, the fandom gave her a family. You sir did succeed in doing such that. Good job. 5 stars.

this story really hit home because i have had similar thing happen to me and i can't stop crying.

amazingly done and take all my stars.

That was a wonderful story. I love stories about Ditzy/Derpy and her family.:derpytongue2::rainbowkiss:

I've finally found a story that tells the stallion's side of things, so to speak. Abuse towards males is often mocked and parodied, but the thing is, it happenes just as often as male-on-female abuse. And we laugh at them for getting abused. Such a sick double standard.

And you portraryed that perfectly. *claps* A well deserved 5/5.

Magnificent job! Well done!
I'm glad that Miss Cheerilee didn't have to hear a story which would've made her reconsider that promise. Canon or not, this story makes me respect :derpytongue2: so much more.

Thisthisthisthis. Abuse, no matter the target or perpetrator, is not funny.

Ah the joy of things working out well. No matter how dark things get, so long as it ends in the light, it is worth it. I will admit that this tugged at my heart strings. (not a pun until you read this) good writing work, and praise to your editor as well. :heart:


Yes indeed, praise to my editors. All of them. So many of them, too. XD


Perfectiiiioon! :derpytongue2:

I knew how sad it was but felt no emotion other than joy for all the happy moments.
Perhaps I've ran out of tears to shed :fluttershbad:

Well done, sir.

I'm a little confused. Did the father die because he mother killed him (and then proceeded to kill her self) or did he die some other way? I may have missed that part.

But anyway, Great job! I had tears blurring my sight and everything. I kinda guessed that Dinky was going to be shimmer and I loved how you portrayed Ditzy.


Yeah, that's pretty much what happened.

5.0 after 65 ratings? What sorcery is this?

You deserve it though, Autumn. You threw that fic up time and time again in the IRC, wanting folks to proofread it for you, and I was beginning to wonder if it would ever make it past the editing stage. Great story.



I can't actually shed tears for a story, but I can feel them crawling behind my eyes. Well done, good sir or madam.

:pinkiesad2: <-- That illustrates my feelings after this fic perfectly.

This was utterly wonderful. I love this story!

Fantastic now I'm crying:fluttercry: mission accomplished:heart:

90564 dude i feel the same way. I cant cry at these after reading "Growing pains" the one about spike growing up and all the ponies getting old and well dying:fluttershysad: (i havent read this yet btw but i have read other sad ones)

I know, I am a bad pony for the double post but I managed to maintain a poker face up until Derpy started crying when she read the letter then the manly tears were a' flowin'


This. So much.

This was heartrending. While I almost never give fics five stars (and this being no exception), this comes pretty damn close. 95/100


Oh no, you don't! *takes his fair share*

I didn't cry.:ajsleepy:
I cried in My Little Dashie, and "I Couldn't Wake You, Because You Will Never Wake again," but not this:twilightoops:
Now I just feel evil.:pinkiecrazy:
But it was a great story nonetheless.

5.0 after eighty ratings?

You, sir, deserve a trophy.

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