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After a crushing second rejection from Rarity, Blueblood finds himself rather emotionally shaken. However, when he finds himself under the guidance of an unassuming farmer, the noblecolt's life will take a turn the likes of which he would never have expected.

Shout out to Sketchy Sounds, who is working on a reading of this fic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAOt0gSKqK4&feature=youtu.be

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Wow. I starting to actually like Blueblood in this story. I wonder if he can keep it up?

Think you're actually starting to fall into the slice of life category a bit more than the comedy category now as compared to the start of the fic... might be a good thing as well. Do wish for a bit more external perspective from the other ponies and I feel like your Blueblood is a bit inconsistent at times with is internal reactions, but that may well be justified here. Wonder what happens when Bluey meets Flutters... y'know... given his only view of her was likely psychoShy (that and I'm surprised that the embodiment of kindness hasn't been in on somebody learning, in effect, kindness).
Not bad so far.

Fluttershy will eventually be making an appearance. That being said, as noted in chapter 1, Blueblood was unconscious during the Flutterrage incident.
I'd like to know, if possible, when does Blueblood seem inconsistent to you? (WShould give me a better idea of what to watch out for.)

Thank you for your comments!


I'm starting to like Blueblood more and more....WAIT WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!?

Yeah to me it Kinda seems a little choppy with how quickly he goes from arrogant to humble. I feel like you have the main events down but mabe add a little more? Take the scene with derpy, what exactly motivated him to lend a helping hoof? If I may suggest something, with the little acts of kindness, include a partial segment from his childhood. Weather it be a chance where he was forced not to take action or a kindthing a servant did before getting scolded by his mother. It just seems odd that there isn't more to those little segments. Anyways saying that, I love the idea and while it's not perfect, it's still really good!

This wasn't what I was looking for when I was looking through the archives.
I don't regret finding it, though.
This is definitely an interesting story, and one that I'm gonna keep my eye on.
I also wonder how long until his next encounter with Rarity...

saw this on EQD, glad to follow it here aswell. The only Blueblood fic i like, which is a shame because he has such an awesome name and hes such a dick...

wait, nevermind. I love your story. keep making me love your story, please.

> What is wrong with this mare? Was she raised by rocks?

Take all my money !!

"Was she raised by rocks?" and the entire bleeding paragraph are still genius writing. :D

Is that Zecora I spy in the preview? Awesome.

How you managed to take the Prince Blueblood from the Gala and turn him into this I'll never know. It does seem to reflect on the whole nobility vs "commoner" upbringings though. I can only imagine that Blueblood's mother is so set in the old way of nobility that she doesn't see that times have changed a bit or at all.

Blueblood has to be one of the few, if not the only, character to have shown up in the show only to basically make a complete jerk out of himself by the time the show was done.

I honestly can't wait for the next chapter in the story to read what happens next.

I still find it hilarious how Gilda and Trixie were both 1000 times worse than Blueblood and yet they get much less hate because they're female.


Don't think it's about them being female. They got more screentime, more time to develop as characters. Blueblood popped up, was a jerk, and never showed again. :P

That's all Trixie did too. And Gilda. They showed up, they were jerks, never showed up again, out of nowhere get a billion redemption fanfics when they were flat out antagonistic and mean to others, while all Blueblood did was act like an idiot, not even mean, he was just idiotic.


Trixie and Gilda probably didn't come off as bad as Blueblood did though. Gilda basically showed up as an old friend of Rainbow's who just happened to end up being as immature now as she was in flight school apparently. Trixie is an actor playing a role basically...granted her role was a self-centered, "greater-than-thou" showoff who liked to blow her actions up more than she probably should have. Blueblood on the other hand we get to know absolutely nothing about other than he's nobility in some way and all his actions lead him to coming off as a stuck up snob.

And a stuck up snob is worse than somebody that humiliates others in public to boost her self image? Based on what kind of twisted moral background?


Nopony's excusing Trixie here, only explaining why Blueblood is getting more fandom hate.

This is not the place for arguing.

And we get Flutters and an external view of Blueblood all in one chapter. That calls for a toast to met expectations.
Anyways, quite nice chapter. I think Rarity's section was certainly the meatier of the two in terms of progression. It certainly seems as though her future actions with drive quite a bit. Blueblood's section had a funny habit... sort of has a humorous bent with a more serious undercurrent to it that is revealed in the letter writing. Certainly didn't push along the plot/characterization quite the same way that storytime did previously... though... those letters. Oh the possibilities.
Anyways, dunno if anyone will ever completely reconcile the utterly ridiculous absurdity that was canonical Blueblood with anything close to an understandable character, but you're certainly getting close.
Also, Pinkie... Yeah, I don't have anything to add to that.... Pinkie. *wholly inappropriate and involuntary squee*
Yes... carry on.

12536 Well, like I said, I think his internal reactions are somewhat out of sync with his external ones... but I think that it's purposeful. Your Blueblood's a character who is not abiding by his own internal compass, but by a false one that has been beaten into him over the years... seems to be your central conceit for the story. (Apologies that I don't have specifics on this. It's rather late and it's been a bit since I read through the initial chapters... but I really don't believe that the inconsistencies of Blueblood (i.e. the pull between his perceived duty and what may be his inner beliefs/self-duty) are there mistakenly... or I'm nuts and seeing things that aren't there... but, 2am, what am I to do?)

At the gala,
All the ponies!
They were stuck up and so tight!
They had long poles, in their rears
They were mules, ohy what a sight!
At the Gala~!

Kyaaaa~ Who'da thunk that the prissy princess and her paltry pony of a friend could have a moment of actual cuteness? :trollestia:

12633 Being charitable isn't... well, prolly not even eighth-nature for him. I've got a friend who was always an ass, but I befriended one of the kids he picked on, and after a while. all of us were friends. I've actually seen him leave tips at diners. :shocknawe: :pinkiegasp: But his mean streak ended after a while, and he's one of the nicest guys I know. He gave his shoes to this guy who was begging for money near the mall. A'course, the shoes were two years old, but pretty much pristine. And he had just bought a new pair of the exact same shoes, just with a different color. Turning a knew leaf is easy. First, you just gotta fall. Then, you spring up, good as new.

22466 To clarify, yes. I was talking about DT and SS.

"Blueblood learning how not to be a dick" fanfics are surprisingly satisfying. And this is no exception. Keep up the good work.

LOL!!!!:rainbowlaugh:Wow, BlueBlood? Pinkie wasn't RAISED by rocks.... She was a Rock Farmer.:derpyderp1::derpytongue2: I'm surprised noone else caught that...Also, I'm reading this story while I should have been asleep 2 hours ago...there's school tommorrow:facehoof:

26529 .... Can I call you Captain Obvious, pleaaaaase? Of course no one really acknowledged that tidbit. We had our fun guffawing and braying and nickering at it when we read it. No need to use cobblestones, when you've already gotten the bricks.

I'm sorry. It's 6 AM and I didn't sleep last night and... "his ivory horn stood proudly towards the sky. Its remarkable length did nothing to humble his regal appearance."
his ivory horn stood proudly towards the sky. Its remarkable length did nothing to humble his regal appearance.
PFFFFFffffffttt :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: GodImtiredwhatwasIthinking?Ohthat'sright,Ihadlike160sometinpagestoreadbutIdidn'tquitegetallofthemIstillhave99Ithink,hehheh... G'mornin'!

Awwwww.......:heart: Ditzy and Dinky are so cute!!! It just makes me wanna DERP!:derpytongue2::derpyderp1::derpyderp2:

39 5/5's well that just won't do *Click* now you have an even 40 :pinkiehappy:

31138 Sorry, didn't have much to go off of but the crappy attitudes of the aristroponies. :twilightsheepish:; *sweatdrop* eh heh heh...

27006 Yeah... Obviously... Are you sure you weren't... insinuating something?

I understand if you were, but... yeah. Like my comment said, I was kinda screwed up in the head (more than usual, mind you) that, eh, morning. :twilightoops: tee hee, I kid, I kid... *mutters to self* 'No, wait... a kid is a goat... Aha!' I colt, I colt... 'there! much better...'


In layman's terms: That was an intentional joke.

WOW! Swet hapter!....also...I ACTUALLY managed to pilot the T.A.R.D.I.S. correctly! WOOHOO! First time I've ever been first to comment....AAAND that was short lived. ALLONS-Y

My body is ready for Lady Amethyst :O



Also, by this point, you would think the CMC would be used to being chased around Ponyville with the proverbial 'torch an pitchforks'

Dear esteemed writer,
If I were Prince Blueblood I would leave you a grandiose tip indeed.

You genius writer you.

19923 There's also the fact that Rarity was resting so many hopes on him. Gilda stole and bullied ponies, and it probably hurt Dash a lot

Trixie was also a bully, in fact, the one thing that bothers me that she did is how she didn't really "show up" Rarity (well, any of them, really, because she used magic to just throw them off the stage.) Rarity was simply being elegant and holding herself with poise. And Trixie responded to her only unicorn challenger by....turning her hair green.

Yes, Trixie. A wonderful and succinct demonstration of Rarity's lackluster spell resistance. But Rarity was showing off her grace and that there was more to being a unicorn than just throwing other ponies around with your magic like some Barbarian. If the goal of the contest is just to chase the other pony off the stage regardless of tactics used, Twilight just has to drop a Bulldozer on top of you. Or give you a Mustache.

Still, she lost her wagon and probably her reputation and it wasn't really her fault. She embellished her tale a little bit, she never told Snips and Snails "go out and fetch me an Ursa Major so I can prove it." If anything, that's Spike's fault as much as Trixie's... A lot of these "redemption" stories usually make Trixie out to be some kind of Woobie.

Gilda basically broke up with Rainbow Dash over what was a simple misunderstanding that not even Pinkie probably intended to take that far. It's still a little sad because they could've made up.

Blueblood, however, was completely shameless. We're used to braggarts and bullies and such. But...Blueblood demonstrated absolutely no manners at all. The arrogant aristocrat is nothing new, but damn. He stopped Rarity from stepping into a puddle, only to have her use her own cloak to clean the spill.

Actually, he's like an awesome double fake out artist that is the pinnacle of debunking all things even tangentially related to the Disney Prince and... OH MY GOD, ITS MEANIE PIE HIDE ME HIDE ME!

:pinkiecrazy: : Xaossie....why are you here and not writing the next chapter. You promised you'd have it done tonight.

*whimper* ...I g2g.

I lol'd so hard when she sicced Opal on him.

The prat deserved every claw and fang that little darling had to give him. :rainbowlaugh:

19630 To be honest, I thought Gilda was more of a jerk than Blueblood.

I thought this story was wonderful. Hats off to you, Autumn.

Great work mate i am loving this story
Yay fluttershy and big mac :heart:

Super Big Mac's comments on the first chapter are priceless!

Really like the way you develop Blueblood's character. Never really cared for him, but after reading your fic he is slowly starting to grow on me :)

Looking forward to the next update.

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