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Hi, my name's Purple and I'm from England~ I love writing and shipping! You can expect stories ranging from dark and gritty to nonsensical and fun.


When Miss Cheerilee announces a 'family life' project, Dinky Hooves decides to video-log (vlog) various family activities.

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I see some potential in this, so it has been favorited to see where it goes :ajsmug:

According to my sensors, the has some real potential in it!


4358578 Squee! I've been getting a lot of faves and stuff, thank you~!!

As a person who disagrees with the Derpy-being-a-mom theory, I really like this story! Thank you for making my day!

4358578 I agree with this person... Toaster.

"Okay. What about Sparkler?" Dinky asked. Sparkler was her older sister, whose talent was jewellery-making. She had left school two years ago, but Derpy still considered her a filly and was pretty scared of Sparkler moving out. According to their dad, Sparkler's full name was Amethyst Star, so Dr Hooves often called her Amy.


The cover image has me intrigued, so I'l keep an eye on this. However, you really should add breaks in-between paragraphs so it's not just one giant wall of text.

Behind her she could her Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon whispering about colts or something silly like that.

Should be "hear".

I am an Enraged Toaster with a keyboard, prepare to be toasted.

No Problem human Internet user.

4359795 Noted, and fixed! I've been told different things by different people, so I'm going with what feels right to use for me.

This should be entertaining. :pinkiehappy:

I only have one question. Dr whooves or time turner?

Want to see where this leads...

Are you going to continue?

Oh, I want to see where this leads! I'm wondering whats going to happen :D
Liked and faved ^-^ :trollestia:

A request: Indentions and spacing between paragraphs please. Your grammar and spelling look good at a cursory glance, but I can't read something this hard on my eyes. Definite "read later" though, and a thumbs up for the original premise. It's always great to see a competent young author's work.

school-desk should be hyphenated (but that's more of a stylistic thing.)

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