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Hello and welcome to the group "Consent is Sexy"! If you are wondering if this is the group for you, ask yourself "Do I like knowing my sexy funtimes very special somepony is also having funtimes with me?" If you answered some variation on "Yes!" then this is the group for you!

This group is for promoting stories with consensual relationships. All stories with consensual sex or implied sex or just consensual hugging and so on are welcome here.

There is the Mature folder for all clop and stories with explicit sex.

While NSFW content is allowed, this group isn't only about smut. Please add your stories about consensual cuddling, consensual kissing, and any sort of consensual relationship funtimes kinda thing.

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Thank you for this group! :heart::pinkiesad2:

Why is the Rape group allowed to exist. :fluttercry:

This group no longer has 69 members. I apologize.
Congratulations! This group was listed in New Groups for its freshness.

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