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This story is a sequel to In Her Majesty's Royal Service

After guardsponies Storm Stunner, Crack Shot, and Check Mate proved instrumental in stopping an interdimensional incident that threatened to annoy the city of Canterlot, the Royal Guard made a realization: perhaps they might just be able to serve functions beyond pulling aerial chariots and trying not to blink in public.

Now months later, they're finally starting to get somewhere with each of the odd regimens they've designed; it's a shame that three of their number will have to miss the progress to follow. In recognition of their prior bravery, quick thinking, (and to a smaller degree their dumb luck), Princess Luna has given Storm, Check, and Crack Shot a special assignment: to visit the lands on the borders of pony control, to sample the local flavors, and to maybe even take a picture or two. One might dare to call it a vacation.

However, expectations mean little so far from home, and despite Luna's wishes to keep the guardsponies out of harm's way, the world can easily change in a thousand years. The three guardsponies may be forced to deal with the inconvenience of their vacation turning into an adventure.

First Story: In Her Majesty's Royal Service

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A sequel to In Her Majesty's Royal Service! :yay:


234961 I thought the same thing when I saw the title for some reason

Ohhhhhhhhhh, Nerdgasm!

Sounds interesting >>> TRACKING:twilightblush:

I have not even read this story yet and i am already interested! Hoping when I read the first chapter, it is really what I expect :3 anyway good luck for the future chapters comrade :trollestia:

It finally happened! :yay: Tracking like a bawss. :rainbowdetermined2:

EDIT: Now that I've read the first chapter, a review.

Sagebrush, I daresay your storytelling has even improved in the interim between In Her Majesty's Royal Service and this sequel. The story flows in a way that's just amazing to see; The humor is always funny, the dialogue flows naturally, and the characters' banter is never anything less than witty and charming. You clearly are a tier or two above the typical fanfiction writer.

Keep up the good work, can't wait to see more of this!

Bloody MAGNIFICENT! :pinkiehappy:

A sequel to one of my favorite stories. :pinkiehappy:

A sequel to the best fanfiction... yes please. :pinkiehappy:

First story ive read today ^^ Great way to kick start the morning :twilightsmile:

Very interesting, it's a sequel? Better read the first one then!:pinkiehappy:

I think, perhaps, you should add a scene wherein the Ponies of the gaurd React to Storm Stunner Not knowing his own ability. It'd be a handy refresher for the Old Hands, A Tidbit of knowledge for those who stumbled upon this fic without knowing it was a sequel and it'd follow the logical progression of events. In fact, the scene seems Tailor made for such an event. Surely the ponies of the gaurd would have made some remark if he'd been left out of the line-up. Cries of Favouritism, at the very least

Oh dear... the Staff Sergeant is a perfectionist and a trumpet player?
Just like real life... all trumpet players are perfectionists...
In the past 4 hours, I've read the prequel to thisw, and this chapter, and I must say, this is a fantastic story.

Hilarious first chapter. Oh yay.:rainbowkiss:

Yes! Sequel! :yay:

Oh, am I looking forward to this. This first chapter is already awesome and funny. I do hope there's more soon. ^^

>Do you not realize who you are addressing?
So, are you portraying Blueblood as a guy who is too dumb to know the term "whom", or do you think of him as so pretentious that he always thinks of himself as a subject, not an object?

>Most of the ponies didn’t think it would be necessary for Sergeant Cacopony to share his talent. They felt they had heard it all before, in a manner of speaking.
That line had me in stitches! :rainbowlaugh:


Well, both are interesting theories, although I would probably just call it a typo ;).


It's a second story.

You have no idea how much my day has been made from this, good sir. :yay:

Tracking this one. Loved your first fic with this cast and while I'm not a big fan of fics revolving around OC ponies, this one is so well written that I'm happy to make an exception. Keep up the excellent work.

Also, love the use of James Bond titles for these stories :twilightsmile:

there is more? oh thank Luna

I quite enjoyed it, yet I couldn't help but notice that its editing--or rather, lack thereof-- wasn't quite on par with your last series. Words (mostly conjunctions) seemed to be missing and your comma use is rather lacking (as in, you lack commas where there should be some). Most would rely on you reading through the story out-loud, but there is one area where they should always be used. During dialogue, when a character is directly referring to another character, you should have a comma placed before their name.
For example:
>“Yes Luna,” the three replied.
Should be:
>"Yes, Luna," the three replied.
If I might be so bold, I'd suggest dropping by /fic/ to get a review. While your story is an order of magnitude better than the norm there, there's still room for improvement, and I doubt the reviewers wouldn't mind reading something that was actually enjoyable for once, too.
Looking forward to new chapters!

This is simply hilarious. One of those stories that just brings good times.
Btw, do I smell a CheckLuna thing here? :rainbowderp:

Yes! I didn't expect a sequel to this, so when I saw this I did the happydance :3


Well, although I typically don't like to reveal my hand, I will say that they simply share a friendship as well as a mutual fondness for chess =).


Be careful, I will take you up on your offer :twilightsmile:.

239274 I'll scribble it down as a potential ship for the future. Just in case :scootangel:

I actually stumbled across your picture for this fic in your DA account. After reading the premise, I had to read the first one. Which was brilliant! And this chapter? Also amazing! Looking forward to more adventures from these three and hope it carries on like Progress by Mister Andrew Talon with continuing stories.

For some reason, whenever cocapony talks, I read his lines like sarge.

I am glad I found this so early! with how slow and forgetful EQD is lately, I probably wouldn't have found it so soon :pinkiehappy:

I loved your humour and style in the first fic, and it's just as awesome in this one. Keep 'em coming :twistnerd:

...yup, the name "Nomde" still bugs me. I feel like it should be Nom dePlume.

Anyway. Great to see these guys again! And the wordplay throughout just about had me on the floor. You have a distinctly Pratchettesque way with words.

I love how someone has to translate Check Mate for Kickstart's benefit, and Kickstart for Luna's. :facehoof:


Yay! More crazy guardsponies!

How about Nom DePlume, like McGee?

Isn't that what I said?

I used a capital D; you used a lowercase one.

Woo! It's Updated! WOOOO! Other such incoherant babble! ... Have I mentioned Woo?

OH! So good. The way you write is beautiful.

> From Canterlot with Love updated

What sorcery is this?

Very curious to see where/what they encounter.

It's time for ADVENTURE!

It is so great to see this updated! :rainbowkiss: The Bard has spoken again!

Also, permit me to do what is becoming my running gag:

He found it odd that he had only heard of the series just recently, for how popular it seemed to be.


Oh, boy. Please, sir, can I 'ave some more? :applecry:

Please sir may i have some more? :applecry::applecry:

The whole thing fairly sparkles with comedy and intrigue. Worth the wait. My praise and my envy, you brilliant bastard.

Awright! new story! this should be fun. :pinkiehappy:

oooh I knew i should've waited til there were more updates. h well, more to look forward too n_n

Smart stones, lol. Great chapter :twilightsmile:


Also, are they heading to Ponyville?

Where ARE those strange locations they're going?

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