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This story is a sequel to Freeze Frame

When Minty Flower first came to Fillydelphia to become a reporter, she had no idea what she was in for. Now that she's achieved that goal, however, she'll learn that even more challenges face her and her friends as they try to get by in a city fighting to recover from its shady past.


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Despite the fact that I really want to, I might not have a chance to read this for a while, so... insta-fav. (Sometimes my fav's list serves as a "No, Seriously, Read Later" list.)

That's pretty much what my favorites list is for me as well, so I know the feeling. :twilightsheepish:

I may not have first comment, but I did favorite and like it before anyone else :pinkiecrazy:

Quite a heated way to start off a chapter.:rainbowwild:

That damned vial is still there. I wonder...is it merely an oft-referenced memento, or will its shaded past catch up to our heroes again in the future?...

Hey, look! A sequel!

Well, there goes my agenda. ...Again. :duck:

Thankfully I won't have to binge on this story for a full week, since it isn't that long yet. :raritywink:

But I'm gonna read the hell out of this either way. :D

Well, that answers the question of whether or not it was really Trixie in the desert.

Can't read at the moment, It's snowing and I'm in a heated debate on facebook over weather or not we're going to school tomorrow. Which doesn't really matter as I will have to trudge in any way as I have a history retake which I paid for. Either way, I'm happy that there is a direct sequel. I almost bloody cried when I realized freeze frame was completed. :twilightsmile:

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I saw the "Update Complete" tag on EqD, and I nearly threw my keyboard through the screen. I saw the link to this, and I cried a little out of happiness. :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

Welp, first chapter of this new story, and you have me hooked once again. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Nice good jump right back into the action, and this is shaping up to be an interesting mystery.

There goes the rest of my nights, can't sleep until I completely read the chapter.

Both of your stories here would make great movies

I am extreamly excited to see a sequel, know that im also looking forward to sleepless nights waiting for that update as well!

2003767 Okay, so I FINALLY got round to reading this... you didn't disappoint. Same old Minty and same old action packed style. Loved the Bioshock references. Was there also a V for Vendetta reference in there, pony in the white mask, hat and cloak,making political killings (If it wasn't, it was in my head. if you haven't seen V for Vendetta, you HAVE to watch it!). Also, I feel silly for not noticing before, especially as you confirmed my suspicions in the previous story that your Fillydelphia is an earlier version of the Fillydelphia from Fallout: Equestria, but does Golden Remedy hold some form of relation to Velvet Remedy? Considering ponies don't follow our Naming traditions and laws, it's possibly a silly question, but I am curios. I'm also loving the fact that Minty and Grapevine are back together. They were awesome partners, hoping that trend continues. Looking forward to the next chapter, you've given me something to look forward to that a lot of other fics fail at. :pinkiehappy:

Glad you like it! And what I meant before was that Freeze Frame started as an idea for a pre-war story in the Fallout: Equestria universe with my Fillydelphia being the same as the one Littlepip later visits, but it has since evolved from that and they are set in two separate universes. Though the relation thing wasn't actually intentional. :twilightsheepish:

2064020 Still cool! Also, was it a V for Vendetta reference? I hate to pester you about it, but it's on my mind now. :twilightoops:

I have both read the comic and seen the movie, so you are correct on that point. :raritywink:

Hey, you made it to 55 likes without a single dislike! again! Good for you, man!

Bioshock references galore! Can't wait for more!

we need more reads..:fluttercry:

Not to worry, next update is Tuesday and I've got extra written so updates will be regular from now on! Glad you like it, too.


yay schedualed updates!
i'm so happy i could break through the fourth wall and hug you. :rainbowwild:

why of course!
Freeze frame had me on the edge of my spinny seat waiting for that next update. ^w^
i'm sure The World at Large will have me falling of said spinny seat. :twilightsheepish::twilightblush:

As a story that will span 18 "episodes" (so 54 chapters) and explore much more of the world of Fillydelphia and the characters, I only hope I can impress.


woah 54 chapters!? i sense i will be falling off my seat quite-a-bit this year.. :pinkiecrazy::rainbowderp:

i'm sure you will.

Damn...figured out it was a trap the moment the flaming carriage/side street detour was mentioned...:twilightoops:

Great chapter! :pinkiehappy: I'm ashamed to say that I had forgotten exactly who Marshmallow was, but now that I remember, I'm hoping she stays safe. :twilightoops: Can't wait to see what happens next! :twilightsmile:

Well, part of the purpose of this story was to reintroduce the characters and the goings-on of Fillydelphia in case anyone had forgotten, so I'm glad to see it served it's purpose!

Marshmallow. Hmn, suddenly I'm wondering if we were ever told who exactly her parents were. Considering what Blueblood is up in in Boss of Me...

Wild ass guess, Party Line is either the big bad this arc or the next victim. Especially riding in a different car...

A description of the driver, that's pretty suspicious too...

Yeah, figured something was up with him. Sounds like either Marshmallow isn't a target or simply isn't a target now. Suspicious corporation name is very suspicious too.

Can't wait to see where this is going next.

I noticed that little Scott Pilgrim vs. The World reference in there. Also an awesome chapter, can't wait to see the next one!

I'm willing to bet money that was inspired by the convoy scene from The Dark Knight, where the burning fire engine forces them into the underground transit.

:trollestia: great chapter!

but now i have to wait a week!!:raritycry: :raritydespair:

Pyrrhus. As in Pyrrhus of Epirus?

Well, here we go, folks.

Hmm, what has been set into motion this time I wonder? Looks like our intrepid reporters have quite the investigation ahead of them. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

When I hear Pyrrhus, I think of the city in Killzone. just saying.

I really miss updates from the last story. No cheesy electric organ riff in my head every time I read the title this time...:fluttercry:

But yeah, great story, and I have no idea where it's going, so...good job!

This is as good as your first story.

how do you even come up with this stuff? Is it history
related or just some randomly amazing ideas?

God, I bloody love this story, SO MUCH! The references, the characters, the stories! All of it is just brilliant! Definitely needs more attention, it's so good! :twilightsmile:
Can't wait to see what happens to Minty next.

P.S. "P" (you would think I could think of a better name for "V" pony) was absolutely awesome! :rainbowkiss:

Huh...well, that's...interesting...:rainbowhuh:

We will, without a doubt, be seeing more of that guy in the future.

awesome ''V'' references.
this story needs so many more reads and fav's than its getting. :twilightsmile: it will be a horrible injustice if this never gets a feature box.:fluttershyouch:

I hope it gets the featured box one day like Freeze Frame did, but having loyal readers who like the story matters more. :twilightsmile:

Oh no, this story got a dislike! Who would do such a thing to such a good story?!

Ah, there were some missing words towards the beginning. Like, a lot of them. You might want to go over that again. Just saying.


Daaaawwww! :rainbowkiss: Sure makes a guy feel loved. :rainbowwild:

Ah, I apologize, there were no missing words, but a missing scene break. It was supposed to be a jump cut.

Oh, and a handful of loyal fans always counts for more than hundreds of passive readers. :twilightsmile:

Yes. His name is now and forever V.

It’s sad, really. I wish we could have talked more.

And then surprise death. I laughed really hard at that, I'm not sure but I suspect that makes me somewhat of a bad person.

A Batman and V reference!!!!! If I was a pegasus I would have gotten a wing-boner from that XD:twilightsmile:

My list of BAMF's:
Rainbow Remedy
And now the nameless Assassin:rainbowdetermined2:

Another great chapter. Looks like Fillydelphia is going to have some tough times ahead if our anarchist has anything to say about it.

V in Equestria. Best of luck, Fillydelphia!

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