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This is the third story in the Newsworthy saga, taking place five months after Source Material.

Ink Well has once more taken up the mantle of investigative journalist, and in the action has caught wind of a string of mysterious disappearances, all pointing him in the direction of Cloudsdale's prestigious Weather Factory, and so he takes it in his own hooves to get to the bottom of it. Are they just rumors? Is there cause in this conspiracy? Can the truth ever fully be known?

One way or another, Ink Well aims to find out.

This story is slightly darker than its predecessors. You have been warned.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 70 )

Hello all. Slightly late, but here it is, the third installment in the Ink Well saga.

Weather Manifesto, featuring our own Ditzy Doo and Ink Well. I hope you enjoy it, and if there's any issues, feel free to tell me (4 am editing is not known for its flawlessness :ajsleepy:)

I still need to finish SM, but woo! Top slot in the comments. I feel pro. :pinkiehappy:

977951 enjoy your position, it only happens once per story.

I will read this! :rainbowdetermined2: But the premise reminds me of Rainbow Factory. Nonetheless! I'll still read it!

978519 To be honest, it should. It's a different spin on Rainbow Factory, combined with a few other stories I fell appropriate and made PG13

1) What the holy hay did they do to her to make her like all wonky?
2) How far will they have to run in order to avoid the Doctor?

By Sithis, this won't end well.

978571 well you did it well! Good job. :pinkiehappy:

I like it so far. By the way, there's a little error up in the third paragraph, you forgot to close your italics tags or something, so the code is showing.

982480 Thank you. Fixed!

10 bits says that Rose's throwing up persists after she gets over her cold because it's actually morning sickness.

Ooohh, I was on vacation and missed this! Promise I'll read as soon as possible. Just gotta finish Project Horizons, read the 9 chapter updates on FimFic, edit my friend's most recent chapter before he finishes the next one, and do some real life stuff. Then I'll read this!

...yeah, that may take awhile... :twilightsheepish:

Ah, so sorry for the lateness of this chapter. I got flooded with things happening and a strong bout of the lazies and just couldn't find the motivation. But I promised myself this would come out before the next semester of school started, and since my first class is in 5 hours, I may have cut that close, but I followed through!

That said, if you see any obvious errors, feel free to point them out and I'll fix them right up!

Also, if you couldn't tell from this chapter's conclusion, this is going to be a much shorter piece than the two before it (I think five parts, but nothing is set in stone quite yet). Hopefully it is still to your liking!

Thank you for your patience, and I hope the next one doesn't take nearly this long!
Have a wonderful day everypony!:heart:

Oh, dear.....Time for a Storm of the Oncoming variety to shake things up, wouldn't you say?

Eugenics is a sick and twisted philosophy and I will enjoy seeing Ink Well bring this place down.

I have selected to handful of authors to whom I shall declare myself their Number One Fan. Anyone who disputes this, I shall fight to the death. Congratulations, Medicshy. I'm your number one fan! Now let's pretend it's Foursquare and you give me free stuff.

1125045 I have no free stuff to give...

He'll have help doing it: somepony who's definitely a madcolt with a blue box. If these freaks aren't running for their lives, they should be.

Awesome, as always. Keep it up!

Trapped in a... a silo of bodies? That's pretty creepy. Explains a bit, though.

I know this story was going to be darker than the previous two, but damn. How long has Ozone been running this "cleanup project?":pinkiesick:

Excellent. [*Said in Mr. Burns' voice over steepled fingers.] Dark, very dark, but good. Since Ink Well is such an investigative character by nature, having a dark underside to supposedly innocent pony institutions just works. And sticking the most innocent pony ever right into the middle of it is a great idea.

I especially liked the dramatic Rainbow Dash / Ink Well interaction. ( Though I'm hoping for a bit more explanation as to why Rainbow appears to have given up on her dream. That seems like a pretty big leap for the character.) Also, that scene with Ditzy Doo and Dinky at the end is great.

Here it finally is. I hope you all enjoy.

Oh, crap. I don't think that Rainbow Dash is going to fit in too well. Time for Ozone to take a dirt nap.

Not sure what your purpose is in giving Dinky two hearts, but I'm willing to go with it for the sake of this story.

1452031 How well do you know Doctor Who? It gives away a lot if you know a common knowledge fact from that show.

1453013 I was right in thinking that then. Oh, that's very clever. Though I'm still wondering what put Ditzy in a fog?:rainbowhuh:

1453013 Oh dang, that makes perfect sense now. Interesting twist you've thrown in there.

On one hand I'm liking the idea of Dinky's two hearts.:rainbowkiss:
On the other hand, some of the... implications (if I'm picking up on them correctly) of how that happened are making me reach for the brain bleach..:pinkiesick::raritydespair:

In summary, you, sir, are rather clever and doing an excellent job.:moustache:

Are we ready for Evil Rainbow Dash?:pinkiehappy: Okay, probably not. Another great chapter. The Ditzy/Dinky stuff was the best part.:twilightsmile:

Dinky with two hearts? Might just be brilliant...

But wait a second... "Somepony who marched to the beat of an unheard drum." Sounds suspicious... Don't do it, Ditzy! Or rather...don't have already done it, Ditzy!:derpytongue2: (Though actually, that could be awesome in its own way...)

You know, I'm always jealous of your action sequences, which seem expertly crafted.

I'm favoriting this before I even read it. Why?

You, sir or madam, are one of the most talented writers I've ever had the pleasure of discovering.

From the start, with your story Newsworthy, I felt that your writing had something special. It always kept me on edge and at times was intense enough for me to weep tears or shout for joy involuntarily.

Especially with Source Material. Juggling with conversation is hard for many a writer, and there's not a lot of people who could pull it off.

What I like most about your stories, however, is that it's always leaving me craving for more. Even now, my head is just filled with curiosity and wondering how Ink Well will turn into the great things you made him out to be.

Don't ever stop.

1501518 you would not believe how much this comment means to me. Thank you so much for reading, I am glad you are enjoying it, and I just hope I do not disappoint.

Very close to the end now, just an epilogue remaining to wrap things up.

I just want to thank everyone who has read this far, and to thank you for all the support. It means a lot to me, even if it's just a silent view.

I hope you enjoy this chapter, I hope you enjoy what is to follow, both in this story and in upcoming ones, and, even more, I hope you have a wonderful day!:heart:

Heh. No wonder Luna rebelled.

1567046 Things kind of end up tying together rather nicely with timey wimey stuff.

I should hope they do. Seems to me that there are less Nazi-like ways to make up for the magic shortage. Somepony has to remember that there are ways to master a situation that don't involve being a jerk.

Probably a severe case of severe misinterpretation. You know how those overzealous minions with their imprecise communication skills, especially when directed at underlings, are.

Ah, well. This situation will be easily mastered. All one needs is an oncoming storm to drown out the sound of drums in the background.

And so, the story comes to a close.

Thank you to all of my readers, and a special shout out to Shining Glory, who caught me while I was editing this and both made my night and reminded me why I love writing. Thank you buddy! Hope you enjoyed it.

I will be taking a break from Ink Well's saga for a little while. He's got a bit of work to do. While he does, there's another story that could use a little attention. I think that will be next. But as for what it could possibly be... well, those would be spoilers. :scootangel:

Have a wonderful day everypony! :heart:

Looking forward to the future. :scootangel:

Funny thing about Ozone; if he hadn't have been a lying jerk, he would have gotten away with it. Also, somepony is going to have to take a good long look at herself before she makes any stupid remarks to Twi and Luna. (And ask a Doctor about the sound of drums she keeps hearing.)

Great to see the resolution to this story, and to see how Ditzy met the Doctor.

I loved this one! I love the way you played with the premise of Rainbow Factory, and yet still made this such an original work.

1625752 Had to straighten out the timeline somehow.

1626570 Thank you! Glad you liked it. I enjoyed writing it, even if I did feel like a horribly evil pony for a while...

Thank you, Medicshy. *hugs* :twilightsmile:

Great job! I love the series so far, and this was a really sweet ending to a great chapter. Weather Manifesto felt more focused-up than Source Material, and I guess this helped the story a great deal. Can't wait for more from you!

The epilogue of the previous story (the time travel one) left past!Ditzy in the care of...somepony bad. Bad enough that she's probably rather lucky to have gotten out of it with amnesia and a half-alien foal.

It was a lot more subtle than Source Material, but it did its job, and it did it very well.

Celestia having authorized the factory is...disturbing. Like, did she give an okay on the graverobbing, or on the abductions, slave labor, and brutal mass murder too? :raritydespair: Suffice to say I have a whole lot more sympathy for Luna splitting off from her later on.

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