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My Lyra plushie... · 7:35pm Jul 10th, 2012

I frequent an IRC chatroom called #CelestisRadio which is indeed the chat for that radio station, one day i mentioned my 'special' lyra plushie.... and well... they never let that go.... anyways, point being, somone made avery short, very poorly written fic about it. but its still funny as hell, check it out here:

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60763 thanks! every bit of encouragement helps me get the chapters done sooner!

I can't wait for the rest Keeo up the good job.

59531 uhm yea thanks!

Hello, DarkShockBro here. I'm a friend of Sparknanator and he said that he would love to help edit your story, Sisters at Heart. He wants me to tell you because he tends to be passive-aggressive, but he's a really nice guy, and I'm sure you'll get along well with him. He also has a lot of brony friends, so I'm sure he'll welcome you to the club, lol. Finally, if you need any more critique, or maybe even editing, I'll be happy to do so. Later, and take a watch as well! :twilightsmile:

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