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And that's why Reindeer has the sight... · 9:25pm July 1st

It's because them see in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum.

Read all about it here:

Oh - back on the fic. Hopes new chapter this month.

(To clarify: I got the idea for the Sight from reading that reindeer can see ultraviolet)

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Indeed. Part of my intent was to defang it by transforming it into twisted historical retelling.

And I thought it was interesting how "reindeer" is another word for "caribou" and how easily Tarandroland fit into this. Being a former slave race with a rebellion that went terribly right, such that rebel king is considered a monster to even themselves, would only add to their already dour and suspicious nature.

HA! I havent even read THAT fiction, but Ive heard enough of it! :D Fun!

I wrote a thing, I used some of your things from Under The Northern Lights. I also used some things from... other things.

Lore: Caribou

Awwwww! You're so sweet! ^^
He looks lovingly smug! ^^

For you, a Russ


...you can't tell, but he's smaller than an Equestrian pony.

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