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Thanks for the Fave of An Apple Comes Out of the Cellar

I hope you got a laugh or two out of the it.

If you're looking for more comedies, I do have two more posted and one in the pipeline.

Man! You did to New Discoveries for me what Maddox did to Signs. I must say I'm very disappointed in the way the writer handled your critique, since you clearly phrased your points very carefully so as not to sound whiny or insulting. It's one of the most frustrating things about this site to me when readers give perfectly valid advice and are ignored or shunted by writers who could definitely stand to improve. Keep up the great work! Even if your target didn't respond well, there's always hope other readers, like myself, will find inspiration and advice in your posts!

Heh, the name actually came from the fact that I was drawing up maps for Fallout Equestria when EqD locked out anonymous posting, and I found myself in need of a user name. And the place called "The Silent Cartographer" from Halo had always stuck in my head, so I used that!

I just realized how utterly appropriate your username is, given that you are the power behind my throne. 'Silent Writing' indeed.
That aside you should brag a little in your bio. You're pretty damn boss.

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