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I am an 18 year old brony with a writing disability, who still (attempts to) writes fanfics, please dont be too harsh, or ill be a SAD panda :(

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Eheh. Yeah, Luna Plays needs a little fix.:twilightsheepish:

811334 cant say it was ooc, i mean i probably woulda done something similar if i was her :P ur an amazing writer, i need to read luna plays (well past chapter 2 :P)

I'm glad you do.:twilightsheepish:
Cause I'm afraid that I made Twilight a little OOC when Spike was eaten by the Shadow Timberwolf. I was going for extreme and quick emotions in that scene.

811306 it seemed original, just wanted to ask :P im reading chapter 6 right now, i love it so much :D

Well you're gonna have to read very slowly at this rate. I might have to put a story or two in hiatus if I wanna focus on this one.

Also, this story's origins lie within mah brain. Sure I was aware of .hack and SAO at the time, but the idea sprung when I asked myself the question: Since I've wrote a fic about Luna playing video games, why not a fic about the Mane Six playing video games?

I could have easily started a spin-off of Luna Plays and linked the readers of LP to that, but it didn't feel right to me at the time. I wanted to make their story a tad bit more original. Yes it would be in the same boat of my Gamer Luna universe (which is a part of the Draconica Omnibuses-verse), but it would feel like an entirely different story of its own.

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