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Just a regular, everyday, average guy whose shy nature and swirling emotions lead to somewhat interesting books. I hope you like them!


What's Going On, Readers? · 11:17am Sep 24th, 2012

Your loyal writing pony is still working very hard on the first chapter of Night of Tears and the second chapter of Soul Sonata, but I haven't found anyone to edit or preread yet! If anypony at all is interested and you're as pissy about good grammar, proper punctuation, and serious sentence structure as I am, I need you! Comment on this blog post with your FiMFiction.net tag and I'll PM you. We can exchange emails and you can become my personal slave ... I mean, valued associate! heheh...

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I hast sent thee a message! ^_^ Interesting stories you have!

Oh Octavia was amazing i think a timeline of sorts will make the best case and point.

6 am, wanted to go to sleep, had to lock computer ~6:01-6:31 am FiMfiction was open and noticed "Oh, Octavia!" open. ~6:02-6:32 am decided to read just 1 chapter, 8:50 finished the story and am eagerly awaiting a squeal.

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