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Elsewhere I'm Brony Incognito, but that name was taken here, so what're you going to do. Something of an oddball, but I do try to entertain. Hope you all enjoy the insanity I come up with.


Heat and Desire on the final stretch. · 12:20pm Jun 12th, 2012

With chapter 5 up, we're coming up on the end of HaD. The original outline called for 7 chapters and with 'Trixie' getting split and 'Springtime' moving off on its own I'm back on track. Funny how things work out, sometimes.

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Fair enough, though I did say After A Fashion. Either way, that means you're after a story about someone either randomly racist or basically pathological, or about ponies who are flat-out irritating but not malicious.

Randomly racist because arriving in the new world would mean they had no basis for it, aside from understandable standoffishness or discomfort. Which leaves the character having been wronged by ponies in a very serious way, but in such a way that the ponies are in no way oppressive or else 'having cahones' would be a case of terminal stupidity.

The only out left that I can see is a story in which Twilight accidentally-on-purpose finds and transports a young parent to Equestria without consideration of a return and that person then has to go on knowing that their son/daughter thinks they abandoned him/her. Even then, hating Twilight, lashing out and not being willing to make friends is one thing, species-wide sustained hatred would probably make for an unlikable character and a dull story.

I'm saying now that your recommendation Human Hates Equestria story is NOT what the hell I was looking for. Human, HUMAN! Entirely not transformed for fuck's sake and one that has a spine and cahones AND hates the friggin ponies be they ponies or Anthro.

Jesus Christ I can't believe I actually had to explain that.

Unfortunately, I agree with you. If he takes one day off from the site, I'll be surprised. If he keeps this up, he'll end up getting banned.

You know what's even worse? He favorited his own story. How many authors here do that?

He's new to writing, and I suspect pretty young. He hasn't grown any kind of skin and still believes that stepping back and bowing on occasion are signs of weakness.

I've watched a grown man in his late thirties do the same basic thing. He refused criticism on the first draft of his book (though kudos on him getting that far, though it was really bad) and went off to prove his point by seriously crashing and burning with agents and publishing houses. Again, with his first draft. He wound up black balled from pretty much everyone.

As with that guy, I suspect Xblade will crash out soon and either emerge calloused, humbled and ready to listen somewhat, or put down the pen altogether. Sadly, for his sake, my money's on the latter.

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