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Status Update: Colors of the Heart and General State of Writing. · 12:58pm Feb 13th, 2016

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give everyone an update on to what I've been up to late, as it's been a while.

I bring good news, and lots of it for my Colors of the Heart readers. As I had mentioned before, With my recent influx of inspiration, I decided to approach Colors of the Heart's ending in a different way. Though with this decision, it ended up with me throwing away over 20,000 words of material I could no longer use. Which sucked pretty bad.

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Hope you've been well.
I miss taking to you. Doesn't feel right that I've only had recent contact with Divine Path and not you.



I have a lot of fun writing it with him. Our strengths are the opposites of one-another's. I didn't really start having a big hand in the story until part 2, which I had a big influence in, even more so in parts 3 and 3.5, and I write with him as of part 4.

My biggest addition to the story would probably be the characters, as characters have sort of become "my thing." Not to float my own boat, but I think I'd have to try to make a poor/bad character. Intentionally doing things wrong. However I'm not about to let that get to my head. I still have a lot of room for improvement and am always seeking to do so.

As for my own writing? My 4 years on fimfic is comming up. I need to actually do soemthing. It's been too long.

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2368561 They're not your works. Colors was interesting, outgrown or not. Collabs aren't the same, and I left Maximus' stuff behind me some time ago. Guess I'll just periodically check when it pops to mind.


2368235 To be honest? I'm not sure. Part of me wants to finish it because it's my first story so close to being finished, but on the otehr hand, I feel as if I have "outgrown" the story. I cannot help but frown every time I look at it. I guess I'm just lacking motivation.

I have two story Idea's I've actually wanted to write for about 2 years now, but I told myself I'd finish a story before I start another, otherwise people wouldn't take me very seriously.

And well... here we are. Colors isn't finished, and I haven't written my own work for ages now. :unsuresweetie:

However I've been very actively writing with others since I first started writing. Still am with Maximus_Reborn and Researcher Twilight if Natostrike would get off his butt.

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Colors toast? Noticed it's still down.

  • Viewing 326 - 330 of 330
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