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This story is a sequel to Spiders and Magic: Rise of Spider-Mane

Officially Complete!

A collaboration done with Azu.

With the Green Goblin defeated, Peter Parker and Twilight Sparkle are ready to take on their greatest challenge yet: parenthood. They have eleven months to prepare. In the meantime, they’ll also have to earn the trust back of everypony in Equestria, survive Twilight’s hormonal outbursts, deal with Black Cat’s antics, endure Trixie’s sarcasm, and work up the courage to take the next important step in their lives.

Cover image done by Black Freya

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Hmm, *shrugs* meh..*rotates hand back and forth* it's okay, I guess...

AAAAAWWWWW This Is amazing I loved the interaction with Everypony and asking for Twilight's hoof in marriage is just amazing.

Ps: I'd like to see Peter have a little talk with Luna about her loving him.

I'm looking forward for chapter of the wedding. And of course! The appearance of the Avengers in Equestria!.

Nice start! Though I'm surprised Peter hasn't told Aunt May yet. Fingers crossed that Twilight says yes when Peter pops the question, and pray that Shining doesn't kill him when he finds out.
Fluttershy still seems to be slightly afraid of Peter, hope that doesn't last too long.

I liked Peter's interaction with. Luna and Twilight's pregnant mood swings are funny. Also, Peter asking permission to Celestia, Twilight's parents, and the rest of the Mane 6 was endearing. Thanks for finally posting the sequel.

FINALLY! Was about time Peter makes this decision!

I approve of this ^^

Wait... is his Aunty May in Equestria, too? Then he should talk with her, too.

Huzzah! Let the shenanigans resume!

BOOYAH, MOTHERBUCKERS! Spidey's back and ready to kick some ass!


5296739 5296613

Glad to see people are enjoying it. I had tons of fun writing these character interactions with Maximus. :twilightsmile:

“This is simply unfair! Twilight continues to make me so jealous! She’s found herself a true gentlecolt before me, and now her knight in shining armor is going to propose, too? This is absolutely beautiful!” Suddenly, the mare burst into tears, unaware that she was squeezing the stallion’s neck with enough strength to cut off his oxygen intake. “I’m so happy!”

That's...gotta hurt. Great chapter! Loving this so far! Please keep up the awesomeness! Plus, the part with Spike rooting for his "big brother" was so ADORABLE!

Ah! You got it released the day before my birthday! Yay! Great work man. Welcome back and keep it up!

HAH! Good to see you're up and running, broham. As your Editor, I don't do shit, except correct your mistakes. Boy, they're gonna flip their shit when they find put what you have planned... Glad to be on the team, Maximus.

5296607 No, it's fucking awesome. Please learn the difference.

SEQUEL!!! :flutterrage: *proceeds to read it all* :twilightsmile:

SQUEEQUAL! XD loved the first one, can't wait to read this! God, I'm going to end up as one of those. I'm so sorry. This has gotten better in my head since I last read it, and now even a feature length film won't stand up to my expectations.

Review will go here when I finish >-> : Loved it. Took me a while to find the time to get to finishing it, but wuvable as ever =D

Nice! I'm really happy to see that you have posted a sequel now! The first chapter was really touching, with Peter asking permission from not only Twilight's parents, but Celestia and Twilight's friends as well. I really thought Trixie's dry sense of humor was cool too. It's just how I'd imagine Trixie actin around everypony.

Really good start and once again, I'm happy to see this story has come out. Welcome back Maximus and I say nice work to both you and Azu. I can certainly expect me to stick around for this story as well! :pinkiehappy:

~ Super-Brony12

With how enjoyable the first one was, I'm quite looking forward to this. :yay:

Want peter packer got twilight sparkle pregnant and want to marry her peter packer you could of waited till you were married

It has begun! You, my good sir, are a better Spidey writer than Dan Slot (Just right behind BMB)\. Keep up the awesomeness.

It's like . . . nearly nothing happened yet . . . and still I'm already loving it! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!:yay:



I am surprised that Trixie is still staying at the "Treebrary" (:ajbemused: Honestly, that's sounds just as ridiculous as Disney's Big Hero 6 calling their main setting, "San Fransokyo"), but I do enjoy the company she is providing for Twilight & Peter. Also, it definitely pulled my heartstrings when Luna is contemplating over the news of Peter's upcoming proposal idea. So heartbreaking to say the least. :fluttercry:

By the way, where is Aunt May in all of this? :rainbowhuh:

hooray!!! it's sequel time!!! it has been too damn long in waiting, but you can't rush an art form.

we've got a great start, as always. dealing with the obvious reality on the situation twily is in. in my opinion (knowing what lies ahead), there's an underlying bit of harshness showing of things to come: in the face of disaster, one will have to stand practically alone. i might be reading too much into it, but i digress.

i had no doubt that everypony would be on board with pete&twi marrying, the biggest worry, though, is on luna's side. eventually she's going to have to get over the fact that she can't have peter the way she wants, but i don't see that happening, not without fearful consequences. and as if to play on a thought that had already croosed me, she may turn into another "felicia case".

as ever, you inject so much love and soul into the characters. it's kind of nerve-wracking, though, knowing that osborn's still lurking in the shadows. i'm confident, though, that whatever comes down the road, we'll all have the best time of our lives. i know i have. can't wait for more.:twilightsmile::heart:

oh, and one more thing: Sparkimus Prime... really? :facehoof: couldn't resist the hasbro pull, could you?:rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

Even if Peter was already fully aware of her feelings, Luna earned to just tell him herself.

Might want to change "earned" to "yearned". It would express Luna's desire better. :pinkiesmile:

Oh boy, I can already tell there's going to be trouble when Twilight starts getting round.

And I do hope Princess Luna can find her own soul mate. She deserves one.

Whoop! Sequel! Great start! :pinkiehappy:

And I can't help but hear Hooked on a Feeling, and Come and Get Your Love playing in my head at the end of the chapter.

5296745 She's there also. She's staying with AJ.

This was just perfect! Best birthday gift ever! I'm really looking forward to this! :heart: :pinkiehappy:

I can't wait to read this! Though I'm not sure if I should start now or until more chapters are up!!!

The story begins nicely. Are you going to bring aunt May in the next chapter? And for the love of God, don't let the negative comments or dislikes cause you to delete this story. I think we both can agree that the readers have waited to long for the next story.

I was honestly half expecting there to be a sad tag for this story given how the last one ended. Leaves Earth, everyone knows who Peter is and is accepted. Arrives here, and most are scared, distant, and distrustful of him.

I mean, the one time he takes the gloves off, and with all honestly he deserved that moment, he's in the bad. So what if he was about to beat the Goblin to near death, not like it was out of left field. He was willing to destroy two worlds/universes, yet Peter beating him up, he's the bad one. Can't remember where I heard it from but even after all the good a hero does, if he falters and makes a mistake, the world will focus solely on that and paint him the bad guy. I suppose they do have reason to distrust Peter, but it still freaking sucks. Sorry for the rant, just the whole hero shtick thing sucks. (In the wide sense, not solely here I mean)

Regarding the story, liking the direction this one is going if it'll continue going this way. After the first story, liking that they're getting some breathing room. Though seeing as the picture for the third story shows what's going to happen, not sure how long that'll last. None the less, like that for the most part, this story feels like a breather and will focus on the two after the whole adventure they went through last time. Can't wait for the rest.

Glad to see the new series start up! Hope there is more soon, but I realize we've all got to be patient.

Keep up the great work! :twilightsmile:



Thank you. I'm glad you enjoy it. :twilightsmile:

I'm confident it will live up to your expectations, but here's to always hoping! :raritywink:


who's that? (Maximus is the big Spiderman expert, not me. XD )


If your so excited over nothing, just wait until... (wait for it...) something happens!



oh, and one more thing: Sparkimus Prime... really? :facehoof: couldn't resist the hasbro pull, could you?:rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

I rolled my eyes a little at that one too when Maximus first wrote it. :rainbowwild: "You really just went there, didn't you?"


A pregnant female can be a frighteningly powerful foe. Spider-Mane may have be in over his head with this opponent. :trollestia:


May is there, Peter is just nervous enough as is. Consider who May is to him for a moment. That's a lot of courage to work up. :pinkiegasp:

And I'm not about to let him scrap this. the story is already finished, all but the eplilogue that is. I've worked too hard on this to let him get down by a few negative comments. I'll be here ready to face them head on if they appear, and to nod my head if their feed back is also constructive. Negative feedback that is also constructive can be very useful information after all.


Unfortunately that's just one thing a superhero has to deal with. People are always going to point out the bad more than the good.

Thankfully Peter has a chunk of downtime here to work on repairing that reputation. :raritywink:

I've warned Maximus about those darn pictures. He really needs to shelve them better. :trixieshiftleft:


Well, seeing as the story is finished, you can look forward to an update every Friday from here on until it is all posted. :twilightsmile:


Dan Slott is the current writer for Spider Man in the comics. His quality has waned lately. BMB is Brian Michael Bendis. He is Marvels top writer. He also writes great Spiderman. Maximus is far better than Slott. In my opinion. Actually has development not the reverse of development.



Ah, okay, I see now. This might explain why I enjoy spiders and magic so much despite not being a superhero or Spider-Man fan. (Perhaps I am a bit now.) Simply writing peter's character and his interactions alongside Maximus is just so enjoyable. Peter is a very fun character, and Maximus is like a Spider-Man cannon guru. It surprises me just how much he knows about Spider-Man. :pinkiegasp:

I'd have to say that my greatest involvement in this story would be the character interactions and other slice of life elements. I'm a pure slice of life centered writer, which is why Maximus asked me to help here. Maximus's slice of life writing was funny to try and read at first, but hes gotten so much better that he didn't need too much help from me other than advice near the end.

He's a great writer and a quick learner, that's for sure. :raritywink:



I don't think you have much room to talk, sir. :raritywink:

5298787 None of my stories are creepy self inserts that get with Twilight Sparkle.



Again, you still don't have much room to talk.



Then your just an asshole with a nonconstructive opinion that doesn't matter in the first place

Move along please.

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