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The creator of the Spiders and Magic universe and concept. Yay, I guess??


This story is a sequel to Spiders and Magic III: Days of Friendship Past

Companion one-shot to Spiders and Magic: Rise of Spider-Mane, Spiders and Magic II: Eleven Months, Spiders and Magic IV: The Fall of Spider-Mane.

There are two individuals from entirely different worlds. One is rumored to be the greatest hero in history while the other may just very well be the most powerful being on the planet. They met by chance, and circumstances led them to form a bond. Over time, it blossomed from a budding friendship to a loving relationship. There are flaws apparent, specifically the occasional clashes in their similar yet different personalities. These are forty reasons why Peter Parker and Twilight Sparkle should (and should not) fall in love.

*Thanks to Kestrel, Darth Cygnus, Commander Stelios, Regreme, Vandenbz, Lord Lycaon, The Slending Angel, cosmic flash, Derp McShirk, NeilHD, and Dark Seqvus, for editing!

Collab with Azu

Cover art done by Mesiasart.

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What is in Mayday's mouth for the cover artwork.:rainbowderp:



My guess is a sucker, or the end of a very long Pocky stick. :pinkiecrazy:

Peter simply groaned, glancing to the side as another popular male with the same name that caused him discomfort filled his mind. “Flash… It had to be a Flash.”

Oh, oh, geez, that, actually makes, sense.


Can't you tell? It's obiously a very neatly, tidily rolled joint, which would also explain his ecstatic expression. :trollestia:

I'm still on the third story. But this was a welcome pallete cleanser.


:pinkiesad2: Very nice one-shot! A big improvement to the late '21 Reasons Why' story.

:rainbowlaugh: Oh Flash Sentry! Peter's wife had to be good friends with a nice stallion who happens to have the same name as Peter's former school bully, Flash Thompson. Guess that's the Parker luck, Chuck!

If Gwen had never been killed by the Green Goblin, Peter may have never come to Equestria and he and Twilight would've never met, fallen in love and had a family together. The night Gwen Stacy died being a blessing or a curse, that is difficult to have an answer for without sounding cruel, especially for Twilight since Gwen was Peter's unforgettable first true love.

Awesome work, nice to see some of the more side stuff with this couple. Also great work on the stuff involving their kids, honestly I loved seeing that sibling moment between Mayday and Ben.

I like the reference with Twilight's old Superhero name 'Amethyst Witch', Peter saying 'Too Much like someone he knows'. I don't think Scarlet Witch would appreciate a similar name from one with a similar attire.

Another favorite I have is the slumber party part, Peter is a perfect target for something like that. Also Peter messing with Twilight with that poking her while she's reading.

I'm also happy to see that Flash Sentry thing, I was hoping for a reference, kinda imagined Peter wouldn't like him. Peter can be pretty daring in the things he says to Twilight, even if it is his own stupidity at times. Also great on Apple Bloom for messing with the Power Couple like she did.

Anyway, good work here, you did well again my friend. :pinkiehappy: :yay: :ajsmug: :derpytongue2: :twilightsmile:

Wait, this is a thing? :applejackconfused:
...what would that ship even be called? Spider-Sparkle? TwiParker?
Curiosity piqued, added prequels to read later

“This is how super villains are made.”


“This is how super villains are made.

it is one way.
one could also argue that peter's origin backstory could have made him the Punisher.

still, i laughed for that statement.

Why does this story feel like an interview crossed with some kind of TV clip show lol good story though


Well done! It started off a little slow, but damn did it get cute fast. I like how you made it a series of slice-of-life vignettes, as it really does a good job of fleshing out the characters. My favorite part had to be the one with just Mayday and Ben, as I have yet to see much interaction between those two. Also, props to the artists, cause those are some really good pictures.

Meh. I still prefer TwiSentry. And any one who says other wise will have the legs broken off and stuck on their head!

6729971 You're entitled to your opinion, but let's remain civil, please.

6727173 Thanks, dude! I'm glad you liked it! Expect more Mayday and Ben love in Part IV. :twilightsmile:

6738923 These are all reasons for Peter to live. Reasons for him and Twilight to be together. Reasons to love. So why must Peter die?

Peter simply groaned, glancing to the side as another popular male with the same name that caused him discomfort filled his mind. “Flash… It had to be a Flash.”

:ajbemused: Don´t worry pete to this day i still question his existence too...

Peter found a spot on the sofa, falling into a deep slumber. Mayday snuggled into her father’s side, mirroring his action as a trail of drool escaped from the side of her mouth and into the stallion’s coat. Ben rested soundly on the stallion’s rising and falling chest. Out of instinct, Peter’s hooves were wrapped around the filly and colt in a protective manner. Even asleep, he was their protector, but above all, he was their father. Twilight watched the tender moment with a warm smile. Normally, the mare had little tolerance for Peter’s laziness, but she decided to grant him mercy today, using her magic to slide a blanket over the stallion’s body as well as her children’s. Twilight lowered her body, planting a soft kiss over everypony’s cheeks in order. As the father of her daughter and son, he deserved a reprieve, at least every once in awhile.

:twilightsmile: I would have loved a picture of this is just lovely how the scenes sounds :twilightblush:

They were a pair of individuals who found each other by chance. Over a decade later, Twilight and Peter were happily married and raising a family together. There were flaws apparent, but the positives outweighed the negatives substantially. As far as Twilight and Peter were concerned, they wouldn’t change anything, or trade it for the world. Life was perfect as is.

:raritystarry: I hope that whenever i end up having kids i can say that about my life seriously max loved reading all of this i just can get enough of your stories thanks for all and welll what can i say keep up the good job partner :ajsmug:

A lovely little addition to the other stories :twilightsmile:

This is pretty cute. Heck, I'd say that this is my crossover OTP for Twilight. Also, Flash makes so much sense now.

Peter is a good family man.

Great story. Loved reason 29 :trixieshiftright::twilightsmile: and reason 28 :pinkiesmile:

It is all so cute

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