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Terrible writer who quit writing on this site, but loves to read.

Who Am I?

A former fanfic writer that realized that what he wrote was extremely sub-par dribble. And envious of other writers on this site that have better writing skills than I. But boy do I love to read. I favorite a ton of stories on this site. I very rarely comment on stories (which I really should cause that will be both polite and cool), but consider me faving a story giving my seal of approval. not that means anything or matters. I'm also a colossal nerd, but has a self worth the size of a flea (just roll with it. Just a phase). Anyway if you somehow made it to my page, consider it a gateway to other authors on this site. Literally nothing to see here.

Authors I respect, But Don't Know Who The Hell I Am

Stories That I Loved


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Thanks a ton for the watch! :rainbowkiss:

2212452 Thanks! I hope you enjoy the two sequels. :twilightsmile:

"Author"... Rrrrrrrrrriiiiiight....

Anyway, welcome to the legion, person I have no clue about it's a joke, stay cool.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Okay. Sorry for a very long delay. I was simply looking for a decent Alien/MLP crossover and found your fic. Of course I faved and read the special edition cause I love that kind of stuff. Overall, it was very well written and a very good crossover. It was also a very breezy read to me, so props for that.

Thank you for adding, The True Nightmare, to your list of favorite stories. :twilightsmile: What did you enjoy about it that you added it to your favorite bookshelf? (Do not worry. I tend to ask this question almost all the time). :raritywink:

Hello again! Wow, it's been awhile! I'm glad that you are still finding works of mine to enjoy, though. Thanks for the Fave of Zenith! I hope that you enjoy following Spike as he goes on his journey.:twilightsmile:

Thanks for faving... well, most everything. :twilightsmile::eeyup::rainbowkiss::trollestia:

Thanks for favoriting Celestia in Excelsis!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave! :moustache:

Thank you a bunch for faving my story Certain Advantages! I'm quite happy that you enjoyed it!:twilightsmile

  • Viewing 4 - 13 of 13
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