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This story is a sequel to Spiders and Magic II: Eleven Months

Officially complete!

During a time of peace, Peter disappears in what seems to be an accident and is pronounced dead. However, he wakes up in a distant future where Equestria is in ruins, most of his loved ones are either dead or captured, and the world is under the rule of Empress Chrysalis. Spider-Mane must reunite with what remains of his friends to save this tattered future, all while desperately searching for a way to return to his original timeline.

*Thanks to Kestrel, Darth Cygnus, Commander Stelios, Regreme, Vandenbz, Lord Lycaon, The Slending Angel, cosmic flash, Derp McShirk, NeilHD, and Dark Seqvus, for editing!

Collab with Azu
Cover art done by JinZhan

Featured: 2/28/2015 -3/2/2015 (Thanks, everyone!)

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We have been waiting. And we are happy to DEVOUR ALL!

THIRD is here and third to comment ironic.


WOOHOO IT'S OUT GUYS, are you excited because I sure am excited. :pinkiehappy:

ARRG!!! my heart can handle the feels:fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritydespair:
but i love it so much:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:
Great first chapter:pinkiehappy:

And so after an experimental accident, Peter Parker the Amazing Spider-Mane in thrown into the future. A desolate world where the Changelings are now the dominant species and rule over Ponykind. Almost everypony he's known are either dead or kept alive as food supplies and those who have survived have gone their separate ways. Is Ponykind meant to fall down this path, or can they change themselves for the better. Is the future truly set?

On a side note, I can't help but feel that parts of this chapter (specifically the second half where Peter wakes up in the future) is very reminiscent of the TMNT 2003 episode 'Same As It Never Was'. Other than that, a great start!

Okay, let me just say, if Peter makes a joke to a changeling along the lines of "So...have a bad run in with Wolverine?" I would very much appreciate it.:scootangel:

I like the fact that Peter chooses to stay and help BEFORE going back to his time. Reminds me of Samurai Jack. btw whens the next chapter?

Colonel Deadpan: oh, the amulet, combined with massive dose of hypnosis....

For a moment there I thought that Trixie pulled a face-heel-turn, no it's just the mind bending qualities of the Amulet combined with a massive dose of Hypnosis. Nah not to complicated to figure out then. Though the amulet apparently has a crap ton of energy....Hey was that Peter's innate magic surging? Hey Peter guess you know how the professor felt when he woke up from his coma to a world Sentinels.

Hey, hey Chrysalis spiders eat bugs for breakfast!

on another note Space...wanna know a secret....I like SPACE! Space space....

Sorry picked up a personality core on the way here...

... honestly, im not sure how a feel on how this first chapter turned out, I mean, time travel, in my eyes have been over done to the point it doesn't surprise me, though on the other hoof I like it, I'm not sure... ill stand idle and wait to see what happens in the future of the future.

Really pumped about this latest installment but I do have one teensy, tiny, little fear.

I see that this has my personally most hated of all tags: tragedy. Just wanted to know if this is going to be one of those stories that end with noone having a happy ending and me committing emotional seppuku? :fluttershbad:

5682457 Dude this has time travel in it. Obviously they get a somewhat good ending at least. Things might go back to normal plus we still got the next story after this to look forward to.

This may be a minor nitpick, but I'm not so sure if it's necessary to have those scenes where Twilight and the others held a funeral for Peter. Without them, it would simply be Peter Parker disappearing in a flash and then reappearing in the next scene. With the addition of the vain search for Peter and his funeral, it seems more like a bump on the road that sort of breaks the flow of the story (if that makes sense).

But like said, that's just a nitpick for me. This is still a great introduction to a sequel where it had some fluff in the beginning and it all went downhill from there. And quite a steep hill if you ask me.

Other than that, I have a couple of questions.

1) How in the world did Peter and/or Twilight get makeshift vibranium (I nearly missed out "makeshift" after the 1st read) in Equestria?

2) If Pinkamena can wield a sword with her mouth, can she also use Three-Sword Style just like One Piece's Zoro? :pinkiecrazy::raritystarry::rainbowkiss:

5682488 It's called "makeshift" because they tried to create it. They didnt simply "get" it.

5682500 Yeah, upon realizing that "makeshift" was there in that passage, I thought they must have discovered a suitable substitute that's equivalent to vibranium.

So been waiting for this! Looking forward to monday so I can begin reading it! :D

Wait the next one is on monday? How did you know that?
Never mind. Why not read it now?

5682469 That would be my initial assumption, but I've been proven wrong before.

holy crap, this got good quickly

5682580 I do all my reading when I'm at work. Weekends I'm too busy either playing 12 hours of D&D, or some video games, or going out with the wife. Work is so laid back I can easily read while working. :twilightsmile:

My reaction when I got a good look at the cover art:
:rainbowderp: Woa... that looks cool! :rainbowkiss:

Finally!!!! One question though what happened to Tirek, Discord, the dazzlings, Sinister six, and carnage from the last story? If don't me asking!:pinkiehappy:

5682272 Yes. 'Same as it Never Was' is my favorite TMNT episode of all time, and this story pays homage to it.

5682302 Yeah. It only makes sense for Spidey to help those around him. If he turned and left, it'd be the same as abandoning them. As for updates. I'll probably update bi-weekly since I'm not done typing out the story just yet. So, the next update will come in about two weeks. Probably.

5682334 Sadly, I realized that. Time travel is a trope that has been done to death. Plus, it's REALLY easy to screw up. However, it's something that's provided great stories as well (Samurai Jack, X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), TMNT's 'Same as it Never Was', Gargoyles' 'Future Tense', and a few others. Regardless, I appreciate you giving this an earnest chance.

5682457 5682469 Well, a lot of time travel stories tend to end in... bittersweet fashion.

5682488 It's makeshift because it's not EXACTLY like vibranium. It's as close to vibranium as one can get. As far as Peter knows, the only person with direct access to PURE vibranium is Black Panther and those of higher power in Wakanda.

5682889 I don't mind. They're... somewhere. You'll have to wait.

Didnt spider-verse just recently end with the mention of time travel involved? How do you think that was handled?

5682925 Haven't read Spider-Verse. I've sort of avoided it for some reason.

Really? Its had it's ups and downs but I definately enjoyed the ride along the way.

Days of Friendship Past

Can you be any less original?

5682945 Well. Days of FUTURE Past was taken. :fluttershbad:

Who cares if it's original or not? As long as the execution is good then everything else is fine.

I can't wait to find out what happend to Mayday. Fingers crossed for a badass version of Spider-Filly.

So.....twilights dead in this? And does trixie become evil I just had good feels after watching turnabout storm for the first time even if I watched the first chapter awhile ago I finished It today.....although I think I may of missed a chapter somewhere but long story short I don't need bad feels right now
So I don't know if I should read :(

Trixie was obviously being mind controlled. She even had green eyes. Only THIS Twilight's time line is dead. The one we know and love is fine.

Mbn, this story is amazing. I got stay that the future, though grim, is very interesting. I'm glad to see Peter making Twilight blush and the love they have for each other. You'll get a fav and a like.


So....alternate season two ending perhaps? Either way..... I don't think it was painless I'm .... Betting celestia and Luna are dead as well
So you said our twilight is alive so in this trilogy twilight dies or is this an alternate timeline where Peter has to start from scratch with making friends with the ponies all over again?

Peter just has to help them out then go back to his time, it's simple really. Normally going through time just creates another dimension. At least that's what happened in DBZ.

holy shit man....my feels are all kinds of f-ed up now.....Chrysalis will pay. great start

5683036 Then Xenoverse came along and said it's actually all one universe...lol...Anime, because consistency is overrated. (btw, i say this as a loving fan of many anime...lol)

P.S. what a depressing what to take such a fun story series.

5683138 I understand that feeling. I hate anime inconsistancies and yet I still love anime. lol

5683154 i was agreeing with you...someone has never been to the south...lol...or born in the early nineties or late eighties...lol
wow...you made me feel old...

5683174 Ah sorry for that. I'm only almost 20 years old.

5683193 dude...i'm only 24...i am sad...lol

5683196 5683193 I'm 26 and from the south. You kids. :ajsmug:

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