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I'm a brony. I write stories. Not much else to say right now, I'm afraid, except that I dream that my FanFics will become super popular.


This is a Fan Fiction of My Little Pony: Friendship is magic mixed with Saving Private Ryan. Apple Bloom has just recieved from Captain Twilight Sparkle that her brother is dead, and that she is to be sent home. She disobeys, and stays at Ramelle. Fortunately, Sparkle's squad decides to stay and help with the resistance. hen the fight finally comes, the Germane Pozis hit them and hit them hard. As Apple Bloom watches as her closest friends die, she is hurried across the Merderette Bridge, and must stay there until either the bridge blows, reinforcements come, or they are all killed by the Germanes.

Cover credit goes to jarredspekter, a very talented Deviant.

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Sad to say, I've never seen the movie in question, so I probably wouldn't know if this is true to the movie. I'll give it a read out of curiosity seems very, very interesting.

A very excellent read, mice writing, great detail. 5/5 my friend.

37900 I meant 'nice' keyboard and spell check fail

37901 lol :derpytongue2: thx any ways, dude! You can watch the movie on Youtube, just know that the ending to this isn't true at all to the ending of Private Ryan.

....well im blown away, I love saving Private Ryan and adding ponies makes it even betters, I'm not sure if they actually had someone from Bad Company with ryan's rescue group, i can't hear very well, but adding someone from easy company makes it ALOT cooler, band of brothers is my favorite movie (even tho its a mini series i have a DVD box set) and this had just been awesome to read. Tracking :yay:

also not the be a grammar Pozi, but Pegasus’s should be pegasi, I suck at grammar too and i've been trolled for putting Pegasus's

>> Dude, I love the Grammer Pozi reference XD that's all I could ask for! New chapter is being released later today, look forward to it!

this is amazing in tracking it :raritystarry:

42761 Dude, that pic was too awesome to let slip by! A few dustings here and there and I made it the appropriate poster for my FanFic! I give you credit for finding it, dude. *brohoof*


Fucking awesome. True to the movie, too.

43137 I can't believe this amazing work I've done has about 500 less views than my second fanfic :rainbowhuh:

aww man dashie nooo!! :raritydespair:

still a great story tho. ;)

:rainbowhuh:great... now i gota read this to... cool. rather whatch the comix but its taking for ever

43899 If you liked this, you should read my newest story, Saving Private Bloom: The Captain's Logs. It's the prequel for this story, and I really think you'll enjoy it! :twilightsmile:

47626 dude have u read any of the chapters in The Captain's Logs?

47808 My newest FanFic. The first chapter isn't that good, but the other two are excellent :pinkiehappy:


Dude, this is a great story. great job:yay:

ok why the hell did you have to make pinkie a german why, whyyyyyyyyyyy.

why make pinkie a german your a cruel cruel person.

applebloom idc if you helped win the war you are a fool though:facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

shit!! should have read this on first..wow im smart... :twilightblush:

btw, this storys awsome, and i cant stop laughing at this!!! adhoof haytler..!!!! aaahahahahaha! nice choice of name man, fav for sure!!

aw yeeahh. the shit just hit the fan ,man

poor dashie... :pinkiesad2: kick her ass AJ


You nailed this crossover! I forgot how good saving private Ryan is! Awesome job :pinkiehappy:

Omg I did not even use caps back then:raritycry:
Oh well, I will read this again to figure out why this story stood out to me when making my new bookshelves


Poor Applebloom. It is only her and Granny Smith. My heart was broken over Applejack's death and infuriated with Fluttershy, even though she eventually avenged AJ. RIP Twilight, RD, Whooves, Carrot Top, Berry Punch and AJ.

Well, I read both of the stories and I absolutely love them. They have received my David Crespo stamp of approval.

Good thing I read the prequel first.:ajsmug:
Anyways great story. It's just like the movie, but in pony form.

Man, did I want to punch Ryan in the face for being a stubborn asshole.
Because of him, only him, Rieben, and Upham Survived

Helped win the war? All she did was disobey a direct order from the chief of staff of the Equestrian Army and held a bridge. (Granted, it did work out in the end by sheer luck.)
AND got all but Herself, Spike, and Fluttershy killed.

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