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The creator of the Spiders and Magic universe and concept. Yay, I guess??


This story is a sequel to Spiders and Magic III: Days of Friendship Past

Mini-series sequel to Days of Friendship Past. Discord decides to swap places with a version of himself from a parallel dimension where everypony’s genders are mirror opposites. Eris uses her freedom to reside elsewhere while her male counterpart has his fun, and what better place to go than Discord’s dimension? Neither Peter or Patricia Parker are ready for what follows…

Similar, yet different.

Featured 6/19/2015 - 6/21/2015! Thanks, everyone!

*Thanks to Kestrel, Darth Cygnus, Commander Stelios, Regreme, Vandenbz, Lord Lycaon, The Slending Angel, cosmic flash, Derp McShirk, NeilHD, and Dark Seqvus, and Azu for editing!

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Woah, what's with the downvotes already?
I, for one, am excited.

I may have not read many gender-swapped stories, but this is starting out good. :pinkiesmile:

Wow, that's a lot more editors than I had anticipated. :rainbowderp: Be careful for too many cooks XD

So Dusk prods Patricia on the horn whenever she makes a joke. If only Peter could have the nerve to do that to Twilight whenever she starts to get out of hand.

And Eris showing her butt off to Pete.... Web-Head, you lucky son of a gun!

"Hey Spidey! How was your morning?"

"Oh not so bad. Apart from the fact that there was what looked like a GIRL VERSION OF DISCORD SHOWING HER BUTT TO MY FACE!!!"


I see you put some elements from your deleted House of Parker story and implemented it into this chapter, nice!

Mayday certainly has the Parker Luck passed on to her. :trollestia:

Well it seems this little switcheroo vacation has had a bit of a positive reforming effect on Eris, if only it could've done the same to Discord. The moment where Peter and Twi meet their gender-swapped selves was just priceless!

Now it seems that Discord and Tirek's plot is going to set in motion, and Starlight Glimmer is gonna be involved. What do they need with Mayday? Well, guess we'll just have to find out next time! Spidey's going to need a lot of help if he's gonna stop them once and for all.

This was a nice short story, Maximus! It was entertaining enough to keep me excited for Spiders and Magic IV!

It was funny and very good, congratulations.

Loved the story.
Makes sense with different points in the timeline, not everything is going at the same time.
That last quote REALLY messed with me. If that is true, you have a world, and every choice made would split it into a new world to split even MORE times.
Unless choices are only dependent on the big choices, and not the little choices, like a lake and the difference between dropping a molecule of water, or a bucket of water into said lake, and each bucket that is put in makes another lake.......
It could also work as if the choices in a world pertained to only one person, so each person literally lives 'in their own world'. Each of our separate universes connect like a Venn Diagram in choices, and each choice by each person makes an entirely new Venn Diagram where that choice affects people....
I am way off topic, and my brain hurts.
The character interaction is good, and I smelt a reference in some of the lines there!


Yes, that´s a legit game to play with Inferno Twilight.*sage nod*

"Ultimate Spiderman" actually used a genderbent concept in one of its episodes, and genderbent Peter Parker was called Petra

That was the episode with Spider Ham, Spiderman Noir and all the others yes?

6110897 I believe so, yes, and the Goblin stealing all their DNA to become a Spider-Goblin. I wasn't impressed.

Who else hears Olivia Holt's voice as Patricia

Kno we wait for book four. Wolven5 I could a gree with u on spider goblin perhaps we cna expect the shatter dimensions to surprise all the fans

They have cops instead of guards here? I'm not complaining. Just curious.

Well now, this was definitely a fun read, Maximus. I have a feeling things are going to get complicated though. Hoo boy.

6110309 I KNEW I recognized this from that deleted story!

6110214 The haters are just putting as much there as possible before the REAL fans stack up and up vote them. It happened on the last story to.

I'm pretty sure that some girls can be as dense as boys when it comes to romance but that's no big deal. My favorite part was When Peter and Patricia stared at eachother and broke the tension with the best joke!

I want to see more version of the swop genders if it's possible!?:pinkiegasp:

I see eris coming to Peter and rail twilight's aid in the future

Now to wait for Spider-Gewn to come to town!:yay:

So does Patricia have the same eternal youth as Peter does? and does he have the female eqauvalent to uncle ben with her?

This was beautiful/funny/great/perfect :pinkiehappy: I'm so excited!

6111411 Rainbow had a pizza at her Birthday party in "Pinky pride" Episode so yea.

I knew that peter and patricia would say that!
However i agree with eris discord is taking this joke too far.

Are you going to say ‘burn to oblivion’ next? How about ‘feel the heat’ or—”



A cute slice of life story with some nice character development. Well done. :ajsmug:

Now, if you will excuse me, I'm terribly behind schedule. :twilightoops:

6112292 No. Patricia does not have eternal youth. Remember, it was thanks to Peter's trip back to Earth, Luna's sealing Nightmare away, and Twilight's ascension while she bore a link to the center of the Web of Life that created Peter's eternal youth.

:rainbowlaugh: "BWHAHAHAHAHA"
Great one buddy.
hmmm a mare version of Peter, and in heat.......... poor Dusk, he wouldn't stand a chance.

I don't trust or like what discord and tirek have planned going after a guys daughter is going to far I agree with Eris you can only push someone too far befor they break this joke and plan are way over the top discord needs to come up with a new plan befor something terrible happens.

6112928 Well that sucks for Dusk Shine doesn't it. Oh well. And I meant to say male version of aunt may.

I'mma say... Er, type one thing before I read this...

What. The. Actual. Fuck.?

6113591 Let me know what you say AFTER you read it to compare it to your first comment.

Comment posted by Marvelsoldier deleted Jun 20th, 2015

Interesting gender reversal start to this storyline.

Keep up the good work upon this tale of yours.


6114192 Dude. Settle down. It's not outright clop.

6114192 Now that is what I call an over reaction.

Nice short story. It shows how Peter's life could be if a few things are different. But I'm afraid for what's coming next, if Discord's plan give even Eris second thoughts then it has to be a doozy.
After reading this I'm trying to figure out which universe is better. The one with the more passive Eris or the more active Discord. In the Eris-universe Dusk and Patricia have less big problems (no multi-verse threatening problems at least) but they also have less "happiness", no foals (yet), no Aunt May, less allies, no chance to Patricia to say goodbye to her home-universe. While Peter has had his share of problems he also has more "rewards", and is further in his relationship than Patricia and Dusk (certainly considering that Patricia was a year earlier in Equestria).
But I'm wondering what Eris did to push Dusk in summoning Patricia the first time Eris escaped. If Eris did everything exactly the same as Discord then I see no reason why Dusk summoned Patricia. And I can't think of a reason why the switched genders would make a difference in WHEN Patricia/Peter was summoned.

First off, are we really doing the gender imbalance thing? That was just a thing early in the show because this was originally meant for younger, female viewers. The show has done a great job as time goes on to show the gender equilibrium. So yeah, there should be about the same amount of male to female ratio with ponies as there are humans. So yeah, I'm disregarding that fact as hogwash.

Anyways, the differences are interesting....WHY IS ERIS SO SEXY?!! CURSE YOU, PETER LUCK!

It can be so much more

Revisit this idea

6114550 ignore the asshole

I'll be honest was kind of hooping for it

Revisit this idea later

You know, given the nature of Discord and the villains, I really think this is something that can change Starlight for the better. Everything Discord is and all of his plans are the anti-thesis for Starlight Glimmer's goals. Peter could gain a powerful ally if he gets through to her.

6111629 Yeah, I've seen it in quite a few shows too. Girls can be dense. Actually, if you think about it, Twilight was quite dense too. Applejack had to make her realize her own feelings about Peter.

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