• Published 19th Jun 2015
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Spiders and Magic 3.5: Rise of Spider-Mare - Maximus_Reborn

Discord travels to the rule 63 universe and trades places with Eris.

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Girls' Day Out

Chapter Two “Girls’ Day Out”

Discord floated aimlessly amidst the terrain of the astral plane, humming a light tune. “I must admit that this vacation has done wonders for me thus far. Patricia’s bout with Infurnus was quite entertaining, and I’ve had my fill for the past few days.” The draconequus retrieved his female counterpart’s diary from the side pocket of his recliner. “While I am a fan of robust chaos, I certainly revel in the casual variety as well. Eris’s experiences are surely fun to read about, but I’d prefer present work from my beautiful alternate catalyst.”

Suddenly, a small light chimed over Discord’s head. His eyes widened as he glanced off to the side. “Oh! She’s on the move!” He clapped his paw and talon together three times before vanishing from sight. That same moment, Discord materialized just outside of the Treebrary, albeit while still within the realm of the astral plane. Falling back into his recliner before a bag of popcorn took form over his lap, the draconequus chuckled lightly. “On with the show, my lovely!”

Within the walls of the Treebrary, Patricia stared intently at her own reflection in the mirror. Dusk paid the mare no mind, choosing to focus on the checklist with Barb instead. The mare exhaled, using her telekinesis to guide a brush over her body once again. Although her wounds had long healed from the battle with Infurnus, the same could not be said about her fur. Certain sections of her body were in patches, specifically fur that had not fully grown back yet. Try as she might, Patricia could not brush her fur over any of the exposed spots, and her frustration grew with each failed attempt, evident by her growls.

“Staring at those patches won’t make your fur grow back any faster,” Dusk nonchalantly declared, never freeing his gaze from the scroll in Barb’s grasp. Patricia only released an exasperated groan in response and brushed even harder. Dusk finally stepped away, joining the mare’s side. They stared at their reflections, one with mild confusion and the other with embarrassment. The stallion wrapped a hoof around his wife’s shoulder. “You’re thinking about this too much. It’s not nearly as bad as you believe.”

Patricia’s eyes softened as she held out a hoof, eyeing the patches scattered across the limb. “Dusk. Look at me. I’m a total wreck right now.”

Dusk smiled gently before planting a soft kiss on Patricia’s cheek. “I am looking, and what I see is the most beautiful mare in the world. Your hoof’s just missing a little fur. Everypony knows you have a dangerous job, and occupational hazards are a part of it.” The stallion shared a glance with the mare. “I sometimes forget how self-conscious you are. It’s really cute.”

Patricia finally managed a smile before playfully punching the stallion’s shoulder. “I’m a girl. Being self-conscious comes with the territory.” Glancing at the patches in her fur one last time, the mare slid a black sock over her hoof and retrieved a saddle bag before putting it over her back. She approached Dusk, pausing once they were only hoof-lengths apart. “Fine. I guess I should keep to my schedule. You know how she gets if I’m late or a no-show. Will you two be fine without me today?”

Nodding, Dusk briefly turned his gaze to the side. “We’ll make it. Prince Solaris wanted me to look into something important.”

Barb gave Patricia a pleading expression. “Take me with you.”

Dusk arched a brow, earning a defeated sigh from the dragon. That same moment, the stallion’s eyes widened as if a thought had occurred to him. “That reminds me. It’s your turn to shop for groceries. Try to remember that while you’re out.”

Patricia snorted, waving a hoof dismissively. “No problem.”

Dusk blankly stared at the mare for several moments. “It will be a problem if you forget again. The refrigerator’s nearly empty because of your consistent procrastination.”

“I was just waiting until I was in the right mood— Ow!” Patricia muttered offhandedly before Dusk flicked his hoof against the mare’s horn. Exhaling, she rubbed the sting out of her appendage and groaned. “Fine, Dad. I won’t forget this time.” Her demeanor shifted instantaneously. She swiftly kissed the stallion’s cheek before rushing out of the room. “Love you!”

Once the mare was out of the Treebrary, Barb tilted her head to the side at Dusk. “What did Prince Solaris want you to do?”

Dusk was slow to respond as he arched a brow in thought. “He wants me to keep researching that ancient spell from Starswirl the Braided. I don’t know what Prince Solaris wants me to find, but I’ll keep trying.” Clearing his throat, the stallion walked out of the bedroom and into the library, prompting the dragon to follow closely behind. Dusk’s eyes softened. “Barb, you should go with Patricia. If you hurry, you can catch up with her.”

Barb practically beamed, smiling widely as a glint sparkled in her slitted, emerald eyes. “Really?! Thanks, Dusk!” She paced in place, alternating her gaze between the bookshelves around her and the stallion. “Are you sure?”

Dusk nodded. “This is something Prince Solaris wants me to do on my own. Just make sure somepony remembers the groceries.” Giggling, the dragon shared a light embrace with the stallion before running out of the room with a bounce in her step. Dusk found a seat and used his magic to levitate a book from the nearest shelf, placing it down underneath his eyes. As he flipped through its pages, a low sigh escaped from his mouth. “What am I supposed to be looking for, Prince Solaris? I wish I knew.”

Within the luxurious city of Canterlot, a snow-white mare sat outside of a coffee shop, her bright blue eyes matching her mane and tail. Nearby spectators, specifically the males, watched the unicorn with awe. A celebrity of her status was a sight to behold, yet this was a weekly occurrence. She stood from her seat momentarily upon spotting Patricia, smiling. The outside stares only intensified. These were two of the most iconic mares in all of Equestria, yet they were oblivious, paying no mind to the outside world.

“Hey, girlfriend! What took you so long?” the snow-white mare questioned, her expression brightening as she noticed the small dragon by the mare’s side. “Oh! You brought Barb! How’d you convince my little brother to let her go for the evening?”

Patricia smugly grinned. “Dusk is easy when it comes to me.”

Barb pulled up a seat and waved her claw dismissively. “He let me go on his own. Dusk wanted the library to himself.”

The snow-white mare rolled her eyes and chuckled. “That sounds like my brother, focusing on his studies. I guess you two were just distractions.”

Patricia took the available seat at the table before frowning. “Is that what you call it, Gleaming? I thought it was translated as ‘fun’.” After everypony shared a moment of laughter, Patricia placed a hoof over Gleaming Shield’s shoulder. “Miss me?”

Gleaming returned her smile with earnest. “Sort of. I ordered our usual.” She paused, directing her gaze at the small dish at the center of the table. A chocolate cake stood, its walls moist with icing. Gleaming glanced away as her cheeks flushed to a shade of pink. “It’s a good thing you brought Barb. You two should eat this. I have to stay on my diet.”

Barb reached out without hesitating, slicing into the treat with a fork before taking a bite. She hummed a light tune as the chocolate melted inside of her mouth. Sighing, Barb gave Gleaming a befuddled gaze. “Why are you on a diet? You look great!”

Patricia clapped her hooves together. “Thank you. I’ve been saying the same thing, but Gleaming never listens to me.”

“I can’t listen to you when it comes to this,” Gleaming declared, arching a brow at Patricia. “You can eat three meals in one sitting and not gain a pound, but the second I eat a small snack, junk gets added to my trunk.”

Patricia smiled. “It’s not my fault that I have a high metabolism. Besides, you have a very nice butt. I bet Bolero likes it when you back it up.”

Exhaling, Gleaming blankly stared to the side. “Shut up, Patricia.” After Barb and Patricia finished the treat, everypony stood from their seats. Gleaming was the first to walk off with the others following. “Let’s go to the mall. There’s a new department store we need to check out. We can shoptalk later.”

As the girls ventured off towards the shopping mall, Discord watched with a bewildered gaze. “It seems Patricia has a very open friendship with Gleaming Shield in contrast to Peter’s… lukewarm relationship with Shining Armor. I wonder how that came to be?” Flipping through Eris’s diary, Discord paused upon spotting a particular passage. “Ah, I see. Patricia was instrumental during the Canterlot Wedding. She discovered that Carapace was impersonating Bolero and defeated the changeling king after Solaris was bested. Appreciative for saving her special day, Gleaming thanked Patricia personally, and the two became best friends ever since.”

Discord blinked, snorting involuntarily. “That’s quite the contrast. Shining Armor seems resistant when it comes to accepting Peter to this day. He is a touch overprotective of his little Twily. It doesn’t help that their personalities do clash as well. With his military mindset, I doubt Shining could come to terms with Peter’s unorthodox light-hearted demeanor so easily. How do these two make it work?” The draconequus scrolled through the diary’s pages before pausing. “Stallions outnumber mares five to one in this Equestria. That would certainly do it. Gleaming even pushed Dusk to ask Patricia out.”

Chuckling, Discord shook his head. “It’s amazing how a couple of things could alter everything so much. By all means, mares outnumber stallions in the exact same manner in my Equestria, but I suppose in this case, testosterone doesn’t mesh together as well as estrogen.”

After a short time, the trio reached their destination: the cosmetics department. Barb and Gleaming couldn’t contain their smiles, but Patricia seemed disinterested, staring at the store with bemusement. “Seriously?”

As she turned sharply on her hoof, Gleaming used her magic to drag Patricia back to her side before she could hope to escape. “Seriously. We’re here for you.” With her hoof wrapped around the smaller mare’s neck, she pulled Patricia to the nearest counter. “I know that you and my brother are happily married, but if you want to keep things fresh, try something different every now and then.”

Patricia gulped, alternating her gaze between the assortments of eyeliner, lipstick, and makeup gathered before her. “You know how I feel about makeup, Gleam. Everypony already says I'm a clown. I’ll actually look the part with that stuff on.” The mare waved her hoof dismissively. “Besides, Dusk says I look beautiful without it.”

Barb giggled. “He’s right, but Dusk is really simple when it comes to that sort of thing.”

Gleaming nodded, nudging the mare. “Exactly. It’s not that difficult to impress my brother.” She paused, holding a sympathetic smile. “I’m not talking about anything heavy. We’ll just add a couple of small things so that he’ll notice. What’ve you got to lose? At the very least, this will go better than your breakfast incident.”

Patricia was silent for a few moments, pursing her lips together before letting out a defeated sigh. “Fine, but I’ll pick the colors— Huh?” The mare suddenly froze as her sixth sense for danger chimed mildly. She arched a brow at Gleaming and Barb. “Are you two going to hit me?”

Barb eyed Patricia with a widened gaze. “No…”

Gleaming scoffed. “Of course not. Why do you ask?”

“My spider sense is going off. That means some kind of danger is—” Patricia managed to state before something burst into the room before them. A trio of female diamond dogs roared upon entering, scaring a majority of everypony in the room. However, Patricia merely arched a brow in response before exhaling. “Oh. That’s why.”

The first diamond dog jumped behind the counter, retrieving a bag of gems. She grinned triumphantly before snatching a bottle of perfume from the nearest cabinet. “This new store is great! Take everything!”

The second diamond dog held open a bag and stashed as much eyeliner and lipstick into it as possible. “This should last us a while! We’ll be beautiful with this stuff!”

“We’re already beautiful!” the third diamond dog spat, holding two bags of diamonds over her shoulders. “We’ll just be more perfect than we already are!”

Patricia stayed in her seat, exhaling as the diamond dogs tore the shop apart. “Son of a—”

Gleaming chuckled. “Oh, look. More shoptalk. I said we’d do that later.”

Gritting her teeth, Patricia stood from her seat and snarled. “Of all the stores in the world, you decide to rob the one I’m going to, and you do it on my day off?!” The diamond dogs stopped in their tracks once Patricia hopped onto the counter, holding a venomous glare as a vein twitched at the center of her forehead. “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Patricia Parker, and I’ll be beating you senseless today!”

Patricia hoisted one of the diamond dogs over her head before throwing it into the other two. The mare pounced on the trio of canines, disappearing into a dust cloud as they scuffled. Eventually, the cloud cleared away, and all of the diamond dogs were piled on top of each other, tied together with cords. Patricia brushed her hooves together and sighed, waving once the nearby spectators applauded her performance.

“All I ask for is just one uneventful day. Is that so much to ask? It’s always something: dragons, yetis, diamond dogs, demigods, the Crusaders, heat cycles...” Patricia trailed off, shaking her head. “Too much information? Well, I’m sorry. I don’t really care anymore. I’ll be as thorough as I want. I mean, come on. My husband is all about the details. Why can’t I be the same? Okay, sure. He has a habit of making a list for everything, from the laundry, to books, and even bedroom appliances. Oh, I did it again. Shall I go over the list? Well, it usually starts with—”

“Um…” one of the diamonds dogs stammered, causing the mare to stop her rambling. “Are you going to arrest us now or what?”

Patricia exhaled. “Shaddup. The cops’ll be here soon.” The mare walked away from the literal dogpile and approached her friends with an exasperated expression. “Okay. My day is ruined. Can I go home now?”

Gleaming only smiled, wrapping a hoof around Patricia’s shoulder. “Not a chance. We still have to doll you up.” Walking to the counter, the taller mare approached the nearest employee with her friend in tow. “I would like to try a few of your samples.”

The pony eagerly retrieved some supplies and spread them across the counter. “Yes, Ma’am! I overheard your entire conversation. We’ll happily give our services to Ms. Parker for free!”

Barb smirked. “It looks like you don’t have a choice now, Patricia.”

Shrugging, Patricia let out a defeated sigh as the employee rummaged through the choices of makeup. She glanced off to the side momentarily. “Why do I feel like I’m forgetting something?”

Several hours had passed, and night settled over the land. Dusk pulled himself from the library, his gaze unable to rise from the ground. Large bags were under his eyes, and the stallion could only release a low yawn from the confines of his mouth. Dusk’s research had produced no results, much to his chagrin. Defeated, he managed to crawl into his bedroom, using his magic to close the door behind him. However, the stallion stopped in his tracks upon spotting somepony laying at the center of his bed.

Patricia smiled, wearing her Spider-Mare costume with the exception of its mask. Her mane was combed to perfection, with some of the ends curling slightly, and a pink bow sat between her ear and horn, matching the shade of her cheeks and lipstick. Patricia blinked affectionately, showing the blue eyeliner that highlighted her face somewhat. Even her eyelashes matched her beauty, curled and extended to fit. Dusk stared at the mare with his mouth agape, unable to hide his own flushed features. Patricia managed a smile. It seemed Gleaming was right once again.

“You like?” Patricia softly asked, shaking her plot eagerly.

Dusk forced the lump in his throat down with a swallow, nodding. “Y-yeah. You look beautiful.” In a swift act of motion, Patricia pulled the stallion onto the bed, using his own leverage against him. He was now on his back, and she was straddling him. Patricia stared down at him seductively. With her strength, there was almost nothing Dusk could’ve done, and he loved every second of it. “What b-brought this on?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to surprise you,” she whispered, her mouth tracing intricate lines across the stallion’s mouth, neck, and jaw before driving her tongue into his mouth. Dusk responded in the only manner he could. They were creating a new heat never achieved in their marriage, and Dusk’s hooves clutched at her body. He had never wanted her more. Patricia smiled triumphantly, taking in shuddered breaths. She had to thank Gleaming later for this. “All work and no play makes Dusky a dull boy. Let’s fix that.”

Dusk stared up at his wife, frowning as he tried not to look too eager. “Did you remember the groceries?”

Patricia’s eyes shot open as the realization struck with the matching force of a lightning bolt. Giggling sheepishly, she shook her head. “Would you believe me if I said something came up?” Dusk only looked on with exasperation, his brow twitching. Patricia smirked, brushing her soft body against his. “Oh, come on. Do you really care about that right now?”

Dusk bit down his lip before glancing off to the side shamefully. “No…”

Patricia grinned before running her hooves all over the stallion’s body. “Smart answer. I’ll make it up to you… with interest.”

Elsewhere in a parallel dimension, Peter walked into his living room with a sleepy expression. Mornings were never his cup of tea, but for the sake of avoiding another rude awakening from his wife, a head start would do wonders. Peter stopped in his tracks, slowly turning his gaze to the side near the window. A female draconequus favoring Discord was wearing a rather revealing maid’s uniform, bending over as she brushed the dust from the curtains. She caught sight of the stallion from the corner of her eye, blushing as her tail instinctively rose and revealed more of her bum.

“It’s about time you woke up. I’ve been bored waiting for you,” Eris whispered, staring intently at the stallion before smiling seductively. “Oh, wow. I must admit that you make quite the handsome one.”

It took seconds for his brain to register what was transpiring, but Peter responded accordingly, shrieking, “Oh, GOD!”