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Twilight Sparkle and Celestia are seeing one another.

They both want it - happiness, to share in their moments, trials and tribulations, all of it, no matter the changes that come.

Now they just have to tell the parents. It should be simple enough.

But a lot of things are simple at first.

My extra special, somewhat belated thanks go to friends Tired Old Man and Vylon for much editing, and additional thanks to Tired Old Man for penning the wonderful title description above. You guys are great, you really are.

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Twilight and Celestia will tell the family that their dating. Just as soon as they work up the courage

They're, there, their... this visit from the helpful Errorist Counter Insurgency was mostly painless.

If you don't correct the typos, the errorists win.

in so much that there had been one

The two possible words to use here are insofar and inasmuch. The preferred one to mean "to the extent" is insofar. Either way, the next word is "as", not "that".

This was a delightful read, and has influenced my own headcanon. Good job!

A remarkable story. I can't believe the way you were able to capture every minute feeling and expression that comes with being in love. And while I do think some of this was slightly over-dramatized, it was still a delight to read and it had my rapt attention through-and-through.

The amount of lovey-dovey-cuteness in this story is immense and wonderful. I'm all teary-eyed now. Bravo! :twilightsmile:

How do you break the news to your parents that you're dating someone that's probably older than the continent you live on?
Say it first and then let said someone do the lengthy explanation.
Ah, this was a wonderful read. Amusing, yet so fluffy.

“Mom! Dad!”
“Luna!” shouted Luna.
Everypony stopped.

That made me laugh more than it probably should have :rainbowlaugh:

“Mom! Dad!”
“Luna!” shouted Luna.

Is it wrong I can't stop laughing at this part? :rainbowlaugh:

This also goes with my headcanon that Luna and Cadance are hardcore shippers :trixieshiftleft:

This is everything I want from a story

Luna pulling a Pinkie Pie made my day:pinkiesmile::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

1) You need to make a side shot of who won that contest between Night Light and Twilight Velvet concerning who Luna would choose


Wonderful. One of the most pleasant stories I've read in a long time. No monsters or villains, just emotions :). Thank you for writing and sharing.

Wow... you make the Royal Family absolutely adorable. I'm so glad that Luna showed up in that kitchen, because there was something perfect in seeing them all play off of one another, and something rather poignant about the realization that for the better part of 1000 years Celestia was all alone, and now all of this is her family. It's incredibly sweet.

Wonderful job!

I have never, ever, read a story here which made me leave the room out of need to calm down after a bout of fangirling. I honestly found myself screaming out at no less than three separate parts - I'm very thankful I chose to read this jewel in the privacy of an empty home.

As an addendum, the part where I was entirely defeated was Luna's entrance, naturally. :trollestia:

Who took that picture?! :pinkiegasp: (cover art)

That was good, one of the few one shots I've read recently that didn't feel like "Chapter 1". Thank you for posting a complete story.

“Wait, you’re telling me you’ve never read a qoute-unqoute Rosy Quill-Feather novel?” she asked, doing the necessary gestures. “Stables and Stability?”

*quote *unquote
Can't blame you there, I do that often myself.

Random visit to the front page and I saw image I colored up as cover...just had to stop in and read. Nice little story. :twilightsmile:

Just one note: Think you could make image source the location it was posted rather than a direct link to the image?

Luna. She couldn't resist.

7637936 Ah! Caught red handed :twilightoops:. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, I'll add your link in, and your name, right away.

7637931 Me too. Logic says it should be "Qoute" *actual qoute goes here* "unqoute (signifying end of qoute)" But I've never actually heard it used that way. Crazy world.

7637807 That complete feeling is something I'm really glad the story left you with. I've done a few things right by this one, so it seems. :pinkiehappy: Thanks for reading, and for your nice comment.

http://wodahseht.deviantart.com/art/Spoon-of-a-Different-Size-597132699 This is the original source - with a bit of story for you as well. I've adopted the same head-canon as given by the artist to the photo, as it just works so perfectly, in the image and in the story.

7637308 I'm stricken. This is one of the most glowing comments I've ever received. It's proof I've done my job. It feels really good to affirm that. Thank you.

7637283 Says ye of the Twialis...(Chrysitwi?) avatar!

7637250 Harwick! Friend! It was something I kind of discovered along the way, writing the silly shippy schmaltz that, yeah, there's a bit of depth in here, too. And it's super sweet, and she does get a family for it. It feels a little weird to take credit for the angle, because poignancy really wasn't part of the plan- not when I started writing, not when I had the plan in mind. Sometimes we surprise ourselves. It's one of my favourite qualities of writing, is that.

7637229 And thank you for reading and for your comment :twilightsmile:

7637094 1 Maybe. If I feel I can do the scene right. No promises.
2 No plans for a sequel at this time, but I'm flattered.

7637035 Thank you indeed for your comment.

7636999 "Luna!" shouted Luna,these are some of the favourite three words I've ever written in sequence. And absolutely they have to be shippers, it just makese sense. Cadance rabidly so.

7636914 Twilight is the best at getting other people to do jobs, she really is.

7636891 immense and wonderful?! I'll take it! :pinkiehappy:

7636618 I genuinely did not think this story would garner - or deserve - much attention. My mentality at time of posting was "Ah, sure lookit, it's not where I want it to be yet, but it's about as polished as it's going to get. Warmer than lukewarm will be alright, as reception goes." I've clearly sold myself short.

7636611 Being a delight to read is a big part of why I do this :scootangel: That and lovely comments to fuel my energies :moustache:

7636469 You helped! And melted hearts are just the best to set sail fresh 'ships upon :ajsmug:

7636237 That comment wins an internet. :trollestia:
7636086 :twilightsheepish:


Ah! Caught red handed :twilightoops:. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, I'll add your link in, and your name, right away.

No biggie. You're welcome, and thanks. :raritywink:

Me too. Logic says it should be "Qoute" *actual qoute goes here* "unqoute (signifying end of qoute)" But I've never actually heard it used that way. Crazy world.

I think they were commenting that you are misspelling the words "quote" and "unquote." (You're swapping the 'o' and 'u'.)


Oh wow, so I am! The only recourse...
I must take my family sword and commit honourable sudoku :pinkiesad2: It is the only way.

I laughed so hard when Luna shouted her name. It was just perfectly unexpected and perfectly timed. Thank you for that.

By god, this was amazing. 10/10, needs more upvotes. The emotion and perfectly paced descriptions throughout the dialogue made this flow like cake, and really does bring a flutter to your heart when you read it.

Fuck, I need to write more romance stories.

7638000 Are we talking about the same things here? I was talking about how I often misspell quote as qoute, and you're talking about how it should be used. Oh well, I do see where you're getting at though. Why is it not used that way?

What a family... :rainbowlaugh:
It was as cute as it was funny, and by that I mean 10/10 on both count.
(The only thing bothering me is Celestia acting like a teenager, but well, it's fairly minor all in all)
Good job! :twilightsmile:

You, my friend, are intensely eloquent. Perhaps to a fault.

I enjoyed this story immensely nonetheless.

7638000 TwiSalis or ChryLight :3

And well.. that pic is awesome :3

I like Salis to try (and success in some fimfics) to steal Twilight away from Celestia, but well twilestia was the first ship i liked (and is still my favorite)

“Mom! Dad!”
“Luna!” shouted Luna.

...Shrek reference? Really?

Still, very enjoyable story all the same.

This was an absolutely lovely story! The eloquence of the narration in contrast with some of the more absurd bits of humor (especially concerning Cadence being Cadence and Luna being Luna) evoke an almost Hamilton-esque level of writing, but in a more literary way instead of the musical genre blending. I definitely need to know whether Night Light or Twilight Velvet won that little contest- my money's on Velvet but I feel like Night Light has an advantage due to the nature of his work.

Have your 200th upvote. You earned it.

Cute as swans in love during a springtime rain. Have a fave and a like.

Oh, and we desperately need Luna's answer to the question. In a sequel around them, if possible :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::raritystarry:

7636914 I laughed at the whole scene with the parents!!! :rainbowlaugh:


Oh but it was answered. "Sleep on it, both of you". Both of you. Whether that was intentional or not, however, I could not say. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, head-canon accepted.

Twilight: 100+ (Twilight Sparkle: 47)
Cadance: 100
Celestia: 100+
Luna: 29
Twilight Velvet: 38
Night Light: 31
Shining: 86
Spike: 0
Alternate Universe tag: 0
Usually it's just all six of his friends. This time it's his entire adopted family. I know which thumb I'm clicking...

7637250 Just look at Nick Confalone's "Saddle Row Review." When Spike is omitted from character-driven stories (especially if that story involves the entirety of a group he "should" be part of), the narrative is allowed to reach levels of perfection that would not be achieved with him bogging things down.

7639875 It would usually bother me since I like spike but in this case it's Twilight travelling to Canterlot to be with her girlfriend. Maybe mention what he's doing but you don't bring the kids on dates. :moustache::trollestia:

7639941 Doesn't sound like it was about a date. Sounds like it was about meeting the family.

This reminds me kinda of the work of one Kiltedkey.
Just a bit more innocent and a lot shorter.

7638071 Yes, but drawing the numbers before blood loss claims you is a killer. Plus, if you make a mistake, there's no eraser.
7636237 Stored in my new favorite phrases folder.

7639875 ...Maybe they already told Spike?

"It helped that they were of an age"
The story was wonderful, but this line confused me. Did you mean to say that Shining and Cadence were of legal age, but Twilight isn't? Isn't Twilight an adult?

7640514 Not really the point. One of the story's goals appears to be getting the "entire" royal family together. The obvious implication is that Twilight is family to Spike, but the rest of her family is not for him.

This thing has me disgusted with Luna for barging in and making the group "complete." Fuck you, Luna.

7640596 Or Spike could be off doing his own thing? Why does everyone just assume Spike doesn't have a life?

7640629 I'm sure he is, and does. The problem is that everyone except Spike is here.

I literally laughed out loud at the "“Luna!” shouted Luna." part. Well done! Fav and Like from me!

Real talk, student/teacher relationships are creepy as fuck and it worries me this is on the top of the Feature Box after like 3 days.

The story? Nigga I ain't clicking that shit, I'm just creeped out

7641293 I'm sensing bait with this or it could be he is just easily triggered?

Nice story, made me chuckle here and there. And yet it does not beat Karrakaz' Minding the Gap which is based on the same premise.

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