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Celestia had always thought she'd reached the pinnacle of fear when she fought against some of Equestria's greatest enemies.

As it turns out, however, nothing compares to explaining to Twilight's parents that she's in a relationship with their daughter.

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What's with you and these one-shots lately?! You have ongoing stories in desperate need of update!

I like it. Sequel pwease :3


This isn't a one-shot (sorry for the confusion, I forgot to set it to incomplete when I created the story). I've spent the last six weeks writing this story, and I am now working on chapter 4 of Under Her Wings. Whenever I do write one-shots, they are usually written within an hour or so and don't take any time away from the update schedule.

4486270 ... I never said I wasn't reading the one-shots.:moustache:

How bad could two ponies possibly be?


At least you didn't say it out loud...

Twily strikes again! That apartment, is super nice.:twilightsmile:

There are three known truths on fimfiction. One of them is, if you write a half decent Twilylesita fic, it will be featured...

This reminds me of another featured fic. Anyone care to help jog my memory? Something about Twilight telling her parents about being in relationship with Celestia? :derpytongue2:

Actually, Karrakaz has a well known following thanks to the ship. It being featured is not a surprise. :twilightsmile:


1,000+ years of life... has issues with telling a romantic partner's parents they're together... mmhmm, I totally buy it. Can't be any harder than, say, the time Luna went all evil and tried to kill her, and she was forced to banish her for 1,000 years. Can't be any worse than failing to save The Crystal Empire over 1,000 years ago. Can't be worse than her and Luna subduing Discord over 1,000 years ago...

I just don't get some of these premises sometimes...

If she hadn't added that last part, and just been afraid of tomorrow - then she would have been pleasantly surprised to find they were all for it. Now reality will change and make them threatening and/or upset.

... Despite not really having a reason to be!

What is it most parents look for in a suitor for their offspring?
True feelings?
Good reputation?
Financial security?

I got one answer to all these things.

Motherfuckin' Celestia, bitch.

I can see why this got featured, really nice work on the characterisation. Looking forward to the next few chapters. While there were a couple of fairly recently featured Twilight x Celestia stories with a similar setup - which I did enjoy - this far outshines them in its first chapter. Bravo!

This was nicely executed. Good work as per usual. :pinkiehappy:

Looking forward to the next part.


Fear and worries are often very subjective things which seem larger than life at the time we are confronted with them. After you have gone through something the fear thereof usually diminishes.

4486635 Well, this is the theme of the contest.

Excellent Twilestia as usual, Karrakaz. I love the premise and the way the feelings between the two are presented. I'll be looking forward to the next chapters.

Very cute! Loving it so far.

Edit - 4486540
You don't have to 'get' them all the time. Sometimes, it's easier to just sit back and enjoy the fluff.

Veylon #20 · Jun 2nd, 2014 · · 2 · A hop ·

What about potential for grandchildren?

Then there's the fear (due to the power differential) that Twilight is just a bedmate for Celestia and not a true equal. That Twilight would be reduced to a possession of Celestia rather than a pony in her own right. Though that's less of an issue since Twilight's an alicorn in this one.

4487596 i dont think power differential is really a problem since the story makes it seem like Twilight is on pretty even footing(hoofing?) with Sunbutt. she perfectly altered a spell that Celestia had spent one fucking thousand years crafting. im fairly certain that if Twilight wants she could just invert the spell and lock Celestia in her room. ... and now i have an idea that i need to see if i can make work

4486511 Well, considering it was a contest premise, you can expect to see that a lot.

I like it! Best of luck to you in the contest!

4486540 Because it's not like we've ever been shown that after 1000+ years of life Celestia is still emotionally withdrawn and has trouble dealing with her emotions. Yep. She handled crisises like the Crystal Empire's return and the Canterlot Wedding with the utmost rationality and most certainly did not blindly throw faith at her student or lash out at a legitimate accusation without any kind of follow up.

Yes, Tia truly is the model of emotional control.

Like I said, not so much of an issue when Twilight's an alicorn and especially not here where she apparently feels free to take charge of Celestia's space.

It'd still be likely to be an issue that'd need to be defused with Twilight's parents, though.

Very cute, some nice imagery in this chapter especially imaging the look on Celestia's face when she realized she's been locked out. I very much enjoyed this chapter and the characterizations. Meeting the parents shall be interesting.

Also, "before twilight grew big enough", names should be capitalized as "Twilight".

I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record here but hey, what can I say? You right some Damn good Twillestia fics. My first thought when Twilight said she was experimenting was "welp I guess I should call the fire depart- You know what I'll just call Spike he can clean up whatever explosion Twilight is going to inevitably cause." Well it looks like he wasn't needed after all. Anyways great chapter looking forward to the next update! :pinkiehappy:

SO. MUCH. D'awwww. I'm having a cuteness overload! I love it, great fic!

I will be updating daily until the story is complete.


Seriously though, this is amazing. A really wonderful Twilestia piece. Side note: Honey Mead wouldn't happen to be based on the Honey Mead would he?


What about potential for grandchildren?

Magic Duel established that age and gender can be changed by magic. And before you say that was all smoke and mirrors done for Trixie's sake, remember that neither Twilight or Trixie said it was impossible, just that nopony they knew of could do it. If anypony can, it's the motherbucking princess of magic. :twilightsmile:

This is good.


Then that's not something that's just Celestia's problem. If Twilight brought home ANY mare, that would be a problem. Besides, for all we know, Twilight is just as immortal now. What grandchildren? Grandchildren are there NOT to be spoiled, but to continue a family line. If her parents refused a potential mate due to not being able to have grandchildren to dote upon, I highly question their sanity and doubt Twilight'd bother to listen to them again. Because frankly, Twilight can now be the family line's continuation by herself, into eternal perpetuity.

Also as Steel said. Gender-swap spells are a reality, just no unicorn can do them. Celestia and Twilight are both former bearers of the Element of Magic. Celestia has thousands of years of magical knowledge and experience. Twilight is a savant in the field. Both of them are basically goddesses. You're trying to tell me that they can't make it happen? We saw what Twilight could do with raw alicorn magic when she blasted the fuck out of Tirek, who was Equestria's entire magical supply AND the Chaos spirit's. Surely the strongest alicorn's magic, combined with Twilight's own incredible magic, is up for the job? When you get down to it, spatial-temporal transposition must be much more difficult than just changing the relevant parts of a creature's reproductive system.

Dick+Balls > teleportation? I think not.

So, ahem.

It's motherfucking Celestia, bitch!

Don't care who you are, you'd be proud as hell that your kid managed to land the immortal ruler of your land and by proxy one of the most important figures in the world, continuously responsible for the continuation of life on the planet.

4490010 I don't know who keeps throwing downvotes at you two, but I think the important thing to take away here is this:

Dick+Balls > teleportation? I think not.

Forget transformation magic. If the magic of friendship can defeat evil creatures and gods of chaos, the magic of love should be good for some magical lesbian offspring or two. :derpytongue2:


Yeah. If a unicorn can invent time travel, and another one can cast it. Pretty sure anti-god level magic between deific beings can form babby.


"All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental." or so the disclaimer tells me.

Honestly though, I thought him up for 'Under Her Wings' and I liked him so much that he's become a fixed feature in my castle Canterlot.


And now I feel like I have to write a sequel where that actually happens... Thanks a lot! :facehoof::twilightblush:

Curses, the tension is high. Though whichever way it goes, it will be epic.

Also, a potential sequel? With alicorn foals? Yes, please.

I second the sequel featuring parenthood. There's been all kinds of fics about Twilestia and occasionally one of them getting pregnant but none that deal with actually raising the foals.

Loving this story so far.

Keep up the great work!

Mother verse Princess of the sun was never a fair fight. Moms always win.

Procrastination! Bring out all the delay tactics. They would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those suspicious parents. That and Celestia's Fk up didn't help.

C'mon Karra, don't let me down. Even if Velvet and/or Night Light are going to be ginormous dicks over this, they've got to be scared about trying to stare down Celestia, too! Everybody putting on their game-face to try and cover up how much they're shaking inside!

"Hey mom and dad, my marefriend and I could destroy the world! You might want to consider that before approving or disapproving!"

"As it turned out, however, not even banishing her own sister came close to the dread she felt at the prospect of having to show her marefriend’s parents that she was a flesh and blood pony with wants and needs"

Yeah, sorry, but... Its a really minor part of the story and probably more for emphasis or maybe comedic affect, but I just can't overlook this. In no possible way does this make any sense at all, and in a way its insulting to the canon lore for Celestia and Luna. Don't get me wrong, its not like I'm shouting at my monitor or anything. Actually, I am just waiting for dinner and am more occupied with the fact that I could really eat something right about now then this. But putting this in perspective, this would mean you would be more upset about meeting your girlfriends' parents then being forced to lock up your sister in a place no one can get to (not even you) for a whole year at the age of 28. Just sayin'.


I tried making them ginormous dicks about it... didn't really work out so well..


Considering that she banished Nightmare Moon mid-combat(-ish, she wasn't really fighting back) with the life of everything on the planet at stake, she didn't have much room for dread. If you've been in enough fights you'll understand what I mean, especially if you're not fighting on your own behalf.

There's simply not that much time for fear. Trepidation, sure. But it's all pain and instinct and training and shit. Thinking becomes so secondary that you can hold maybe one-two simple thoughts in your mind while still in the tense situation. "Have to protect this." "Can't let this happen."

So, technically, that part was correct. She is fearing this dinner more than when she was forced to banish Nightmare Moon and by extension her little sister. Then came a thousand years of mourning, but that's after the fact and has nothing to do with the excerpt or this story.

But she has plenty of time to dread each step towards the restaurant. For her mind to run away with the horrible possibilities, each one more terrifying than the last. The unknown is a horrifying thing, especially when you have time to contemplate it but not enough to reason with it.


Hmm. That has some merit I suppose, at least for the majority of the fight. Still, the moment when she realizes she has no other choice but to banish her sister for a thousand years and when she actually does it, that has to have been one of the worst moments of her life.I personally cannot imagine it being anything less. *Shrugs*

Poor Celestia! :pinkiegasp:


Realization usually comes -right- after when you do something that has to be done during a stressful moment. I've heard it from veterans in the family, too. "You know you've got to pull the trigger and the other guy has to die. You don't really think about it, you just do it. But it's only after that you realize you just took some poor bastard's life from him and just what that means."

We can see now that Twilight inherited her obsessive side by her mother, poor Celestia xD

I doubt that Sparkle's parents disapprove their relationship, but I bet the mother will be very picky

you fucker. making me waitAFAIN forte big reveal.
o course the is awesone enough to meke ut worrth ist
still screw you.

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