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Celestia was always a "family mare". She always held up families as one of the greatest social institutions in the country. She is famously good with children. All of Equestria looks to her almost like some great parental figure. But for some reason she has always been childless herself.

Perhaps it's time to change that. She is, after all, married to the most wonderful mare she had ever known.

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“Wisdom? Is that your new name for your tongue?” Twilight asked dryly.
White wings twitched and the slightest hint of red appeared on Celestia’s cheeks. “I, uh, see you are finally starting to learn how to play my game with me.”

I still think this might be my favorite part. :yay:

First: this was a perfect mix of comedy and warm syrupy fluff. Twilight's reaction to the spell especially hit me in the funny bone

Second: Holy crow does this mean you're writing again? I don't mean that in a bad way, I just really enjoy your work

5876845 It does. I've gone through a ton of crap since my last piece of writing and was going to make a blog post in the next couple of days about it. Long story short, it was a lot of stress from multiple sources that kept me from being motivated to do anything. I saw this contest prompt back when it was posted in February and it stuck me with the idea for this story. First time in months I'd had an idea, and I even felt motivated to write again! Hardly my fastest work, but even only having a single day a week to hunker down and write I managed to do so with a fair consistency that really made me happy again. I promised myself that if I couldn't get this done by the deadline that I'd just have to admit that my muse was gone. But I managed it, with time to spare even!

It may not be super fast, my schedule is a bit too messy for that anymore, but I am very much getting back on board. I'm probably going to aim for smaller chapters than I used to, likely around 3-4k or so like this one, but I am absolutely writing again.

Aww poor Luna she being left behind

The implications of an alicorn pregnancy-laser are too terrifying to contemplate!

Also, this was charming and sweet and made me feel all fuzzy inside. :twilightsmile:

Twilight and Shining competing to have the largest family... yup, I can see that.

This was really great, but that ending makes me want a follow-up. Especially, since it sounds like Shining's going to have foals with Luna as well. (Provided I interpreted the context correctly.)

5877404 Honestly, that is not an interpretation I'd even considered. Luna is in the position of watching everyone close to her being married and having kids, while she's still a single mare. Though I didn't show the letter, it was asking for help in finding Luna someone to love. I mean, I can kinda see how you might have come to your conclusion, but holy alicorns I am not the author to be following if you want that kind of stuff.

Yeah, there's plenty one could do with a "Luna looks for love" story, but I've got stories I need to get back to; and one is already tackling that concept. I won't be following this fic up any time soon, if ever.

5877443 Oh really? I didn't realize that. Guess I like polyamory that much, huh?

Really? No continuation? Ah, well.
(In that regard I was hoping for something with shenanagains by pregnant Twilight and/or the foal.)

5877462 Nothing against poly, but I'm less keen on throwing a third wheel into a well established pairing. Also, the lead in to a poly from this would be honestly creepy to me. "Hey, Niece, I'm lonely and want kids, let me fuck your husband." Yeah, no. If I wanted a polygamy angle with that, I'd need to be doing a lot more relationship build up to it than that.

Can't do sequels to everything. I really, really owe my readers some updates on my other stories before I go off doing anything else again. Writing this got my muse back to work, just as I was needing it to.

Your interest is noted though.

5877518 totally get it. And yeah that is rather creepy. Makes way more sense for it to be Cadence playing matchmaker.

Again, I totally understand. I'm not begging for a sequel right now, just hoping you'll do one eventually. (So, I'll be watching you!)

This is kinda funny, especially the part about Luna.

Married, with children, I can see you bending over a nice hot stove, Celestia...

but I can't see the stove.

I really like this story and I hope to read more story's soon alone with the next chapter of Fat for an Alicorn soon as well:twilightsmile:

5877518 Looks good, Hyu. I especially liked the second use of the "wisdom" gag. All the best of luck in your next stories and in the contest!

5877518 Luna gets ahold of Celestia's spell and suddenly... parthenogenic Luna clones! Luna clones everywhere! :pinkiehappy:

Maybe Luna is like an aphid and has a genetic clone of her already growing inside.

Well that was fun, though I was surprised that Celestia was the voice of reason for not having more children so they could have a larger family than Cadence and Shiny.

Oh well, I like how ou write the pair. They are cute and so obviously in love. Twi was really adorkable though when she realized that Celestia really did have a spell.

So you get an upward facing thumb and a silver star.

I'll see you at the next chapter.

Nice this was really cute I hope you write more

This was great!

I loved the adorkableness of Twilight. That's when she's at her best. The entire story was sweet, touching, and funny.

5878464 I want this as its own story, Twilestia or not.


Each one was gentle, yet firm; a few even punctuated with the tip of Celestia’s wisdom leaving a small swirl in the lavender fur.


Twilight was very Twilight-like, which is great. :twilightsmile:
Cute, simple story. Poor Luna, though. :/

One thing, the last two sentences of the summary make it seem like Celestia is going to put an end to their marriage, just because of juxtaposition. I suggest, instead, "Perhaps it's time to change that. She is, after all, married to the most wonderful mare she has ever known."

WE NEED MORE......plez:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

5886452 Ah, good point.

So, does the spell just make a genetic clone of Twilight grow in Twilight's womb?

Such a fluffy story I love it!

Aww that was such an awdowable wittle stowy! :yay:

*promptly transforms into a stick of butter and melts away..

Charming little story! Simple brilliant! :pinkiehappy:

I must be delusional, since this story apparently has a complete tag... you should do some more chapters, this story is amazing.

There were so many more ways to play her games, but her lover was still prone to taking things a bit too seriously at times.

Space before There.



Love and marriage,
Love and marriage,
Go together like
a horse and carriage

This I tell you brother,
You can't have one
without the other...

Sorry, I read the character title and just couldn't help myself.

You know, there are a decent number of fics on this site about one of the characters getting one of the others pregnant.

You know what's rare? Fics about them then raising the ensuing foal.

Hint. Hint. :trollestia:

immediately downvoted to oblivion for mary-sueism of "adorable foal, child of two princesses".
I believe unless the kid turns out to be insufferable brat there's little room for making it work out.

The story was decently structured and delivered. The humor was refreshing, and I appreciate that you maintained a good connection to the narrative.

Try again when you learn what a mary-sue character is. Also if you reply with just a definition found online then you clearly don't understand.

Care to point me to any stories about OC alicorn foal (natural or adopted) that is a child of either Celestia or Twilight Sparkle and is not a Mary Sue?

5901291 The fic is complete moron.

5968490 The fic is a moron? I don't understand you.

I just re-read this and it's still so sweet I'm literally squirming. Gah. :twilightsheepish:

Just read this yet again again for those feel-good feels. :heart: Caught an error tho!

Oh, Princess, I thought you just making another euphemism for sex.

Missing a 'were' in there. :twilightsmile:

6637011 Fixed and thank you.

GAH! So cute!
I definitely adore this story. I love everything about Celestia and Twilight having a foal of their own.
Please keep writing!

I like this story a lot, but what is it with these fics making TWILIGHT the one who's pregnant?

Would you like that list in Alphabetical Order, or by what reason is most likely?

Oh wow, I forgot I made that comment. :rainbowlaugh:

Alright, what’s the most likely reasons?

Sorry I didn't reply sooner.
That was just me saying that there are a lot of reasons, with a little comedy thrown in.

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