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This story is a sequel to Melt

This is a sequel to Melt, but can be read independently.

The common cold is, for Celestia, quite rare. Whenever she does catch one it's a time for privacy, reflection, and no shortage of small miseries.

That said, she's never had Twilight Sparkle on her side before. Maybe, just maybe, this cold won't know what hit it.

My thanks go to CosmicAfro for prereading

Now with even more perfect cover art!

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I would have never thought reading about a sneeze would be so amusing...

~Skeeter The Lurker

That was nice and sweet, unlike the tea.

I didn't expect Melt to have a sequel. Suffice it to say a sequel to one of maybe five Momlestia fics I can actually enjoy is more than welcome, even if I don't necessarily consider it needed.

Such vivid, even visceral, descriptions make this little narrative connect on a very direct level. I could feel that sneeze.

(Insert words containing approval here)

I'm always happy to see stories like this.

Great job :D

I'd say extremely gooey, but also extremely cute.

Twilight appears to have made a beverage almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.

Awesome work, ambion.

I wanted to read a short fic just before bed time ... I am so very glad I picked this one. :twilightsmile:
as hard as it is to believe it is even cuter than Melt.
to quote the meme ... This is a wonderful story and you should feel wonderful about yourself! :heart:

Very, very nice, all told. The verboseness was refreshingly fitting here, even if I feel it worked against you on occasion. Definitely one of the better Slice of Life fics, and a nice sequel to Melt.

Yesss, thank you for this!

I laughed the whole time I was reading this, right on through the authors note.

I loved the humor and descriptiveness of this story! Just my cup of tea, really. :twilightsmile:

Note: You're missing a word here, I think... "Medicine shouldn’t like this: a small fresh mug of weaponized healthiness."

Watch your tenses, I think you switched to present tense for the last bit.


Yeah, I know. Tense switching is one of those strange areas of writing where it can turn out artful and better than simple grammatical correctness to read if done purposefully. Not sure if I'm that good, but I'd like to be.

Also, note that the story opens in present tense as well.


Missing words happen all the time in my writing. I'm not sure why. I don't seem capable of spotting them myself either when I proof.

Royal Boogers

20% gooier than regular boogers. :pinkiesick:

The fumes - and they were fumes - hit Celestia’s Royal Sinuses like an archaeological dig team which has just discovered all the joys of high explosive and none of the inhibitions of common sense.

Now those are my kind of archeologists. All they need now is alcohol.

weaponized healthiness

The best kind of healthiness.

3628232 It wasn't a critical thing. Just wanted to let you know.

Missing the occasional word or fiddly bit is clearly very easy to do and plagues all of us. We are creatures of pattern recognition, so sometimes we automatically fill in the blanks when they appear.

Science! :twilightsmile:

Love it. Not much good fluff out there, but this is awesome.

Wonderful writing. Although "would of thought" should be "would have thought" or "would've thought". Twilight is nothing if not picky about her grammar.

Here we have it, the sequel to Melt. Short, Sweet, Slightly gooey.

In more ways than one :raritywink:

I loved Melt, didn't really expect a sequel, but I'm glad we got one anyway.

D'AWWWWWWWW :scootangel:

Oh yes, and as a term of business, Twilestias only go in one folder (in this case mother and daughter, following through with the original one).

hmm... I liked Melt a lot more, I think. It had that thing about a crazy magical disease forcing Twilight into a really weird situation to go along with the daws, whereas this is just the common cold. Granted, it's on a not so common pony, but I think it's still missing that something that Melt had.

Cute, d'aww, and hilarious throughout courtesy applying such verbose descriptions to such mundane and absurd events. And a bonus point for Twilight and Celestia not having to argue about allowing Twilight to help.

Seriously, get so tired of fics where the other princesses try to get Twilight to stay out of the way.

NOT THE BOOGERS!:fluttershbad:
As far as sequels go, this is the strangest connection i've seen made. Now you must make a third and call it the illness trilogy. Triple flip kick sickness is also acceptable.

That shit was cute. :rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by Opponent deleted Dec 15th, 2013

The sequel wasn't needed. It was welcome. We'd be fine without it. But with it we're more than fine :3 Well done ^^ Thank you.


"Weaponized Healthiness":rainbowlaugh:

This. I cannot - in words - explain just how much this story captured my contempt for colds. And also how adorable platonic!Twilestia can be.

As an amusing aide note, I sneezed a few times after I finished to story. If I get sick later I'll be coming back to share the... irony? Is that the right word? Either way, it's most likely allergies, but this is a rare instance I hope I'm sick.

So very adorable and heartwarming. But...did Celestia sneeze on Twilight at the end? And they were so distracted by the heartwarming moment that Twilight didn't have time to dodge or block?

Delightful, even when the imagery took a turn for the... um... I suppose "gooey" is the right word, isn't it? :pinkiesick:
There was a slight hiccup at the end when the tense changed, but that's a nitpick. Excellent work through and through. :twilightsmile:

This story is a sequel to Melt
This is a sequel to Melt, but can be read independently

You don't need to say it twice.


Er, the first one was me getting the site's new sequel announcey thingy to work. It didn't before, but now I figured it out. I kinda like it. But I still like announcing that fact myself, as well. Call it a quirk


You somehow made snot cute. :rainbowhuh:


I hope I don't get a cutie mark for this...


applying such verbose descriptions to such mundane and absurd events.

That's what makes stories like this so popular on the site.

Dawww :rainbowkiss:

This made me laugh so much xD

cute, the two stories together have a way of really showing how Celestia and Twilight feel for each other.:trollestia::twilightsmile:

* we need a non trollestia icon I think.

Aww! What a perfect full-circle we have here. I love it.

And there, with nagging aches, runny nose, sore throat, a concoction of potent flavours never meant to be used together, with puffiness and red, watery eyes and a chaffed nose, with all that Celestia feels splendidly, wonderously blessed.
She smiles as she beholds Twilight Sparkle. Then Celestia sneezes like the coming of dawn.

Why does this suddenly change tense at the end? :rainbowhuh:

3627979 Ambion seems to be one of those authors who can be wordy and get away with it, because it's so delightfully written.


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