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Spike was the strangest of dragons, living his charmed life so far removed from his heritage. Knowing so much. How to be a good friend. How to be a hero.

How to have fun.

But actually being a dragon? Not so much. Barely at all, really.

Ember didn't know what to make of her friendship with the little drake, but she did know two things. Spike needed a teacher, a proper dragon teacher, to show him the way.

And second, that this was going to be fun.

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Whoops! In time-honoured fashion, I've comitted a blunder - early readers will have seen an original draft that got mixed in here as well, my bad :facehoof::twilightblush:

I could put it back as extra stuff if it's requested, but otherwise it was a silly oversight of mine to make. Sorry for the mishap, and hope you enjoy the story-proper. :pinkiehappy:

This is a really interesting concept. It usually concerns me when writers give Spike a bunch of super-awesome hitherto unmentioned abilities, but you pulled it off in a way that made it seem more majestic. Spike learning more about his heritage is a concept that interests me, and this really ticks the right boxes. I kinda wish this was part of a much larger, "coming-of-age" type story for Spike, but that's neither here nor there.

If I have any complaint, it's that I really couldn't make out what Ember was supposed to be saying at the end. As such, I have no idea what they were all laughing about. That's nitpicking, though. This was an excellent one-shot, and I think I'll be coming back to it sometime in the future.

7853701 It really was just a one-trick Skyrim joke idea that's managed to find its own footing. I'm glad you enjoyed it and like the concept. Nine Divines know Spike could always use more love.

There's no hidden secrets in Ember's jarbled dialogue. What she says is very much what you'd expect her to, by design. It is based on actual lines I gave her, but in this instance I'm hoping the humour is more from attempting to pronounce things out loud than discover any wit in the words themselves.

Thank you for the comment.

Strun Ba Quo? What about that?

Anyway, great fic! Love Skyrim, love Dragons.

7853534 This should have a sequel that expands on it.

I'm enamored with this story. I found the the writing style with its cute and clever worldplay utterly delightful.

sweet! a story with my 7th favorite character in it! now if only FIMFiction can make use of a Princess Ember character tag already! :D

I like the cover art more than the story.

Oh! Not to say the story isn't bad, I just looked at the cover art and really liked it. Who did that?

7855787 You know if you mouse over the cover art for a story, there's a button that brings you to the image's source (if the author provided it), right?

7855873 Well, I was hoping to have a nice conversation with the author of the story by lulling him/her into talking, but again for the third time this month an octopus spoils something I try to do.

Seriously. I am starting to hate octopuses right now. This site was the last place I expected to get interrupted by one.

Which...admittedly is actually kinda funny in a sort of irony sort of way...so I'll give you a follow for at least making me chuckle like the mad prick I am. Go on. You earned it.

7855899 Oh no, most of us are purely rape and hentai-free. Very unsavory stuff, that. :pinkiesick:

Comment posted by UniqueSKD deleted Jan 10th, 2017

That was awesome. She was speaking like Bill Cosby when he visited the dentist!
Who knew that lightning was like novocaine to dragons.:rainbowlaugh:

7855899 Here you go, Unique. Knock yourself out :pinkiehappy:

You won't believe where I found that.

Comment posted by UniqueSKD deleted Jan 10th, 2017

7856000 Actually, there's nothing porn in the video I sent you. It's just a cute little homage to the Lovecraftian Cthulhu mythos.

Comment posted by UniqueSKD deleted Jan 10th, 2017

Oh my gosh, you are making the comment section completely disgusting. I'm not one to say, because I'm not the author (who hasn't been online to see it) but... why?

7856017 Doing pretty good, here. Just mostly catch up on my humongous read lists. My stuff's on hold at the moment as Ryuu's been having issues keeping him too busy to work with me at the moment. He's told me he's not forgotten about me, and has promised to send me some stuff soon to update WTNNTW.
How've you been doing? I've seen you at times responding to some of the stuff I'm doing catch up on. (actually, this was about to go on the read-later, but I said, "what the hell, it's only 3k--give it a shot right now." Glad I did:pinkiehappy:)

7856038 Yeah you're right. I let that get out of control. I'll delete my comments now. Thank you for being the voice of reason, Harmony Pie. I apologize immensely for my behavior. (bows politely to you)

Been there, done that, accidentally zapped my mouth with enough juice that I couldnt talk for hours.

Really shouldve realised that holding wires in my mouth connected between flyback transformers and latern batteries is asking for trouble if one slips and causes an autotransformer pulse if it bounces off the wrong terminal. Which it did. :pinkiecrazy::twilightoops:

At least ember didnt have the embarassment o finding out it was also the name for dragon catnip. :moustache:

7856048 Nice. I'm working on a new animation; Castlevania crossed with MLP. It's gonna be a music video-style animation and it's going to be the video that starts off my new Patreon page!

After I finished finalizing the goals and put up the artwork banner, then I can upload my first Patreon!

7856137 Cool. Castlevania--sounds familiar...is that the Japanese "Lord of Shadows" version of Dracula?

You know.. this leapt to mind...

"you... how did you..." Ember had been informed, repeatedly by Spike, that Twilight was "A very very clever pony". Until now, she hadn't known what that really meant.

"How in Smaug's forgotten lair did you work out a phonetic symbology for DragonSpeech? It's not POSSIBLE! The Speech is-- it just IS! How--" Words failed here, as the princess, with no trace of smugness or conceit shrugged.

"It seemed rather simple once I decided to put my mind to it."

"Which means," noted Spike, "That she spent three days with scroll, quill, and blackboard nonstop inventing the darn thing."

"It's useless to ponies, of course, except as a possible reference guide. Might be of use to younger dragons, though, I don't know, it's just interesting--"

"Enough." Ember sighed. "I find the only thing more perplexing than a pony raised dragon is a pony herself. So, how does this work again?"

"Well, ponies-- obviously-- can't actually pronounce the Names, not properly, but we can learn to hear the sounds, and assign syllables that a pony can pronounce to each sound, allowing us to identify the Name in histories and the like. It's really very simple."

"It's also already 349 pages long," noted Spike.

"So.... your script for the Blasting Name would be...?"

Twilight turned a couple of pages in her new notebook, and read out the corresponding syllables. "Fus. Roh..."

Crossover tag?

7856484 It's the Konami version before they became the worst of the worst.

“And we didn’t use horns, or rituals, or potions. Dragons used magic by learning the true name of things. Know the name and you know the thing. And that gives you power over it.”


That would explain the stout, "Storm Call". Great job!:moustache:

Excellent way to incorporate a foreign magical system and make it feel like an organic part of the setting. Plus, this is one of the most dignified Embers I've seen on the site... for most of the story. :raritywink:

Great stuff. Thank you for it.

Alternate title suggestion: Dr. Strangedragon, or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Thu'um.

7856801 I was thinking the exact same thing.

Hah! This was perfect! Of COURSE Twilight would be the one to figure out how the language was spoken. She's like the original GreyBeard.

I read that about Dragon language in a D&D supplement book.

7854309 I had thought of Storm Call, but since that changes the weather externally, the logic holds that dragon mouths remain un-numbed and loqacious. One of the most awesome Thu'ums, also.

7855654 I'm glad you enjoyed it!

7855673 How she doesn't have a tag of her own is something I don't understand. She's more than popular enough here for one.

7855787 The source link will tell you more the artist than I can. Long and short is, I went through every Ember picture on derpibooru - with filters on, mind you - and picked the one I liked best. Additionally, thanks for resolving the comments section yourself. It's a credit to you that you did.

7855971 There was fun had trying to read her lines out loud, I tell you. If someone does a reading, I hope they take her lines and just go for it.

7856042 "Twilight researches dragons / Spike learns about being a dragon / Ember and co. learn about friendship" would exactly be the kind of arc that the show could do. Maybe a three parter featureing a dragon villian as well? One can hope.

7856110 Science! But yeah, did that to an arm in a similiar but smaller case. I wouldn't call it painful as such, but the sensation is pretty unsettling.

7856517 This made me laugh. Have a cookie.

7856724 Thought about it, but as crossovers go, this is really mild of one. It's pretty subtle. Cross-over tag would have been misleading to readers, I figured, so out it stays.

7857272 The idea of Naming as Magic is, and I stress the word, ancient. It appears in probably every human culture ranging back to the very first ones. Eragon and other stories make use of it, but they didn't originate it. But yes, for what I know of Eragon, the way it works here and there are pretty equivalent.

7856994 She's a fun character to write, certainly, and I'm glad about how she turned out. 'Tis a mature soul can accept silliness. I like to imagine her growing into being quite a wise, laid-back dragonlord.

7856906 Lightning breath wouldn't kill a dragon or even really injure it I don't think, but vain creatures they are, they'd die of bluster and embarrassment, slurring and tongue-lolling about like that. Like cats, really, these dragons.

7857217 This. :pinkiehappy:

7857685 Hey, I make a mess, I clean it up. Just common courtesy and respect for a fellow brony / pegasister / human being.

We need more Ember stuff. She is an awesome character

“I guess dragons breathe a lot of things, but we just don’t breathe lightning after all.”

This dragon lord does gatherer.wizards.com/Handlers/Image.ashx?multiverseid=394548&type=card

Actually, that seems to be a worrying trend with the show's writers; specifically, that other races need to have friendship "introduced" to them, as if it's a pony-exclusive thing...

hey ambion! guess what? you might want to remove the other character tag because Ember now has her own character tag on FIMFiction! :D

Talk about timing!

7859861 yep! it's about time it happened! :D

I spy with my little eye another Rothfuss fan.

7856517 I forgot who it is, but there's somebody on fim that collects these little ficlets and puts them in a... Collection.

7860420 I was going to say! When spike jumps off the building to learn the name of the wind, I knew.

“Of course there is. But I’m not teaching you that tonight. Far too dangerous. You already iced Twilight, and the sun is setting.”

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, a crack of thunder sounded from outside.

"Oh, there's some!" Spike said, hurrying out the front door. "I'll go see if I can learn it. Be right back!"

Moments later, there was a crackling flash of lightning that lit up the front lawn and turned the windows into floodlights. The two princesses watched Spike push the door back open and wobble toward them on shaky legs, smoke rising off his scales.

"I think it's...uh...one of those words I'm not allowed to say."


Sometimes I can't help but love a story that takes all the conventions and plays them out studiously straight. He writes a fun fantasy.

7859259 Garble (the red teenager-like bully with the posse) wasn't Dragonlord before Ember, her father, Crunch (the massive shouty one) was. As for Garble, he's been an antagonist, sure, like Lightning Dust, Gilda and Trixie, bullies and thugs and such-like, but not on the same level as Discord and Starlight Glimglam were, Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis and Sombra which is what I mean for a vilian that holds up a two or - preferably - three parter. I agree - it would be nice to see more good dragons, though I would say that so far most of the ones we've seen aren't so much evil as simply vain and self-interested. Even Ember was pretty stand-offish at the start.

7861999 Uh, sorry, but Ember's father was Torch, not Crunch.

7862249 Ah! So it was - my mistake. :pinkiegasp: Big shouty guy. Thank you

7862281 Not a problem. Hope to see more from you~

Ember never struck me as the studious, philosophical sort who knew much about her own kind's history.

This is the sort of thing I'd expect more from Torch. Since he's a bazillion years old.

7865918 True. It's really Spike's total and abject ignorance more than Ember's knowledge that makes the divide between them so pronounced. Against other dragons, Ember is really only discussing general knowledge stuff here, but it's all news to Spike. That said, as a new Dragonlord she might start taking more of an interest in expanding her horizons.

Torch yes, but the capslocks don't capslock high enough.

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