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Spike has always lived among ponies, who don't know much about dragons. There was lots of guesswork involved in raising him. He had to be his own baseline for expectations. Then he met other dragons, and found out how different his upbringing made him. But he was so busy with social differences, no one noticed another key difference...

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Interesting. Ill be back for the next chapter.

It is intresting. Will there be any more?

Not that I'm planning on at this point, though I reserve the right to be fickle and/or inspired later. I just felt like a random bit laying out a few bits of personal headcanon and one hey-that's-neat idea.
Headcanon: Spike got a full education about magical theory, since he was with Twilight, while most unicorns learn only basic telekinesis. It rarely comes up because Twilight is usually with him when there's magic to do, and she's a doctorate to his master's degree.
Headcanon: Spike got a much better diet during his upbringing, and so is much stronger and tougher than a normal dragon his age. He shrugs off things that should be bone-shattering with ease, his scales are very strong, and he carries loads that make stallions collapse.
Headcanon: Spike learned early to present himself to ponies as harmless, because otherwise they notice that he's a predator.
Headcanon: SOMETHING about Twilight hatching Spike gave him a magical super-boost or something similar, since no other dragons seem to have any magical properties to their fire at all.
Idea: Spike is the only wingless dragon and only magic dragon; he is more akin to a unicorn than a pegasus. And in an earlier incarnation of MLP, there was a villain who liked turning ponies into his enslaved dragons...

Pretty neat, all things considered. It's a tad sparse, but only in the sense that there's much that could be followed up on. The interactions felt really genuine, and I would not be averse to seeing more.

Nice bit of headcanon there.

7971439 ah, makes sense but the story just seems short-lived, especially considering how you ended it.

Oh come on you can't end it there, just as I was getting hooked >.<

A fascinating idea, though I would've loved to see you do more than just present it. And while I can see how you intended the bit at the start to act as foreshadowing, it ends up feeling like a disconnected chunk of another story entirely.

In all, this is an unhatched egg of a story in need of further incubation. I hope you revisit the idea.

Also, five bucks says Discord was involved somehow.

If you ever continue this, please let me know.

To quote the CMC “ Oh come on” this cliff hanger is so high you can't even see the bottom.

And it is notable that Spike shares Twilight's primary colors...

7973374 born with her magic ...poof he's part unicorn?.... beats the Cake twins (earth ponies having unicorn and Pegasus babies? Oh Mrs. Cake !?!)


Excellent way to show your headcanons sir :moustache:, and i agree with you with most of them, especially the strenght one, lifting someone out of the water that is almost three time bigger than you AND to top it off with an golden armor? only powerfull unicorn could do that.
in the diet of the other dragons i kind of disagree, as we see both the normal dragons and spike, once they got a hoard, the greed make them to think thats is better to keep any object they have locked and secure, they dont use it in any way. maybe normal dragons dont eat enough gems because they fear they cant restore their hoard as quickly as spike can do.
either way this fiction goes to my fav section!

Interesting headcanon.

Nice headcannon, but I think the masses an myself demand moar

I am reminded of a particular animated movie with a particular set of ponies whom were changed into dragon-things by a black rainbow found in a bag which was in the hand of one particular centaur... *And I just now noticed the author already brought that up in an earlier comment*

This story FEELS like it need to have more. Sure, it could work as a one-shot that helps others springboard the imagination, or we can get more awesomeness out of Fluttershy being stern to Angel!

Very interesting and believable. Would like to see more about the difference between, Spike and other dragons, in stories and the show.:moustache:

Oh sweet merciful God and mighty God-Emperor, yes.




If the Rainbow of Darkness turned ponies into the original dragons, why didn´t the Rainbow of Light or the Elements of Harmony turned them back all into ponies?:trixieshiftright:

"So?" he said with a shrug. "I went to all Twilight's classes with her once I got old enough. Just because I can't cast anything doesn't mean I didn't learn all the theory. I couldn't do the practical, but I got my diploma too."

The dragon is better in unicorn magic than an actually unicorn?
Rarity, go back to magic kindergarden. Now.
(Had she succeded or is she still waiting for Twilight's return)

But I really didn't get the last quarter of the story.
Just what did they find inside the cave, and, most important, what does it mean?

That's a bit of my headcanon for Spike, yes. Basically the only unicorns we ever see casting spells other than 'lift thing' 'zap thing' or 'make horn glow' in the show are unicorns who have 'magic' as a special talent in some way (like Twilight, Trixie, and Starlight Glimmer). So I think that learning to do more than the basics with unicorn magic is an unusual thing, and generally only ponies with a specific reason to do so ever learn what's involved. Rarity doesn't need to go back to Magic Kindergarten - she passed that. But she never learned anything else about it. On the flipside, Spike has been with Twilight Sparkle for his whole life, and she's been a study-holic ubernerd. Of course he's going to have learned a lot about it along the way, even if he can't cast it!

As for the ending: a unicorn-turned-dragon escaped before she could be forced to lay her eggs in captivity. She found a cave and managed to carve some information in a wall of the cave before expiring. There are five magic-dragon eggs there - and one spot where one was removed, suggesting that the removed egg was Spike himself.

Ah, now I get it.
And now Celestia would have to explain how she got the egg in the first place...


Most likely? A pony found it, could only carry one, presented it to Celestia as a gift, and before anyone could go back, it got buried in a sandstorm, and no one could find it again until now.

Very interesting. I've seen more then a few people write stories that help to explain the many differences between Spike and other dragons. I will say that this is one of the more unique explanations I've seen and it does a very good job of coming up with logical in universe reasons for his differences.

Though didn't Gauntlet of fire establish that Spike is at around the same age as dragons like Ember and Gable? Maybe I'm miss remembering but it seemed all the dragons that competed were in the same age bracket.

7988251 That was an odd thing to me, yes. There were no older or larger dragons competing at all - so apparently only younger dragons have any interest in being the ruler of all dragons? But I believe it was established that Garble is an adolescent dragon, and Spike is a baby dragon, so I'm still assuming that they're older.

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