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Shortly after getting his wings, Spike decides he doesn't know enough about his own kind, and goes off to the Dragon Lands for a little vacation. His absence is keenly felt, which is why Twilight has six unwilling volunteers in mind to fill his role...

This'll definitely end well.

Chapters (4)
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The chapter title makes me worry this will be another one of those stories where the ponies "get theirs" for being "mean" to Spike will he is a jerk to them throughout. Then again, he's not with the ponies, looks like...

Anyway, it's Ember and Smolder. Amber is what you get from trees, Embers are in the fire! And Smolder, well, it's just the American spelling!

8958509 The chapter title is not to be taken seriously, it was just a play on words. :raritywink:

If I put down Amber at all, it was probably just the one typo because I've spelt it Ember throughout the rest of the fic. As for Smoulder, well as you probably know by now I'm British and I hope my readers don't mind me spelling it that way. :eeyup:

bet the little odd jobs is
paper work
attempt to keep everything organized
keep twilight from breaking down
message delivery

He could visit Canterlot to show his new wings to his surrogate mom and aunt, Twilight's parents and her old Canterlot friends, visit the Crystal Empire to show his wings to Crystal Royal Family and his supporters too.

Hmm.. could be. Sounds like Spike's regular job description.:rainbowwild:

Well, there's only one find to find that doesn't involve a crystal ball... :ajsmug:

Perhaps that'll come later. He the meantime, he has 'stuff' to 'do'. :rainbowdetermined2:

Oh, boy, this sounds like a funny story. I can only wonder what the others will go through under Twilight's high maintenance lifestyle. They might gain a new understanding of Spike after this.

I have to say, a mult-chapter project from you is new. Usually, you just write one-shots.

8958782 31
Yeah, but I had this funny idea, and I wanted to write down the first chapter before inertia set in and I ended up losing interest altogether. Plus the episode where Spike got his wings just aired, so it seems as good a time as any to post it :moustache:

Thanks for your comment, and more coming soon hopefully :scootangel:

This is a great idea I personally say and I really like we will get to see this from both side and not just Twilight's angle. I think when the girls see just how MUCH Spike does not just at the school but for Twilight and everyone else they will be shocked by the little dragon. I mean he has a crazy hard job working with Twilight and keeping her sane through it all. I also really want to see how Spike does in dragonland and getting to see there is more to dragons than the little he has seen. They have culture, arts, education, and many other things. They are not mindless beast but are intelligent creatures when they want to be. It will also be super great to see him get really close to Ember during his time there. Which all of this will bring up the biggest question..... 'Will he come back to the Ponies for good or stay with the Dragons?' I mean I know Twilight WILL be thinking about that question the second she get a chance to get caught up in her own thoughts and wont stop thinking and worrying about it. And without Spike there the calm her down the girls will see just how hard it is to help Twilight than they ever knew.

Indeed, that's what I was thinking when I wrote it. It's going to be fun, exploring so many different characters and possible outcomes. Thanks for reading! :pinkiehappy:

Huh. Looks like this really plays up the "Spike is first and foremost Twilight's employee and they both know it" angle, what with Spike being afraid of being fired and kicked out and Twilight trying to cite employment as the reason why he shouldn't go. (And the implication Spike doesn't get vacations.)

Anyway, that's rare, nowadays. Feels like a straight interpretation of their relationship like that is something we would see in real early fics. Of course, there's clearly more going on, but it seems unresolved.

I think the central plank of their relationship is there, the fact that they're still best friends who care for each other very much. Allusions to this dynamic are all over the story, and will continue to be as it's not just important in the show, but in the fic too. :twistnerd:

Congratulations Rainbow Dash, you're the new Spike! :rainbowderp:

:duck: Spike pass me the red ribbon . . . Precious Scales???
:fluttershysad: You miss him don't you?
:raritystarry: What? Me? Fluttershy , where do you get such silly ideas???
:ajbemused: from your silly little sister Sweetie Belle.
:rainbowlaugh: And Scootaloo
:pinkiehappy: and Apple Bloom
:twilightsheepish: Rarity? Everypony in Equestria knows
:raritycry: I have a reputation to think of! I'm the Queen of Fashion after all!
:derpytongue2: Leather's in fashion this season!
:rainbowlaugh: More like Spike's into Rarity this season!
:raritycry: RAINBOW DASH!
:pinkiegasp: Weeeeeeeeeeeee Spikes whips and leather Weeeeeeeeeeeee
:facehoof: that's as bad as it sounds........

I honestly like the idea of something like this going on. I mean it would be cool to have Rarity have to deal with the idea of Spike not being around anymore. She relay on him more than any of the girls, for the good and bad of that. We KNOW she can handle things on her own and run her shop on her own. But that doesn't mean it wasn't more enjoyable to have him around. I mean honestly from what we have seen no one outside of Shy can put up with Rarity's mood swings and honestly her personality most of the time. Well no one but Spike that is. It will be a interesting aspect to have to see her deal with it, like Twilight have to deal with the base of her relationship with Spike and her seeing just how much he has been a major corner stone since she was like ....5. (which with her being THAT young is why I SOOO can't picture her as his mother but more of a Best Friend, and possible love interest seeing how he is the only one of her friends who will be alive as long as her now that she is a Alicorn lol)

Interesting idea for a story supported by the recent events. Good so far.
Keeping an eye on this one.

This looks like a fun start to a story!

I especially loved Rainbow Dash's "win" in being Twilight's first replacement assistant. XD

"If this is winning, I want to be a loser..."

Spike's wings make Spyro look totally manly.

Heck, they make Ember look manly.


What a honour! :scootangel:

An actual canon conversation! :rainbowderp:

Make sure you do... the next update should be a doozy! :rainbowlaugh:

Lesson learned I think! :moustache:

I like it. Hope to see more of this story.

Just another thing I got to say, can't you just say "dragon" in the place of "reptile"? Just feels offensive. Like that episode when Rainbow Dash compared, Spike to Tank.

Spike's a DRAGON! Just call him a dragon!:moustache:

If you'll notice, I use the reptile term very sparingly, maybe once or twice in the entire chapter. The rest of the time, I refer to Spike as a drake or dragon. :moustache:

But your point is noted, and I'd be surprised if you see the word much at all from now on. Thanks for reading. :twistnerd:

leaning so far back in a chair that it almost tipped over

You know that reminds of me of when I accidentally tipped over a chair I was sitting in at school. I hit my pretty hard because of that so I had to go to the nurse to put an ice pack on it.

Yeah, it was only twice. Thanks for reply back. Really looking forward to Spike's winged adventures especially now that the wings are canon.

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!:moustache:

I kinda like the British spelling, it adds colour.

well, expect the one week holiday spike is taking to become 1 month or 1 year instead.....lol.

Good set up, and i can't wait to see if Rainbow Dash makes a good Spike as Spike did a good Rainbow dash.

Heck I'm looking forward to see how his absence affects every poney. Though with Spike in the Dragon Land's I almost think his best assistance habits will kick in and help Ember and the other organzie and when he leaves it starts their own lack of spike issues.

I really look forward to seeing how this unfolds and how big the fireworks are going to be.

"I think if we asked any decent lawyer about that, and I told him how much work I've done for you and others around Ponyville since we arrived, we both know who's side he'd come down on."

On Twilight's, because no sane lawyer wants to have a princess among his/her enemies? :rainbowlaugh:

And at some point I bet when she isn't satisfied with the replacement Spikes she'll just end up turning her friends into a baby dragons to see if that'll help. :rainbowlaugh: :raritystarry:

I'd love it if at a few points during RD's time, she'd deliberately do something just slightly wrong.
Not enough that Twi would notice right away, but still enough that it'll lead to one of the others (AJ or Rarity, hopefully) having to fix her messes.

Starlight would probably be the best at the position. She probably helps Spike with some of his duties anyway.

Wonder how will the negotiations between garble and spike will go (not very well....)

Man this is great chapter for sure. I really enjoyed seeing Spike's side. I can't wait to see him learn more about dragon culture. I find it hard to believe that is ALL they have. I have read the comics and know there is alot more to dragons that the little we have seen from the show. And I think that dragon culture is what Ember would try to nurture. She says she want to live up to her father's glory and she can do that, but the big thing is she ISN'T her father. She can't rule and do things like he did. She has to do them her own way. And I think that is the thing Spike would really want to help her with. But I think the biggest thing is really I kinda hope to see some Spike x Ember in this. She clearly seem to be SOOOO wanting some other mature and not jerk dragon to talk to with how much she starting just rambling the second he showed up. I think she really enjoy Spike's company. As much as Ember seem to think she is the ideal dragon she also has shown she is different from them as well and I think that difference draws the two of them together. She can help him learn more about their kind as well as he could be there for her. There are so many great places this story could go.


I'm sure they'll be a breeze... :raritywink:

Wow. I love this thorough analysis of the chapter. Thank you for reading it with such keen interest, and I hope I don't disappoint. :scootangel:

Couldn't have put it any better myself.

...All without being coaxed or threatened. Unbelievable.


I simply love some bits here:

"First, tell me what it is you want. Then, I'm sure we can come to some kind of mutual arrangement." Smoulder confidently predicted, thinking that perhaps her chances of passing the test had just shot up exponentially.

Aaaaand... Tracking!

My biggest criticism of the story so far is that you keep misspelling Smolder.

For some reason that bugged me every time it came up, despite it only really being a nitpick at best..

I come from the UK, where Smolder is spelt Smoulder. Apologies if this irritates you, but it's the way I'm used to spelling it. :scootangel:

9250396 That's how I always spell smoulder... I'm British? :applejackconfused:

Feel free to google the different spellings for each country if you doubt it. :twistnerd:

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