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poni should poni poni. so get down. and poni.


It's been only a short amount of time since the centaur, Tirek, razed the forest of Everfree to the ground, and was defeated by the very ponies he hated, being sent back into the belly of the earth from which he escaped. And in that time, life has mostly returned to normal for the citizens of Ponyville. Normal that is except for the recently promoted princess, Twilight Sparkle and her assistant Spike, the baby dragon. Neither of whom know quite how to go back to normal since the incident.

cover art by my hairy friend.

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Night sounds like he's thinking of Spike as more of a pet.

But he had to admit it was...cute.

Do me a favor? Remember to place a space after the ellipsis, okay. Like this: But he had to admit it was... cute.

Also, unless absolutely necessary to make a point, punctuation is only sparingly used in a title, and remember to capitalize your chapter names, too. If people think the titles look unprofessional, they will assume that the story is, too. That's certainly not the case here, as I found the story well-written. You need to sell yourself and your work!:twilightsheepish:

In other news, an interesting start, and I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

You raise an excellent point here, one that's easy to overlook since the audience knows. Twilight didn't know Spike was safely out of the library when Tirek blew it up. It puts that beat down she gave Tirek into a whole new light.


Strange question but how did you find this story?
In a very short amount of time this story has gotten more favorites than anything I've previously written.
And in a much shorter amount of time.
Meaning I can only assume that this got featured on the front page (which is unlikely as I check usually once a day for new stories to read) or it got linked to on some other site.

Sorry to drill you about this but I am confused where all this attention is coming from suddenly.

5443153 I don't recall with certainty, but I'm pretty sure I saw it in my feed when it was added it to the Spike Fanfictions or Twilight and Spike groups.

I see.
Well that explains that mystery. Cheers!
Also happy new year!

Ohh, ominous. I'm still wondering what that tragedy tag will mean.

I've never felt so satisfied watching a horse explode into tiny bits.

I sincerely hope that's the only horse Eric's ever seen explode into tiny bits. :pinkiegasp:

It sings and dances they call it 'smooze'.


That last part... I like it. The conflict becoming seriously about what Spike is to Twilight, and the clear inability of Twilight to come up with a real sufficient answer beyond him being her employee... I like it. It wrenches me.

I dunno. He used to be ruled by Sombra. I'd say there's a real chance that he's seen a few other ponyspolsions.

Why so pale Spike? And why so itchy? Is he malnourished or something? Ohhh, is he growing new body parts? That would make him pale if he's not eating enough.
And seriously Cherilee? In one of the first episodes Apple Bloom was called a blank-flank right in the middle of class, you didn't even spare a glance. This long and you still haven't caught on? No wonder Dash doesn't think very highly of her.

"He's my assistant."

This is always used as such a huge compliment in the show, but you just demonstrated why it feels like nails are being driven into my should every time it is used in a fan fiction or even the show itself. Spike, despite his harsh maturity, is still a kid, and every child deserves to have someone who they know loves them. Twilight has dropped the ball.

I'm very, very sad that this work isn't getting more attention than it has. Please keep writing, as I'm enjoying this work immensely. Also, what's the point of the period in the title?

Spitfire needs some r&r and needs me to take over and pretend I'm still a rookie for a bit. I can't bring Scoots. I know she'll want to come but I'm gonna be busy for 3 days and I have nowhere to put her, and the thought of her falling off Cloudsdale is just... I cant.

Use "R&R," as it still counts as a word, and bracketing an ampersand makes these letter act like an acronym.

Also, use "three" and not "3." Don't use numbers at all in a narrative unless they are being used to describe something like a sign that has numbers on it. It draws the reader out of the work.

I am so glad this story gets regular updates! :twilightsmile:

They always have to overhear these things to become aware of them don't they?

Is this a Spike/Scootaloo ship? They are sleeping together now.

Twilight flinched a bit as she used her magic to levitate the cooler into the kitchen as Dash continued pulling stuff out of the bag. "So those thermoses. That's the formula Zecora helped you with? Which means it's made of your...."

"Yes." Dash noticed the shocked look on Twilight's face. "Hey I told you and the others when I said I was gonna nurse this kid back to health, I meant it. You should be impressed Zecora even knows this stuff or else Scoot would have been in a bad spot."

This is getting annoying. This story isn't marked as a sequel, but there's this whole other story that apparently happen before and it keeps intruding on the one we're reading now.

I prefer having the characters mention bits and pieces of things that happened in the past as they talk rather than having long periodic flashbacks or devoting an entire pre-story chapter or passage to explaining things that don't matter quite as much to the main narrative in the long run.
The event that occurred to the CMC, while maybe could be an entire story in it's own right, is really just there as a backdrop for the children's motivations.
Really it's just there so Spike and the various CMC have some common ground to converse over.

Not at all. I find those sorts of stories a bit weird as the characters are canonically pre-adolescent, and Spike is at least a bit older than the Cutie Mark Crusaders. It's really only meant to be cute is all.

It's actually a funny story.
See I have this friend in the Ukraine who opened up a period workshop. He thought he could get rich off making "." because they have so few of them in that part of the world. But my friend is not too smart and spilled his kvass (a very tasty drink) into the machine that produces them. This caused the equipment to make too many. So when he came back to america he brought with him all the extra periods he had made and started trying to pass them along as gifts to friends and family.
Every holiday he gives me a box of these. I don't really care for them so I stick extra ones into any places online that I type. I realized when I got my first idea for a story here that I could sneak lots of "." into the text.
It's been very good because it's allowed me to rid myself of these things.

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If Spike did go through with that, I really hope and think that it would fail. Utterly. He can't just deny what he's is. That last bit though, makes me feel like he's already going through some kind of metamorphosis.

I had a feeling all chapter that visiting Zecora would be more important to figuring out what's wrong with him, rather than him getting what he's asking for...

Good job on Zecora's rhymes, Reptilicus...

I have Dr.Seuss to thank for that.

She is the only other pony to know what it is like to be a Nightmare.

Nightmare Rarity reference :heart: :raritystarry:

Twilight... I think you're missing the point. And I think things are going to be worse because of this.

Wow, Twilight's such a jerk. She could have just teleported out.

Joking aside, that chapter raised my hopes before thoroughly smashing them, good show.

Good pep talk to Twilight there.

Spike don't have one treasure anymore. He had things, and now he think that Twilight don't love him too. He lost all your important things.

The oryx shaman/knight was excellently portrayed.

I knew it! I knew that was all part of some kind of metamorphosis. I'm really disappointed to hear that he won't grow wings though.

Well its not like this story is canon with the show.
Who knows, maybe in season 5 he'll grow some little ones and flap about for a few episodes. :)

5512846 If that happened, I'd probably cheer and do a little dance.

And then Twilight woke up.

:rainbowderp: You reeeeeally had me going there, son, and I don't mind sayin' it.

God I absolutely love the full image that your avatar is from. It's so terrifying and hilarious all at once.

I'm gonna have to try that sometime, but it's such a waste of a good lettuce leaf.
Would Spike have to worry about sanitation? Reptiles not only have generally fantastic immune systems, but some reptiles actually use the filth to their advantage, Komodo dragons anyone? Living with ponies though, I guess he has a reason to keep clean. His breath probably smells bad enough as it is without having deadly bacteria running through his saliva.

Wait... Twilight should keep it Spike's possibly-recreational venom from Cadance and Shining Armor?

... Just what kind of things do they get up to to make her want to keep it from them specifically?

Sweet billy goats on saddles this story has been a treat for my sweet tooth have a mustache. :moustache:

5553195 I was wondering about that too.

A great story from beginning to end. The thought of Spike as a water dragon really through me for a loop, yet it makes so much sense. Also love the idea of Twilight's magic meaning she's Spike's biological mother. Again something i never thought of but makes so much sense.

While the story feels like it's finished, and it's certainly a great ending. i wonder if you have any plans at all to continue it? I would love a quick epilogue chapter where Twilight tries to make good on Spike getting out more. Perhaps with her setting up a play date with the CMC. Would also allow you to tie up the whole Applebloom being worried about Spike, and allow Scootoloo to thank him.

5553195 Forgive me for my lack of subtlety... VIAGRA! Enjoy! :pinkiehappy:

Anyways, this just might be the best fic featuring Twi/Spike I've ever read, no matter what kind. Thank you, good sir! :twilightsmile:

So... pefect. Where's from that art? :twilightblush:

I have a buddy who makes these for me.
He does them in mere minutes I do not know how.

Well that was a sweet ending. I'm glad that, in a story where Spike and Twilight become family, that Twilight's other family gets involved. Often seems to be overlooked.

And what's this I see? An only-somewhat-selfish Blueblood? Awesome. :rainbowkiss:

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