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Jesse Pinkman lost nearly everything that he loved during the age of Heisenberg except for his life. Finally freed from his decadent lifestyle, he attempts to begin a new one, hoping to leave his dark and bloody past behind him. On the road, he comes across a strange comic book, one of a group of ponies with superpowers...

After reading it out of sheer boredom in his motel room, he reads the small text on the final page, only for the book to transport him and itself into the ruins of a castle before disappearing, leaving him stranded. After being discovered by a local inhabitant, a winged unicorn named Twilight, she takes pity on the scared creature and takes him in, hoping to both learn from him and integrate him into her society, also comprised of bright colorful ponies.

Feeling regret and self-loathing for the fates of all that he was close to, he finds great difficulty in opening himself up to these creatures. It will take the friendship of many helping hooves to lay Jesse's inner demon's to rest and give him something that he's always wanted: a loving family.

Rated Teen for language and mild violence (at least much milder than Breaking Bad's was).

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and nearly losing Brock twice

Jesus Christ Marie, it's Bmineral

Jesse Pinkman. In the beginning of the series I thought he was nothing but an annoying punk. But by the end...:fluttercry: I wanted to give him the longest hug imaginable.

Breaking Bad is so awesome. I wonder if Heissenberg would make a brief appearance...

It's a long road to recovery, isn't it? :ajsleepy:

Anyway, do I have to have intimate knowledge of the show to read this fic?

4453386 There will be things that will be referenced in relation to Jesse's past (much like the opening paragraphs) that unless you've seen the show, it will go over your head and just sound like random people that makes Jesse sad in the story.

I haven't read it as I write this comment but I sure as hell hope that Jessie can find some peace there. Hopefully he can devote his time to making chests like the one he told about during one of those sessions.

Now read it and I'll be damned if it don't smell potential.

*sniff* *sniff* puh! Yep, it's there alright. *sniff* damn the smell is heavy in the air.


well well well.

Let's see where this goes.

I get the feeling Jesse will connect well with the CMC (given the fact that he does connect well with children)

I can't help but sense that Jesse is going to bawl his eyes out when he gets that hug

4461448 And he deserves to let it out. To release all that pain. :fluttercry:

My parents watched Breaking Bad but I never got into it, but this seems interesting! :pinkiehappy:

4531532 Late night.
Come home.
Work sucks.
I know.

Please don't let this fic die, it's far too good :pinkiesmile:

4628843 I honestly didn't expect such rave reviews of this. I have another chapter in the works, but I'm currently in an employment crisis that I'm trying to overcome, and it's eating a shit-ton of my time and creative energy.

Fantastic stuff mate. By the by, if you want to include any details about Albuquerque, gimme a shout. Kinda living there at the moment. :derpytongue2:

Great to have this update, thus far Jesse seems to fit with how his character would be following the ending of the show. Keep goin and stay golden^^

How long until s£€$ happens?

What kind of help would The Mane 6, Celestia, Luna, Spike and/or the CMC give to a man who basically lost everything and has nothing at all?

When they find out for real what turned this poor bastard into the time bomb he is... :ajsleepy:

Celestia is going to have to pull off the best maternal figure for Jesse ever...
I wonder if she and/or Luna can heal the scars on his face?

Shouldn't spike and twilight know what jesse is from the whole equestria girls thing?

4994172 Equestria Girls never happened. The canon says so, and it was a contreived, convoluted, and just a plain abortion of a film. Besides, how would Breaking Bad exist in what is essentially a copy of Equestria but with ponies swapped for humans and an inclination for 21st century architecture?

If Luna delves into Jesse's nightmares... even she will be a horrified by what he has been through :fluttershysad:

Instantly favorited and liked.

I always like stories like this.

I always enjoy reading stories about how a human with a troubled past, ends up going to Equestria for whatever reason.

I am very well aware of people on this site who are getting sick and tired of those types of stories, but I am the opposite. For reasons I will not go into, I like these types of stories. It is always a good read.

Now, I have not watched a single episode of Breaking Bad, but I found this youtube video that gives a good insight into Jesse Pinkman's character, for people who have not seen the series:

I do agree with other people who have commented, if Luna does go into his nightmares, she will truly be horrified by what she finds. It will also take A LOT of love and therapy to heal Jesse psychologically. And I also do wonder if Celestia and Luna could heal all the scars he has.

But once the main 6, Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and everypony else finds about Jesse's past and what made him into what he is... That will be a MOST interesting scene, I am looking forward to that scene in particular.

I wonder how Jesse will react once he finds about how peaceful and heaven like Equestria is. For a person who has been through hell, like he has, it will probably be a huge shock. Jesse might think how can a world like Equestria even exist to begin with. That will also be an interesting scene.

I do hope you continue this story, because this type of story is my favorite type. If you can, please update us on the progress, cause I REALLY want to read this.

By the way, again for the people who have not seen the series, here is a video of the finale of Breaking Bad, which should line up at the end when he drives away, at the start of this story:

5492038 I'm working two jobs right now that are eating up my weekdays and weekends. Updates will be few and far between (unless Better Call Saul completely resparks my interest and I start pumping them out like hotcakes).

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