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When Twilight's latest spell goes predictably awry, she ends up swapping bodies with all three of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. At the same time.

Written for the Body Swap Writing Contest

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Alternative title: Best Friends, forever.
Always together.

Before reading: I'm honestly afraid of where this will go. :rainbowlaugh:

Georg #4 · Jun 30th, 2014 · · 1 ·

Luna: So we have a new alicorn who can't do magic, can't fly, and can't buck apples.
Celestia: Yep.
Luna: What can she do?
Celestia: Raise insurance rates.

Well, that was... That was certainly... something. :applejackconfused: I think I might be going slightly cross-eyed after reading this. Nevertheless, it was a fun read!

Ah. bugger. I was going to enter, but I only finished a few hundred words and it's due tomorrow.


Please tell me this isn't a one-shot-never-write-a-sequel type thing!

Pinkie: That can be arranged... :pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by Tenth deleted Jul 1st, 2014

It was a one-shot-wrote-it-for-a-contest thing. So I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

So that means an Epic sequel can be made? Or another chapter?


sweet celestia, just the coverart makes me want to read it.

Damn that was amazing

This was a good story, just slightly confusing.


Meh, I'll give it a thumbs-up and a mustache.


This has a little bit of everything, including Zecora rhyming the word 'orange.'

Ahh what the butt! Eakin Joined in, how am I supposed to beat this? :rainbowderp:

Actually, ya know what? Challenge Accepted! :pinkiecrazy:

I'm not gonna lie, the only reason she's here at all is so I could use the only word in the English language that's a true rhyme for orange.

Best of luck! I'm looking forward to sifting through the rest of the competition now that this is done and seeing what I'm up against.

4623875 You should, they were all pretty great stories. Worthy challengers indeed.

4623875 I wish you luck mate!

Magnificently done. I can only hope Twilight can plead insanity on all of those proclamations. Maybe if she offers to double the payout to whoever wins the pool...

In any case, thank you for a wonderfully innovative body swap story.

If she hurried she could just make herself presentable for her appointment with the mane stylist later that morning.

How to respond to that?

wat if I told you

When I first saw that picture I thought they did fusion like in dragon ball

That's... probably a good idea, actually. It is a bit all over the place.

You know, I looked at the story art and thought, "Discord got a makeover."

Well that was amusingly bizarre. :rainbowlaugh:

I do have on small critique. While I do like to think that Spike's no dummy - he seems to jump from not knowing what's going on to understanding perfectly without any sort of transition.:rainbowhuh:


Who on earth wrote those proclamations?

Prince Blueblood or an ambitious noble might want to annex the Griffon lands, and put forward a proposal to that effect; but who would seriously forward a proposal giving Twilight the title of 'tyrant' to Twilight to sign?

Okay. Getting the girls in trouble for CHEATING?! (Not to mention the detention, dunce cap, mouth soup, and bloody nose) Alright. Twilight is going to owe them an apology and TELL CHEERILEE what happened!

“Relax, Twilight.” Celestia gently dislodged her grip with her magic and lowered Scootaloo, well on her way to hyperventilating, back down to the floor. “As I said no two bodies, and the three fillies you’re occupying right now can effectively be treated as one, can swap more than once. So you’ll simply need to swap with others.”
“But I can’t just swap with anypony. They’d have to be... an...” Sweetie Belle trailed off.
“An alicorn,” Luna finished for her. “How lucky for you that we happen to have two others on hoof.

And they say pure math has no real-world applications!

I assume somepony wanted to make a point about her ascension by passing a symbolic and somewhat sarcastic proclamation about her new role.

Or alternatively, I found it amusing and didn't bother to figure out the answer to the question of "why do we even have that lever pile of proclamations?"

I do love stories where the action gets convoluted but you can still tell what's going on! :rainbowlaugh:

you don’t have to agree it was your idea don’t tell what I can agree with and what I can’t.”

don't tell me... us? :twilightoops:

direction of the Everfree forest,

Capitalize Forest

It make a direct reversal of the swap between two subjects unacceptably dangerous until they dissipate.”


I am not going through that three more time!”

times. Then again, I suppose there's a lot of confusion of singulars and plurals in this story. :twilightsmile:

the three fillies you’re occupying right now can effectively be treated as one, can swap more than once.

Hmm... I thought a conjuction might be necessary here but I'm not as sure anymore.

Thanks! I corrected all but the last one. My reasoning being that it reads:

As I said no two bodies, and the three fillies you’re occupying right now can effectively be treated as one, can swap more than once.

Which, if I'm interpreting it right, equates to:

As I said no two bodies [] can swap more than once.


I'm just jumping in to point out door hinge rhymes also.

Missing two key characters, but okay. It's cool.

This would of been cuter though


Basically the same idea with Twilight messing up a spell with these five come bugging her to settle an argument who interrupt at the least convenient of times. xD

Cute story. Grats on the feature.

Okay, I don't get it, what is happening!? It is a body swap story, but according to the story the three are fused... but than agian it shows that they are seperate... also what is wrong with Twilight? Someone please explain to me what is going on!!!!:raritydespair:

Ah, I missed you Eakin! It's been too long since I read a story where you find new and imaginative ways to torment Twilight Sparkle! Unfortunately, she doesn't come close to dying even once, but I suppose you can't have everything in life, right? :twilightsheepish:

I'm only disappointed we never got to see a description of what DT was acting like the whole time it looked like the CMC were being arrested. Would of loved to hear a comment or joke. But that bit from the guard was awesome.

This was an interesting take on the bodyswaps. Best of luck in the competition! :ajsmug:

Dat last scene. We would like to see a bonus chapter someday that deals with Cheerilee and the girls, as you know who likely won't be able to cover for them now. xD

I giggled often. :pinkiehappy:

4625467 It was a body swap, not a fusion (as the story image implies). In the swap, the CMC were all in control of Twilight's body while Twilight controlled the three of them as a single entity (hence why all their test papers matched word-for-word).

Sweetie Belle raised an eyebrow. “Wait... are those ponies out there?”
Twilight shook her head. “No, Sweetie Belle. They’re reporters.”

I lol'd.
:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:ERMAHGERD DE LULZ

4622953 I know!:pinkiecrazy: It sounds SO disturbing.:pinkiehappy: Should be a fun ride.:scootangel:

The first guard sighed. “Right, I’d tried to forget. Which one of you is named Diamond Tiara?” Diamond Tiara raised a foreleg. “Also by royal edict of Princess Twilight Sparkle, your name for the rest of the day is...” he sighed and pressed a hoof to his forehead as he muttered a quick prayer for strength, “Dumb Jerk With A Stick Up Her Plot.”

Funniest bit of the entire story. I died laughing.

I'll admit though I was kind of hoping for some little twist at the end, like the crusaders ending up in the wrong bodies.


Who on earth wrote those proclamations?

Seems plausible it was twilight - decompressing when really silly memos come across her desk.


Somehow, that former fact does not surprise me. You realise you've ruined countless fanfics where they try to throw Zecora off her game forever now, don't you...

Magnificent! Glorious! Hysterical! Typical Eakin!



Well, both are possible...


...but I have to say, this makes a lot of sense. Now I'm imagining that the pile the Crusaders signed was Twilight's "compress these and use for firelighters" pile.


Not just word-for-word - I'd guess that every letter, every stroke of the pen is in exactly the same position. Cheerilee's going to drive herself crazy if she tries to figure out how the Crusaders did it, and how they managed not to notice that memorizing a seventeen-page essay to that level of detail could only be a lot more work than actually studying could ever be.

Not to mention they probably all signed their papers "Twilight Sparkle".

It make a direct reversal of the swap between two subjects unacceptably dangerous until they dissipate.”


“You have to fix this before that. You have to! I did puberty once, I am not going through that three more time!”


:pinkiegasp: ... I hope this gets a follow up, I want to see how the fall out of this fic. So many awesome threads that could have such an awesome outcome. That and this fic was hilarious. Poor Twilight and Sweetaloom.

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