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Body Swap Writing Contest

195$'s in Prizes

Time to break out those story hats and think of some body-swap stories. This contest is all about ponies, and/or humans, switching bodies! The contest will have two separate story brackets, and each bracket has a $50 reward for 1st place.(Plus cash rewards for 2nd and 3rd place!) The brackets are simply split by story rating. One bracket is for Mature stories, and one is for non-Mature stories.
The overall BEST story submitted with the highest score from the judges will get an additional 25$ for a total of 75$!

 - Non-Mature - Two or more characters swap bodies. (ex: pony swaps with pony, pony with human, pony with dragon etc.)

 - Mature -  Two or more characters of different genders swap bodies, (opposite gender swap required ex:stallion x mare swap) Mature stories without sex are exempt from the gender swap requirement

Contest Deadline
The Contest is Over! Thank you to everyone who submitted a story the judges will take a week or two to read and review them!
Contest ends in 60 Days from this post time on [July 1st 2014] 0 Days Left

1. Submitted stories should be greater than 4000 words in length but there is no limit to how long they can be.
2. You may submit a maximum of 2 stories total. They can both be Mature or Non-Mature or one in each category.
3. Submitted stories can be incomplete upon submission but they must be completed before the deadline.
4. Stories submitted can not have been posted on fimfiction before.
5. Stories may include any species swapping bodies [humans, ponies, dragons, gryphons, etc.]
6. There is no restriction on Genre Tags. It can be Comedy, Adventure, Random or whatever you want!
7. Collaborations are allowed but only 1 person may submit the story.
8. Swap can be mind and/or body swap. ex:(Two characters switch minds while their bodies stay in the same place, or their bodies change/swap with into/with each other.) Other acceptable swaps include: characters slowly swapping bodies by turning into each other, characters swapping 'forms' ex: Rainbow Dash becoming a male dragon while spike becomes a female Pegasus though it must happen through a 'swap'.

There will be 6 judges who will each give the stories a score out of 10. The stories with the highest overall score will get the prizes
*Note* Because you can submit up to two stories it is possible to win up to two prizes either 2 in the same bracket or 1 in each bracket

The Judges:
The Abyss
Code Red

Stories must be published to fimfiction either privately(or publicly) and they must be sent to me as a pm upon completion. You are free to edit them after submitting as long as you do it before the deadline.
You can also add your story to the Body Swap Contest Story Folder as well though I'll be sure to add them after you send them to me.

As stated before, the prizes will be divided into 2 tiers: Mature and Non Mature. The brackets will be judged independently of each other, and they both offer the same prize values for winning!

1st Place: 50$ commission from an artist of your choice, or 50$ worth of [Steam Games, Deviantart Points, Dogecoins, Store Gift Card, Charity Donation, or a Paypal Transaction] -Feel free to offer other suggestions.
2nd Place: 25$ usable in the same way
3rd Place: 10$

Mature Stories
1st Place: 50$ commission from an artist of your choice, or 50$ worth of [Steam Games, Deviantart Points, Dogecoins, Store Gift Card, or Paypal Transaction] -Feel free to offer other suggestions.
2nd Place: 25$ usable in the same way
3rd Place: 10$

***The Best Story overall that get's the highest score from the judges will win an additional 25$ for a total of 75$***

There are six separate cash rewards up for grabs! So come, pick a story rating you are comfortable with writing, and get creating! There are lots of prizes up for grabs, come show us what you got!

Contest Validity
Just to verify that these prizes can/will be given here are a handful of the commissions I've paid for so you know I'm good to cover the prizes: Kaidans Avatar Five Score Fan art DoH Fan art #1

If you want to receive updates just leave a post on this topic and I'll make a reply to everyone who has when the contest hits 45/30/15 days left to remind everyone

Group Admin

This is going to be awesome, let's see what what people can come up with :rainbowkiss:

I have several ideas for this but I don't know if I'll enter due to the fact that I can't write good and fast .

3245970 I'm going to add 15 more days to the time so it'll be 60 days total :pinkiesmile:

I'll try to get something out by no promises. Exams are coming so it'll be a challenge.

Challenge accepted!

3245883 As soon as I finish my math homework, I'm getting to writing! :pinkiehappy:

Sounds interesting, I should like to try my hand at this, However I am very lazy so it is possible nothing at all will come of this. However I would still like to try.

I am going to do this!
I will be verry disapoint if I don't get a story for this complete in 60 days, because that means I have around 50 days to write it...

I can be verry lazy...
I love my brain! As I am typing this, I am comming up with different ideas for a story!:eeyup:

3246066 You can do it!
3246082 Great :pinkiehappy: good luck

I think I might just enter. Question though. Is there any restriction on genre tags? Like, it can be any type? Romance, Adventure, Random, etc.


1. Submitted stories are to be greater than 4000 words in length.

I'm loving this already!

I'm in. :twilightsmile:

3246118 No restriction, write it with whatever you want, comedy, romance, adventure etc,
3246144 Great :rainbowkiss:

I'm going to assume a no, but I do have a story (not released) that while it includes a human becoming a pony. It's unclear if they swapped or was just turned into that pony. Would that be considered disqualified?

3246248 Unfortunately it has to be body swap, It can be mind/body swap across universes but it has to be body swap and clear that it is. Sorry :applejackconfused:

Why not? i could use the practice and the money could help as well :trixieshiftright:

I think I might give this a shot. I've put off writing too long and even I should be able to pull off at least 4000 words in 60 days.

Ok so both characters don't actually have to be in the same story. Or do they?

3246300 Um I'm not quite sure what you mean :moustache:

Here is a few examples of what's fine: Lyra x Human body swap where Human goes to equestria and lyra to earth. Same body swap but Human stays on earth and gets lyra's body and lyra stays in equestria but get's humans body.

In this same story you could get away with showing only the point of view of the human but you should make it clear that it's a body swap.

Hope that helps :twilightblush:

Alright that sort of helps. The story I had in mind isn't a traditional body swap story so if it still qualifies after I'm done that's great. If not it's cool, I still want to write it regardless. :twilightblush:

Body/mind swaps? with mature and non-mature categories? And 60 days to make them?

And up to $50 in prizes each?

Color me intrigued.

Interesting. If nothing else, we'll be getting a bunch of new fics :heart:

I did have this oneshot thing planned anyways :derpytongue2:

I have a question. What if there's a tie? :rainbowhuh:

Going to be new experience for me but I'm feeling experimental. To those who know me this is going to be weird cause it's not what I normally write. There's always a time to try new things though and that time for me is right now.

Count Me In.


I got a reason to get off my lazy butt:yay:

3246594 If there is a tie then we'll bring in an unbias tie-breaker judge.

Oh, here's another question. Is it possible for one contestant to win in both brackets?

Group Admin

Pfft, lame, I was just going to backhand Kaidan until he changes his vote to agree with me. :trollestia:

I'm hoping to get something done for this. A friend of mine gave me a fun suggestion.

3247057 Lol that could work as well xD
3246412 Agreed ^^

3247052 Oh Yes it is possible to win both brackets, If you submit the highest voted mature story and the highest voted non-mature story then you'd win both :pinkiehappy:

I only write well when there's something on the line. I'd like to give this a go.

Why not, I'll give it a shot.
So this is my first time doing one of these. Do I just make a story, have it say "This is for Body Swap Writing Contest." and make a comment here stating that I have done so?

At first I was just interested in seeing what people come up with for this. 5 hours of driving later and a story is threatening to tear its way out of my skull. Looks like I may have to throw my hat in the ring as well.

Now to find the time to write it...

3245883 What's the grading criteria? Just subjective to each judge's tastes?

3247646 Yeah write it and then publish it and send me a pm letting me know about it ^^. I'll also keep an eye on this topic.
3247815 Essentially, all the judges I'll pick will be fans of body-swap stories. The main thing we will be looking at is the quality of the story for what it's worth. So how good is the story will be a factor. We'll also be looking at the body swap itself, since the story is a body swap fic then the body-swap should be a key element to the story and not just a glazed over plot point.

:twilightsheepish: hope that makes a little sense

Must it be a pony or human, or can it be something like a gryphon, a changeling, or a dragon? If not, then is a zebra closely enough related to qualify as a pony?

3248119 Pony, Human, gryphon, changeling, whatever is fine for the Non-mature story. The only extra stipulation for the mature story is that the characters involved must be opposite gender ie: at least one male swaps with at least one female.

I couldn't find a date by which this ends. How much time do I have left to do this?


Contest Deadline
Contest ends in 60 Days from this post time on [July 1st 2014]

3245883 Is it too late to offer my judging services?

That would've been hilarious.:rainbowlaugh:

I'm almost scared to do this. We're being judged by Twisted-freaking-Spectrum! The author of Five Score!

3263166 You can do it! I believe in you :rainbowwild:

This sounds like something that can be a ton of fun. I'll definitely be making an effort to participate in this.

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