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Genesis Swift

Hello I'm... well just call me Genesis. I am proudly part of the USMC, I like to write, draw art, and best talent so far music. I am here to read and create; whilst to learn as well. Thank you.


Its been a long time... · 1:51am Aug 22nd, 2015

Excuse myself, I am super crusty on like everything I've ever done, honestly. I'm re reading my own stuff seeing what I did and it astounds me how much I enjoy my own thoughts written on paper. (Virtual Paper!) Anyways without work bothering me as badly as it was, I can begin again! Yea new and improved, (gets rid of crappy randomly thought story in the making) and finish Collateral History once and for all!

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Justin is actually in a book, " They Fought for Each Other" is what it's called.

772900 I may not have served yet, but I plan to. I know some guys who were in and have gotten out. My cousin was Adhamiya for 15 months then he got out and went to Temple and got a Social Work Degree. He uh, :ajsleepy: was shot, in the mouth and he now suffers from PTSD, he's trying to get VA treatment. My stepdad, well, I don't think I should say his name, but back in Bosnia, he was stationed on the USS Harry E. Yarnell. He was a Seal. He also was a firefighter on board. Soon after 9-11 he was at ground zero cleaning up and now has a very bad cough. I would like to follow in there footsteps, if anything I'll go navy or coast guard. :unsuresweetie: not sure though.

Hey I respect that thank you. I love this country even though it be not in the best shape right now I just hope that it fixes up itself someday and become the symbol of freedom and pride it used to be seen as by the rest of the world.

Hey man thanks for your service, you must really hate congress huh? They be cutting your pay! :flutterrage: It's just wrong... Anyway... Thanks.

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