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Holding My Hat Out · 8:16pm Aug 24th, 2023

For those followers, young and old, I bid you welcome. Sorry for this blog post as it's mostly asking for money.

I've republished an old fiction of mine that had been deleted years ago. this time I decided to give it an editing pass, some rewriting, and help from a friend; Silver Scroll.

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https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/1017935/new-start Follow my new fimfic profile please. I have authentication troubles with my old one so I'd love to have you follow me again.

Took note of the time gap since your last story, so wanted to say welcome back to writing after almost a decade! :twilightsmile:

Please do let me know. I will try my best to get to some of your works as well, but December is a hectic month to say the least, so it may be awhile.:twilightblush:

1559649 Good fiction stays within my memory for quite some time, and I share it with those whom I believe will also enjoy. It's also possible that I will be doing a discussion on Every Little Bit in the future with a friend of mine. Would you like me to notify you if it's published? That is, if he can manage to whip his internet into shape.

Though if it isn't too much to ask, would you do me an honor in kind and take the time to read something of mine? Aside from Lifeled and Child of Color, I can assure you that they are, at least, tolerably written. My gratitude would be boundless. :twilightsmile:

Hello again! Thanks for finding room for Every Little Bit on your bookshelf. I'm glad that it still has your attention after more than a year. :pinkiesmile:

I can only keep chasing these little fever dreams that run around my head, and presenting them for our amusement.:twilightsheepish:

739454 It was a pleasure. I always enjoy finding new ways that authors delve into the femininity of the characters, especially if done in a mature way like how you handled it. How there are bonds stronger than that of romance, and some go beyond the simple notion of physical attraction.

How Dash had to contemplate this fact was probably reflecting many of the reader's thoughts, but showed the process of learning which many do not seem to grasp. there's other forms of love besides the physical. Not the mention the juxtaposition you showed between what should be considered in a 'male' and not a child.

You created something good, and I was honored to read it. Will you continue?

I'm glad you enjoyed my little foray into the little world of Spike and Dash. I'm glad that you Faved Every Little Bit, and liked how they contemplated how their lives are similar... and, you know, their kiss!:moustache::rainbowkiss:

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I'm a jack of all guy from Utah who one day hopes to be a master of all. Just so happens that I'm closer when it comes to writing than I am when it comes to music or any other creative medium at this time. I'm a sucker for great feedback and will give as well as I get.